FREE Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science General Questions and Answers


Which guarantees the right to silence?

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A number of rights important to both criminal and civil judicial processes are established by the Fifth Amendment. The Fifth Amendment prohibits "double jeopardy," ensures the right to a grand jury, and provides protection from self-incrimination in criminal situations.

Which of the following examines how people behave and how the law is applied in both civil and criminal cases?

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Inmates, patients in secure facilities, and members of the general public who have mental health issues are all treated by forensic psychiatrists. You will require a thorough understanding of the connections between mental health and the law because this is a highly specialized position.

When examining a bite mark, what would you use?

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In cases of decomposed, burned, or skeletonized bodies, where customary methods of identification—such as fingerprinting and ocular recognition—cannot be used, forensic odontology plays a critical role.

During a trial, a defendant is notified of the accusations leveled against them and makes a plea.

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The defendant is brought before the court for the first time during an arraignment to hear the charges against them and to enter a plea.

When blood is examined to create a DNA profile, what would be used?

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Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) DNA Typing

What other name would you give Forensic Science?

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Criminalistics is the use of scientific techniques to assess physical evidence recovered from a crime scene for potential use in court cases.

Insects are used in forensic science to pinpoint the moment and place of a death.

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The study of insects and their interactions with other living things, people, and the environment is known as entomology. Modern understanding of insects, their crucial functions in ecosystems, and their efficient management are essential for maintaining human health, local and global economies, and sustainable food and water supplies.

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