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A woman wants to park her 15 foot long car in a garage that is 19 feet long. How far from the front of the garage will her front wheels need to be so that the car is centered on the floor of the garage?

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To solve, first figure out how much room is left when her car and the garage are taken into account: 19 feet – 15 feet = 4 feet. To center the car, it would have to be parked 2 feet from the front of the garage.

A charter bus’ average highway speed is 65 miles per hour while a car’s average highway speed is 70 miles per hour. If the bus and car both depart from the same place at the same time today, how much farther ahead of the bus is the car after eight hours?

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Subtract 65 from 70 to find out how much faster the bus is going: 70 - 65 = 5 miles per hour. If the bus is travelling five miles each hour faster than the car, in eight hours it will be 40 miles ahead of the car (5 miles/hr x 8 hr = 40 miles).

A man loans his friend $10,000 at 7% interest. The friend repays $5,035. How much money does she still owe the man?

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$10,000 x 7% = $700. Add this to the original amount to find out what she owes in total: $10,700. Subtract what she has paid to find what she still owes: $10,700 – $5,035 = $5,665.

Solve for y in the following equation, if x = -13 : y = x + 3

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To solve, place the value of x into the equation: y = -13 + 3 y = 2 23

A hotel’s Internet service costs guests $3.00 for the first hour of use and $0.15 for each five minutes over that. A woman uses the service for 3 hours and 10 minutes. What will her Internet charge be?

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To solve, first figure out how much she owes over the $3.00 base fee. For each five minutes, she pays an extra 15 cents. For each hour after the first one, she will pay 12 x 0.15 = $1.80. She has used the service for two extra hours = 3.60 plus 10 minutes = 0.30 = $3.90 in additional fees after the original $3.00 ($3.00 + $3.90 = $6.90).

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