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bachelor of social science

As a student in this degree you will examine issues such as globalization, social transformations and the complex nature of contemporary human behavior. You will also learn how to think critically and creatively about these issues.

The BSocSc Bachelor of Social Science includes a major in Psychology (subject to pre-requisites and quota availability). It also contains many courses from other Faculties.

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Bachelor of Science in Social Work

If you’re interested in a career that will enable you to make a difference in society, a bachelor of science in social work could be the degree for you. This program combines theory and practical experiences in a curriculum that’s tailored to your specific interests. You can choose to study on campus or online, and you’ll learn the skills and knowledge that you need to succeed in the field.

In this program, you’ll explore contemporary issues that impact people around the world, such as inequality and the role of power in society. You’ll also learn how to analyze complex problems and offer real-world solutions. You can also choose to specialize in social justice, which will focus on the principles of fairness and inclusion.

You’ll take courses in human behavior and the social environment, multicultural American, and research and statistics for social work practice. You’ll also participate in a 460-hour field placement. If you meet the admission standards, you can also progress into UNE’s Honors degree in Social Science. This will give you the qualifications to advance in leadership and research positions.

Bachelor of Social Science Jobs

As a social science major, you will learn about psychology, culture, history, economics and more. The skills you develop in these courses are useful for a wide range of careers and industries. You will also develop strong critical thinking and writing skills. This will prepare you for a successful career in the field of your choice.

In addition to these skills, you will learn how to research and report your findings. This will help you find jobs as a researcher or analyst. This career path is ideal for those who enjoy researching and working with people.

Many colleges offer bachelor’s degree programs in social sciences. These programs are usually four years long and require a certain number of credits to graduate. The curriculum can vary depending on the college, so you should choose one that offers a program that matches your interests. Some programs include a capstone course that requires you to create, conduct and present a research project. Others may only require a final exam and specialized courses. Some colleges also offer internships to provide on-the-job training.

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Bachelor of Applied Social Science

Social science degrees are the perfect choice for people who have a passion for exploring our world and its people, as well as their ability to affect change. These programs can teach you about many different disciplines, including sociology, politics, history, economics, criminal justice, psychology, and anthropology. These degrees also provide the necessary skills to make meaningful contributions to society.

This degree will challenge you to think differently about the world and why it is as it is. You will explore the influences that shape humanity’s behavior, as you build critical analysis and research capabilities under the expert guidance of our world-renowned academics. In your final year you will complete a supervised research project on a topic of your choosing.

This course will prepare you to work in a broad range of community services roles such as welfare officer, youth worker and family service officer. It is an approved course of the Australian Community Workers Association and includes fieldwork placements to give you practical experience and industry contacts. It is also a great pathway for further studies such as an honours or doctorate in a related field.

Bachelor of Science in Behavioral and Social Sciences

The Bachelor of Science in Behavioral and Social Sciences will challenge you to think differently about the world. This degree is designed for those who want to understand why people act the way they do and how they can be changed. You’ll learn critical analysis skills and research capabilities under the guidance of IE’s expert faculty.


The program offers a wide range of courses, including psychology, sociology, and anthropology. You’ll also be able to select a concentration if you want to focus on your career goals. The BSocSc Bachelor of Social Science is ideal for those who want to work in public service, non-governmental organizations, and other sectors that seek to deliver community welfare and social justice.

This degree provides an understanding of assumptions underlying human behavior and teaches the ability to analyze complex social issues in a global context. It’s a four-year program that combines classroom learning with hands-on experience in real-world situations, giving you the confidence to pursue your professional aspirations.

Bachelor of Science in Social Work Online

The Bachelor of Social Science is ideal for students interested in a person-centred career, particularly those who want to shape a more equitable society. It will develop your skills and knowledge to understand the drivers of human behavior, and why societies act in particular ways, while you hone your critical analysis and research capabilities under expert guidance from world-renowned researchers.

You will have the flexibility to choose from a broad range of disciplines, and you can specialize in one or more areas. You can also undertake a fieldwork experience in Australia or overseas, which will help you to develop your professional and practical skills.

You will gain the skills and understanding you need to work in a wide variety of sectors, including community and health services, local government, correctional services, and advocacy groups. In addition, you will be able to apply for a merit-based internship, which can give you direct access to future employers and the opportunity to work on real-world projects.

