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The antonym of CONQUER is

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Submit is the antonym of conquer:
Conquer: to forcefully defeat someone or something.
Military forces took control of hostile territory.
To submit means to give in to or accept something; it also means to give up.
I had to submit to a search after the police arrived at my residence with a warrant.
The remaining answer selections have meanings that are comparable to the term 'labyrinth':
Repress: to hold anything down in order to conceal, hide, or control it.
For many years, I attempted to forget about my awful childhood experiences. to compel someone to do something
That lecturer will lecture you for hours and assign you hours of homework.
Defeat: the act of defeating or defeating an adversary.
My grandfather finally beat cancer after years of struggle.
Overthrow: the act of forcibly removing a leader.
If the situation in that country does not improve, an attempt to topple the government may be made.

The antonym of CHASTEN is

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The opposite of chasten is ‘elevate’:
Chasten: to correct someone, usually with some very strong punishment
My boss chastened me for making so many mistakes.
Elevate: to lift up, either literally or figuratively
We tried to elevate his mood by buying him ice cream.
The meanings of the remaining answer choices are similar to the meaning of the word ‘chasten’:
Chastise: to punish someone
I chastised my co-workers for being so lazy.
Humiliate: to make someone feel ashamed
I felt humiliated after having made a mistake, but my boss told me it was OK.
Curb: to restrain or keep in check
Coffee helps to curb my appetite in the morning.
Subdue: to bring under control by force
The police officer was able to subdue the criminal that tried to escape.

Assume that the first two assertions are correct. Is the last one True, False, or Inconclusive?

Sid lives next door to Carlo on a straight street. Between Sid and Christian, Carlo lives. Carlo's next-door neighbor is Christian.

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The houses are in this order: Sid, Carlo – Christian. Carlo is sandwiched between Sid and Christian, and hence lives next door to them. As a result, because Christian lives next door to Carlo, the answer is True.

A hockey player will miss 60% of her shots. How many shots does she have to take to get 50 goals?

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We must calculate the total number of shots the hickey player must take in order to score 50 goals. According to reports, she misses 60% of her shots. We do, however, need to know how many shots she takes. She must hit 100% of her shots, which equates to 40% of her total.
So, in other words, 40% of what = 50?
Step 1. Rewrite the problem using the percent formula. The percent formula is below:
We are looking for the whole number of shots needed so that is where we will put x.
Step 2. Cross multiply.
Step 3. Simplify the right side of the equation. 100 × 50 = 5,000.
Step 4. Simplify by dividing both sides of the equation by 40.


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'Not well suited to or appropriate for each other' is how ill-matched is defined.
The word "harmonious" means "creating an attractive or consistent whole."
As a result, both words have opposing meanings.

Assume that the first two assertions are correct. Is the last one True, False, or Inconclusive?
Catherine and Brian exchanged handshakes. Kathy and Brian exchanged handshakes. Kathy did not extend a handshake to Catherine.

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Only the first two sentences provide us with enough information to answer the question. We are aware that:
Catherine and Brian exchanged handshakes.
Kathy and Brian exchanged handshakes.
However, we don't have enough evidence from these two claims to determine whether Kathy did or did not shake Catherine's hand.
As a result, the response must be uncertain.

Which of the following words is the most dissimilar to the others?

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A lyre is a musical instrument related to the harp. Piccolo: A piccolo is a small flute-like instrument. The triangle is a triangle-shaped chime that is used as a percussion instrument. A cello is a string instrument with four strings. These are all instruments.
An orchestra is a gathering of people who play instruments in a way that is unlike anything else.

Which of the following words is different from the others?

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Insufficient is an adjective that describes when a quantity of something is insufficient but not because of a lack of originality, intrigue, or flavor. As a result, it differs from the other terms in the collection, which all refer to something lacking in conviction or brilliance.

The antonym of FAITHFUL is

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Fickle is the polar opposite of faithful:
Faithful: someone who is dependable and consistent – someone you can rely on in any situation.
At the animal shelter, the nurse is a dedicated volunteer. Every Saturday, she comes to help the animals.
Fickle: a person who changes their views so frequently that you can't trust them.
He said he'd show up at noon, but who knows whether he'll show up at all. He's a bit of a knucklehead.

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