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Students must take and pass the Florida Civic Literacy Exam 2025 (FCLE) with a standard score of 60% or higher to satisfy the state’s civic literacy requirement. The FCLE consists of 80 questions and is administered in a proctored setting.

Currently enrolled in POS 2041 or AMH 2020 are eligible for one free FCLE attempt. Otherwise, you must register through the FCLE website using your Eagle email and UIN.

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Florida Civic Literacy Exam

If you are a baccalaureate student seeking an Associate of Arts (AA), Associate of Science (AS) or bachelor’s degree, you must pass the Florida Civic Literacy Exam (FCLE) before submitting your Intent to Graduate for your final term. The FCLE is a computer-based test administered in the University Testing Center and includes 80 multiple-choice questions on four civic literacy domains. The test was developed by Cambium Assessments, Inc.

Students who have passed a high school civics and government course, or taken the American Government CLEP exam may be exempt from the PHSC Civic Literacy Assessment requirement. Students should consult with their academic advisor to determine the best option for meeting this requirement.

FGCU students must take the FCLE while enrolled in AMH 2020 or POS 2041 and may schedule an exam through Testing Services. If you need accommodation for the FCLE, please request approval from Student Accessibility Services prior to scheduling an exam and bring your approved accommodations to check-in on your scheduled test day. Please note that in-person FCLE testing will not be available July 6-7, 2023 due to a system upgrade.

Florida Civic Literacy Exam Study Guide

Civic literacy is the ability to understand, engage with and make societal decisions as an informed citizen. It is the foundation of a free and democratic society. The state of Florida has mandated that undergraduate students must satisfy its civic literacy requirements prior to earning their bachelor’s degree. This assessment is known as the Florida Civic Literacy Examination (FCLE).

The FCLE is a computer-based test administered in a proctored testing center. It contains 80 multiple-choice questions, divided into four civic literacy domains: American Democracy, United States Constitution, Founding Documents, and Landmark Impact on Law and Society. A score of at least 60% (48 correct questions) is needed to pass the exam. Students who fail to meet this requirement will need to wait 30 days before retaking it.

PHSC has partnered with Cambium Assessments to develop the FCLE. The test is available at the NFC Testing Center, building 16. Printed braille and large print versions are also available. Students who need accommodations should request them through Student Accessibility Services. They will need to present their accommodation approval letter at check-in on test day.

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Civic Literacy Exam Quizlet

The Florida Civic Literacy Exam is a multiple-choice exam administered at PHSC’s proctored test centers. It is a 90-minute, computer-based test that covers material typically taught in a one-semester college-level American government and politics course. Students who pass the FCLE will meet the Florida Department of Education’s civic literacy assessment requirement, although they must also complete a course to fulfill the degree graduation requirements.

The civics literacy program is a new graduation requirement for undergraduate students who enter Purdue in fall 2021 or later, and will be optional for students entering prior to 2021. Students who complete the program will receive a notation of Civics Literacy Proficiency on their transcript. The activities and required test will increase a student’s understanding of important contemporary political issues, grow their engagement in American politics, and expand their awareness of processes and options for civic participation.

A recent survey by ISI found that Americans struggle with civics knowledge. Only 49% of Americans can correctly identify Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. And fewer than one in five know that the phrase “a wall of separation” comes from Jefferson’s letter, not the Constitution.

Florida Civic Literacy Exam Passing Score

Students enrolled at a State University System institution must demonstrate civic literacy competence by passing the Florida Civic Literacy Examination or taking an associated course prior to graduation. The exam is a computer-based assessment and can be taken at the Testing Center. It is based on the US Citizenship and Immigration Services Naturalization Test with supplemental questions. The test is available in English and Spanish. Students may retake the exam after 30 days, provided they have an acceptable score. Students with disabilities should indicate their accommodation needs during the registration process and provide an approved letter from Student Accessibility Services at check-in for the exam. 

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The FCLE is administered through a proctored setting and is developed by Cambium Assessments, Inc. The assessment consists of 80 multiple-choice questions, and students must score at least 60% (48 correct answers) to pass the exam. A sample test and supplemental study guide are available through the Liberal Studies’ Civic Literacy Requirement page and the Academic Center for Excellence’s Civic Literacy Resources page.

Seminole State College students will take the FCLE during their course window, which will open after the Add/Drop period and close on the last day of class. To register for the exam, use Registerblast and include your Full Name, Eagle Email Address and UIN as well as a valid course that qualifies you to take the FCLE (AMH 2020 or POS 2041).

