PARCC Grade 8 ELA Practice Test Questions


1. What is the best way to describe Gawaine's character?

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1. D: Gawaine is said to be tall and sturdy, but would run away and hide at the smallest sign of trouble.

2. What is the meaning of "his better nature"?

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2. D: "His better nature" is a common way of talking about a person's deeper character.

3. How does the Headmaster put the professor at ease about Gawaine?

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3. D: Letter A is not mentioned in the text, and the other choices do not directly answer the question.

4. What would be a good question for the Headmaster to consider?

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4. B: Considering Gawaine's character, this is the only choice that makes sense because it is well known that Gawaine is cowardly and the professor doesn't seem to know much about dragons.

5. Suppose that Gawaine's parents have him removed from the school. Would the Headmaster still want Gawaine to learn to fight dragons?

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5. A: This can be inferred from the text: "Would any refund on the tuition fee be necessary in case of an accident to young Coeur-Hardy?" "No," the principal answered, judicially, "that's all covered in the contract."