PARCC Author’s Purpose Practice Questions Story 8

8. Which of the following best describes the purpose of this passage?

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9. B: The passage neither criticizes (A) nor entertains (C), so these two options may be quickly removed from the list of viable choices. It does provide information, as in option D. However, the writer goes beyond straightforward presentation of facts and into analysis of the details and underlying meaning. It explores the "why." This piece was written to analyze the works by Chang-Rae Lee and the themes presented in his most famous novels. Answer choice B most clearly expresses this purpose.

9. Why does the author of the passage quote the first line of the novel "Native Speaker"?

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9. A: The author of this passage uses the first line of the novel to provide an example of one of the themes of the novel. By showing a direct example, the writer is illustrating the theme-option A-and goes on to discuss that very point in the passage. Although the piece does express certain parallels between Lee's experience as a Korean-American and the character's, it is nowhere suggested that the novel is semi-autobiographical, rendering option B incorrect. The main idea of the novel (C) and any suggestion that the reader of the passage should also read the novel (D) are nowhere stated, so these two answer choices are also incorrect. ?