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A BM or BMus Bachelor of Music 2025 is for students who want to make music their career. It is a professional degree and includes extensive music courses and performance.

It can also include specialized music theory and composition classes. Students who earn this degree can often apply directly to graduate programs in their area of expertise.

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Bachelor of Music Education

The BMus Music Education degree is designed for students with an interest in teaching. It provides the musical skills and competencies needed to teach in public schools. In addition, a student is able to begin School of Education teacher credential coursework during their undergraduate studies through the university’s waiver program.

The curriculum focuses on developing musicianship, through study in performance, theory, history and culture. In addition, the BMus Music Education degree offers an opportunity for students to engage in peer-teaching experiences in schools that represent rural, urban and suburban communities.

All BMus students take a written Dissertation course or the Applied dissertation course (combining writing and creative work) in year 3. You can also choose to spend up to a year abroad.

Both BMus and BSc students study core modules in composition, tonal harmony and analysis as well as the historical and cultural study of Western classical and popular music. The difference between the degrees is in the practical options offered: BMus students have access to tech-focussed modules like studio engineering while BSc students can specialize in performance or musicology.

Bachelor of Arts in Music

A bachelor of arts in music (BA) degree offers a broad liberal arts preparation combined with significant study of music as a part of human tradition and culture. Depending on the area of specialization, this degree may prepare students for entry-level positions in private music teaching, retail music industry and church music, as well as post-graduate educational pursuits including graduate degrees in performance or education.

The BMus programme supports the development of creative, inquisitive and well-rounded musicians. It combines world-leading one-to-one tuition for performers and composers with group tuition, classes and masterclasses with high profile artists as well as a wide range of performance opportunities.

In their final year, a music BA student will usually complete a major project, enabling them to specialize in a particular field within their chosen discipline. However, the curriculum is flexible and enables students to tailor their studies to suit their interests, with options for technology-focussed modules in areas such as studio engineering available to both BMus and BSc students. This flexibility allows you to follow your passions, with City alumni achieving success as professional performers, sound engineers, composers, teachers, academics, music therapists and producers, alongside many other career paths.

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Bachelor of Music in Composition

Designed for students who want the maximum training in compositional technique at the undergraduate level, this degree offers a comprehensive introduction to writing single line melodies and counterpoint, traditional and contemporary harmony, various notation methods, and musical development throughout history. You’ll also learn to create a compositional process, write idiomatically for voice and orchestral instruments, and compose for the new tools of the electronic studio. You’ll develop a portfolio of music that will be suitable for auditioning for graduate school and launching a career as a composer.

The BMus program is an excellent choice for students interested in pursuing a career as a performer, educator or music producer. You’ll complete the same coursework as a BA but have more opportunities to take courses outside of the department in other Arts disciplines. This allows you to explore different ideas and perspectives and to work with students from other areas of the university. BMus students often end up working as performers, teachers, music producers and managers, music therapists, or in the business side of the industry.

Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance

A music degree can give students the skills necessary for many professions. It also helps them develop a strong work ethic and discipline, which can help in other areas of life as well. In addition, it may help them learn how to manage time and prioritize tasks. It can also help them gain an understanding of the theory behind music. Getting a music degree is an investment, so it’s important to choose a program that fits your goals and interests.

BM performance students study their primary instrument or voice in depth through private lessons, weekly performances, master classes and a variety of ensemble literature. They also take courses in music history and theory, and participate in the school’s Fridays w/Faculty lecture series, in which faculty speak about their research and other topics.

BM vocal performance majors build a foundation of free and healthy singing in the western musical art tradition, while developing pedagogical tools for teaching voice. They have the opportunity to perform in fully staged music theater productions and to graduate into a career as a classical singer or music teacher.

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Bachelor of Music Online

If you are looking to study music online, it’s important to consider your options carefully. Online music programs are not available for every instrument, and most require hands-on instruction. However, there are several ways to pursue an online music degree.

City’s BMus program includes core modules in theory, musicianship and ensemble performance, as well as general education subjects such as math, science, literature and social sciences. The first year of the course provides students with the chance to explore emerging specialisms through optional practical and vocational electives.

The BMus degree program is designed to nurture creative and inquisitive musicians. Students benefit from world-leading one-to-one tuition in their Principal Study, as well as group tuition, classes, workshops, and projects with high profile artists.

The degree can be completed in four years if you are a full-time student, and it is possible to spend up to a year studying abroad as part of the course. The BMus is accredited by the Royal College of Music, and graduates will be eligible to apply for postgraduate study at many UK universities.

Bachelor of Music Therapy

BMus is an academic degree that prepares students for careers in performance, composition and production. It requires a rigorous program of study in music and includes a broad range of liberal arts courses. Students also take private lessons and participate in ensemble performances. Some BMus students also choose to pursue graduate school.

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In the BMus music therapy degree, students learn how to use music as a therapeutic medium. They complete a combination of academic coursework and clinical internships to gain experience working with patients. This degree is accredited by the American Music Therapy Association.

A BMus music therapy degree can prepare you to work as a music therapist in hospitals, geriatric facilities, hospice programs, and rehabilitation centers. You’ll be able to help people improve their cognitive, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. This is an excellent career choice for students with musical skill and ambition. The program is four years long and includes an extensive clinical internship.

Bachelor of Arts in Music Jobs

A bachelor of arts in music is a degree that is awarded after completion of a course of study. This type of degree is often offered by conservatories and music departments at universities. It is a degree that allows students to focus on music-related subjects, and requires less non-musical courses than other degrees.

Students pursuing this degree will have the opportunity to take private lessons, participate in ensemble performances, and take coursework in performance practice, aural theory, history, and composition. Students will also be able to add a minor or concentration in areas such as music business and arts management to expand their career opportunities after graduation.

BMus graduates may also be able to apply for a range of graduate programs in other fields, if they have a high enough average and good recommendation letters. However, an advanced degree is usually required in order to teach at a university level. Students who wish to pursue a career as a solo performer or composer should also consider taking a postgraduate qualification, as this will provide them with the necessary teaching and practical experience to reach their goal.

Bachelor of Music Questions and Answers

University-level music studies can prepare you for a wide range of graduate occupations, including teaching and working with children in addition to performing or writing music.

Composition, conducting (band, choral, or orchestral), dance, instruments (percussion, strings, or winds), music education, musicology, piano, and voice are some of the most major topics.

A degree in music performance gives students the knowledge and abilities to become versatile musicians and to build long-lasting careers in the music business.

Accredited universities, colleges, and academic institutions all over the world provide music courses.

Job opportunities:
• Sound designer
• Private music teacher
• Sound technician
• Music therapist
• Special effects technician
• Music producer
• Secondary school teacher
• Sound broadcasting/film/video
• Musician
• Sound engineer

The average undergraduate tuition and fees for the Music Performance program in 2023 is $30,849 for out-of-state students and $10,015 for residents of the state.

Your exposure to a wide range of musical genres, from classical to jazz, traditional world music to modern repertoires, electronic and digital music application, will be enhanced by a degree in music. Studying music theory, composition, and musical arrangement will all be combined with classroom and studio work.

Top music schools:
• Royal College of Music
• Berklee College of Music
• Curtis Institute of Music
• New England Conservatory of Music
• Mannes School of Music
• Indiana University – The Jacobs School of Music
• University of Southern California Thornton School of Music
• The Juilliard School
• Yale School of Music
• The Royal Academy of Music

The 4-year Bachelor of Music (BM) program offers a broad education that gives students a well-rounded foundation for a career in music.

The majority of music-focused bachelor’s degrees may be completed in four years.