Bachelor of Social Science Addictions and Mental Health

Addiction is one of the world’s biggest challenges and affects every part of our society. It destroys families, careers, finances, and lives. It is important to help those affected by addiction and to educate the public about the disease. A bachelor’s degree in behavioral science can provide the skills necessary to do this. This degree will teach you about counseling theories, the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness, and how to work with people of all ages, races, religions, economic levels, and family backgrounds.

A bachelor’s degree in social science can prepare you for a number of careers, including teaching and research. It can also provide you with a strong foundation for graduate school. Moreover, it provides an overview of human societies and communities and helps you develop critical thinking and analytical skills.

Bachelor of Social Science Careers

Having a social science degree opens many career doors, including jobs in education, business and government. It also helps prepare students for post-graduate study and research in the fields of psychology, sociology, history, anthropology, politics, economics, geography, or psychology.


A bachelor of social sciences degree provides students with a broad range of analytical and communication skills. They can use these skills to find solutions to complex issues at the local, national and international level. Often, these problems require multiple perspectives and disciplines to understand. The social scientist’s ability to observe and listen is essential for this.

Students in this program can choose to take the BSocSc International Pathway, which allows them to spend their third year at an overseas university. This allows students to develop a deeper understanding of other cultures, history and the world around them. It also helps them develop their research and writing skills. This is an excellent way to build your resume and gain professional experience. Those with this degree often go on to work in law, education, government and social service agencies.

Bachelor of Social Science Criminal Justice

The bachelor of social science criminal justice program at Humber gives you a unique blend of training in law enforcement, court systems, and corrections. You’ll also learn about sociology, political science, psychology and philosophy. This will prepare you for a career in various areas of the criminal justice system, including probation departments, police departments, women’s shelters, drug rehabilitation programs and youth programs.

A criminal justice degree focuses on the causes of crime and how best to respond to it on both a societal and individual level. It provides a strong foundation in theory, quantitative social research, and the philosophy of social sciences. The BSocSc curriculum includes a mix of general education and elective courses, providing you with the freedom to explore your own interests. A criminal justice degree also offers you the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through internships at police departments, district attorney’s offices and community organizations. This experience can help you launch a rewarding career in the field of criminal justice.

Bachelor of Social Science Questions and Answers

• social psychology
• sociology
• economics
• comparative religion
• cultural anthropology
• criminology
• political science
• comparative law

The social sciences bachelor’s degree is worthwhile to think about because it offers a strong basis for graduate school and a profession.

Any component of the arts and humanities can be studied in social science.

The broad field of social science is anchored in how people interact with the environment, society, and institutions. It has several offshoots, including sociology, psychology, economics, and political science, which employ study to comprehend a range of mental and behavioral processes.

A comprehensive undergraduate degree in general social sciences equips students to succeed in a globally interconnected environment. Students majoring in GSS learn how to critically assess social issues through conducting research.

Marketing might qualify as a social science. It was previously viewed as a creative endeavor as opposed to a scientific one. It has recently evolved into a more scientific field, incorporating the study of several subjects like psychology, sociology, and economics.

Anthropology, economics, political science, psychology, and sociology are the five main fields of social science.

Social work can be viewed as both an art and a science when all the elements are put together.

Job opportunities:
• Lawyer
• Marketing manager
• Human resources manager
• Professor
• Political consultant
• Security manager
• Intelligence analyst
• Police officer
• Public relations manager
• Social worker

The Bachelor of Social Science is a two-year full-time degree that can be earned either part-time or full-time (based on a trimester system).

A multidisciplinary curriculum designed to provide students a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of the social sciences is the Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences. Students who major in a variety of social science subjects will have an appreciation for the many procedures and approaches used in these fields as well as how closely related the social science disciplines are to one another.

• Master in Philosophy, Politics and Economics
• Master in Politics, Security and Crisis
• MSc in International Relations
• MA in Heritage Studies
• MA in Social Work
• MSc in Global Development
• MA in Cultural and Creative Industries
• Humanitarian Action
• MA in Peace and Conflict Studies
• Master in Migration Studies (MIMS)

You can use it to prepare for a job in almost any field, including politics, communication, marketing, business, and management.