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Of the four groupings of letters, three adhere to a certain rule or pattern. Which one doesn't?

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Let's examine each of the provided letter groups to find the pattern or guideline.:

YXWZ: The order of these letters is reversed alphabetically.
PONQ: These are the alphabet's subsequent letters.
TSRV: There is no obvious pattern or guideline for this group based on alphabetical order or sequence.
HGFI: In the alphabet, these letters are likewise consecutive, but in the opposite order.

As a result, the "TSRV" group does not adhere to the same guidelines or patterns as the others.

The worth of the goods taken determines the charge that will be filed for shoplifting. A suspect steals three sets of earrings for $21 apiece, two watches for $95 apiece, and a $196 gold chain. How much money was taken in by the thieves?

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You sum up the prices of each item to determine the overall value of the stolen goods::

2 watches at $95 each: $95 * 2 = $190
3 pairs of earrings at $21 per pair: $21 * 3 = $63
1 gold chain priced at $196: $196

Now, sum up all the prices:

$190 (watches) + $63 (earrings) + $196 (gold chain) = $449

So, the total value of the stolen merchandise is $449. Therefore, the correct answer is $449.

Which number comes after 2, 4, 6, 8, and why?

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The sequence increases by 2 each time, so the next number is 8 + 2 = 10.

Out of the four words, which one is misspelled?

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The word "pursuent" is spelled wrong. It should be spelled "pursuant."

In terms of grammar, which of the following is least correct?

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Some people may consider the use of commas in options "After roll call, I checked the crime bulletin and signed out a patrol vehicle" and " Due to many calls that night, the bank alarm was assigned to my partner and I" unnecessary. However their conclusion does not contain a clear grammatical error such as that found in "Due to many calls that night, the bank alarm was assigned to my partner and I". The use of the word "I" is incorrect. It should be "me". This error is most evident if onw removes the words "my partner" from the sentence, resulting in the clearly inappropriate wording, "...the bank alarm was assigned to I".

The following number is 8 + 2 = 10, since the sequence grows by 2 each time.

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Distance = Speed × Time, so 60 km/h × 3 hours = 180 km.

In the scenario where 3x + 5 = 20, what is x?

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To get x = 5, subtract 5 from both sides of the equation (3x = 15) and divide both sides by 3.

Option "After roll call, I checked the crime bulletin and signed out a patrol vehicle" and Option "Due to many calls that night, the bank alarm was assigned to my partner and I" may not need commas, according to some. Nevertheless, there isn't a glaring grammatical fault in their conclusion like there is in "My partner and I were assigned the bank alarm that night due to numerous calls." The word "I" is not being used correctly. "Me" is the appropriate answer. The most obvious way to see this mistake is to take off the words "my partner" from the sentence, which leaves us with the obviously incorrect phrase, "...the bank alarm was assigned to I."

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Out of the following terms, which one is unique?

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All options except "Snake" are large land mammals

Every river in Alberta flows eastward. Alberta has a city called Edmonton. A lone tiny child is inside a boat that is floating past while a fisherman fishing along the north river bank in central Edmonton observes it. The child is wailing for assistance. The east part of Edmonton is home to all of the police rescue boats. As soon as the fisherman phones the police, one of them hops into a boat and goes to save the child.

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The police officer gets into the rescue boat at the east end of the city, and travels towards the centre of the city, as this was where the boat with the child was spotted. As we know that all rivers in Alberta flow to the east, travelling west means travelling upstream. As the boat with the child was spotted by the person fishing in central Edmonton, and the boat would have continued to drift downstream (east) from there, and the rescue boat would have begun to travel west from the east end of the city, the rescue boat would meet the boat with the child before reaching the centre of Edmonton centre of Edmonton

Which word or phrase, when written in capital letters, has the closest meaning?


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"To substantiate" means to show to be true or correct. The concept of "to verify" is very similar: to confirm or validate as true. Conversely, the definition of "to substantiate" differs greatly from that of the other three options, which are "to dig," "to measure," and "to legalize."

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