UCF Civic Literacy Exam

The Florida Civic Literacy Exam is a proctored exam that students must pass in order to satisfy the state’s requirement. It consists of 100 questions and must be passed with a score of 60% or higher. It is available through Webcourses (Canvas) and there is no fee for the exam.

Students may take the test at their home campus and there are several ways to prepare for it. There are a number of online resources that offer practice tests and sample answers. Students can also enroll in a course that teaches the material, such as the Modern States course from Seminole State College. This course will help you prepare for the FCLE and is a good way to get practice before taking it.

But many educators are skeptical that a single test can teach students everything they need to know about American politics and government. Robert Holladay, an adjunct professor of history at Tallahassee Community College, has criticized the new requirement, saying that it’s “at best suitable for middle or high school.” He says that AP exams used in college courses include more difficult questions than those on the new exam.

How Hard Is the Florida Civic Literacy Exam

The state of Florida is requiring students to pass a civic literacy test before graduating from high school or college. This test is designed to ensure that students have enough knowledge of America’s history and government to fulfill their duties as citizens. The Florida Department of Education has also created a website with resources for students to prepare for the exam.

The Florida Civic Literacy Examination (FCLE) is a computer-based assessment administered at a proctored testing center. It consists of 80 multiple choice questions. Students must answer 48 of the questions correctly to pass the FCLE. Students who fail the FCLE must retake it within 30 days unless approved for extenuating circumstances.

PHSC offers a free FCLE practice test and a study guide. These materials are available on this page and the PHSC website. In addition, the FCLE is available in a variety of formats including regular print, large print, and one item per page. Students with disabilities may request accommodations for the FCLE through Student Accessibility Services. Students must provide their accommodation approval letter at check-in on exam day.

Civic Literacy Exam Prep

Students must pass the Florida Civic Literacy Examination (FCLE) to fulfill their civic literacy requirement. The FCLE is administered in-person at the University Testing Center on UCF’s main campus and costs $30 per appointment. Students may also demonstrate civic literacy by passing a course that meets the requirement or by achieving a standard score on the AP Government and Politics: United States or AP United States History exam. Students enrolled in POS 2041 or AMH 2020 are eligible to take the exam for free through their course.

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The civics literacy program is a graduation requirement for undergraduate students at Purdue’s West Lafayette campus that took effect in Fall 2021. The requirements have been created to improve student understanding of important contemporary political issues, grow engagement in American politics and expand awareness of processes and options for civic participation.

Students must complete the requirements by their graduation date to be awarded a notation on their transcript. The FCLE is a 100 question multiple-choice assessment with no time limit. Students must achieve a standard score of 60% or higher to fulfill the requirement. Students can take the assessment up to two times per term.

Florida Civic Literacy Exam Online

FCLE 2024 Practice Test with Study Guide is a tool designed to orient faculty and students to the content and style of questions on the Florida Civic Literacy Exam. It is not intended to demonstrate the length of the actual exam, nor should it be used to guide classroom instruction. Additional resources are available via the FLDOE Civic Literacy webpage.

The FCLE assesses a student’s civic literacy, or the ability to understand the political and legal systems of the United States. It requires students to be able to recall, identify, and explain landmark Supreme Court cases, landmark legislation, and landmark executive actions and their impact on law and society. The exam consists of 80 questions and must be passed with a score of 60% or higher.

This exam is a graduation requirement for any Associate of Arts (A.A.), Associate of Science (A.S.), or Bachelor’s degree seeking student who began their studies in catalog 2021-22 or later. Students who have previously passed the CLEP Modern States examination are exempt from this requirement.

Civic Literacy Exam Questions and Answers

There are 80 questions on the test.

The Civics Literacy Test consists of seven sections and 100 multiple-choice questions. It is made up of lessons you have learned from the Civic Literacy Curriculum. You need to get at least an 80 percent on each section in order to pass.

You have to get 48 of 80 questions correctly answered for a passing grade of 60%.

Although the exam is not timed, it shouldn’t last more than 160 minutes (2 hours and 40 minutes).

Four categories of competency are covered by the Florida Civic Literacy Exam:
• Founding Documents
• United States Constitution
• American Democracy
• Landmark Supreme Court Cases, Legislation, and Executive Actions

• Discover more about the USA
• Use flash cards for civics
• Use the study guide online
• Practice test in civics
• Questions & Answers about Civics

All high school students taking a U.S. Government course are required to take the test.