Wonderlic Personnel Test

What is the Wonderlic Personnel Test?

The Wonderlic test is one of the most common pre-employment cognitive ability tests given by employers to job candidates. To simply define it, the Wonderlic exam is an IQ test that allows employers to make an immediate decision about whether to hire applicants or not.

The test got its name from the company that created the exam—Wonderlic, Inc. One of the most significant things that you should always remember about Wonderlic is its composition. As a matter of fact, Wonderlic, Inc develops a bunch of different types of Wonderlic exams.

This is also the reason why you will see a lot of Wonderlic tests online, such as the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test, Wonderlic Test NFL, Wonderlic Personality Tests, etc. especially when you search for it on Google. These different types of Wonderlic tests cause a lot of confusion among test-takers.

As a rule of thumb, whenever you encounter the phrase “Wonderlic Test,” it should automatically refer to the Wonderlic Personnel Test or also known as the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test. Moreover, you should not worry about the different variations of the test. 

Important Note: If you were informed that you will be taking the Wonderlic Test, then it is none other than the Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT-R) you are asked to take.

What do Wonderlic tests measure and how do they measure it?

According to the Wonderlic, Inc., “The Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT-R) helps measure general mental ability, widely accepted as being one of the single best predictors of job success. It helps measure a candidate’s ability to understand instructions, learn, adapt, solve problems and handle the mental demands of the position.” 

For the record, the Wonderlic test does not measure how intelligent you are as an individual. It simply evaluates your ability to develop helpful strategies in order to finish the exam on time and achieve the highest Wonderlic score possible.

Wonderlic Personnel Test Scoring System

Figuring out the scoring system for the Wonderlic test is very simple. With 50 questions, one point will be added to your score for every correct answer. For instance, a score of 15 means that a test taker answered 15 questions correctly. To simply put it, the highest Wonderlic score that one can get is 50, and the lowest Wonderlic score is 0.

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How is the Wonderlic test graded?

According to Wonderlic Inc, the average score for the Wonderlic test is 20 out of 50 questions. A test taker who scores an average of 10 and above is regarded literate and, hence, viewed by most employers as fitting for less demanding jobs. Average test scores may vary between different professions. 

For job candidates, scoring well can be remarkably valuable to help you stand out from the other applicants competing for the same position. To boost your chance of landing on a job, you need to increase your chances by acquiring a higher than average Wonderlic score.

What is a passing score for the Wonderlic?

While the average score on the Wonderlic is 20, the description of what is a good score on the Wonderlic test varies from the type of profession you have. Most of the time, the quality of the score can be equalized to the types of job or position an applicant or test taker is attempting to pursue.

Does my high Wonderlic test score say anything about me?

As mentioned earlier, your Wonderlic test score depends on the type of profession you are applying for. For example, an engineering applicant’s test score of 39 may be different from a chemist applicant’s score. To provide you with an overview of the corresponding average Wonderlic score for every profession, we’ve outlined one below:

Profession Avg. Wonderlic Score
Systems Analyst 32
Chemist 31
Electrical Engineer 30
Engineer 29
Programmer 29
Accountant 28
Executive 28
Reporter 28
Teacher 28
Copywriter 27
Investment Analyst 27
Librarian 27
Electronics Technician 26
Salesperson 25
Secretary 24
Dispatcher 23
Drafter 23
Electrician 23
Nurse 23
Bank teller 22
Cashier 21
Firefighter 21
Clerical Worker 21
Machinist 21
Receptionist 21
Train conductor 21
Craftsman 18
Security guard 17
Welder 17
Warehouseman 15
Janitor 14


Is getting into Mensa actually easy?

The Mensa website has produced a detailed breakdown of Wonderlic scores by percentile of intelligence. The comprehensive analysis suggests that a score in the 98th percentile or above qualifies a person for Mensa membership. 

If you’re curious as to where your score stands in the grand scheme of human intelligence, please refer to the Wonderlic Score Percentile table below:

Wonderlic Score Percentile

Wonderlic Score Percentile
9 5
10 6
11 8
12 10
13 13
14 16
15 19
16 23
17 27
18 31
19 36
20 41
21 46
22 51
23 57
24 62
25 67
26 71
27 76
28 80
29 83
30 86
31 89
32 91
33 93
34 95
35 96
36 97
37 98
38 98
39 98
40 99
41 99
42 99
43 99
44 99
45 99
46 99
47 99
48 99
49 99
50 99


What is a good Wonderlic score?

Like we’ve mentioned, a good Wonderlic score depends on the company that you’re applying for. Moreover, what we do know is that your target score should be above the average score of the position you are seeking, especially if you want to land the job you want.

Wonderlic Test Frequently Asked Questions

How to pass the Wonderlic IQ test and personality test?

The best way to pass the Wonderlic IQ test and personality test is to commit yourself to the habit of preparation. You have the option to utilize Wonderlic prep test materials such as Wonderlic practice test, Wonderlic sample test, free Wonderlic test study guides, etc.

Is the Wonderlic test an IQ test?

The Wonderlic test can be coined as a quick IQ test. As mentioned in the first paragraph of this comprehensive guide, the Wonderlic examination is an IQ test that allows employers to make an immediate decision about whether to hire applicants or not.

Can you use a calculator on the Wonderlic?

The simple answer is No, you can’t. Calculators are now allowed to be used on the Wonderlic test. Examinees, however, are allowed to use a scrap paper.

What happens if I fail the Wonderlic test?

If you fail on the Wonderlic test, you are most likely not be able to get hired on the job you have applied for. This is what actually happens 99% of the time In other words, if you fail to reach the minimum score required for the profession you have chosen, the company will not hire you.

How can we check anyone’s IQ level?

There are various IQ tests that can ostensibly measure a person’s IQ level. However, these tests may vary according to the test administrator’s purpose of letting people take the test.

Is it possible to practice for the Wonderlic test?

You can at least prepare for the Wonderlic test by answering practice test questions that are similar to the official Wonderlic test. While the series of questions may not be exactly the same, practice questions can help you become familiar with the type of questions that you need to answer when you take the Wonderlic test.

Are you allowed to skip questions on the Wonderlic test?

Yes. Skipping difficult questions and answering them later in the exam is actually a good strategy. That way, you will be able to maximize your time taking care of the questions that you can easily answer.

Wonderlic Test Structure and Format

The Wonderlic test has a total of 50 questions. You are given 12 minutes to answer as many questions as you possibly can. On the other hand, a shorter version of the test is also available and sometimes administered to job applicants before they come in to take the full exam.

This shorter version of the full Wonderlic test is called the Wonderlic Personnel Test – Quicktest (WPT-Q). It basically contains all the same types of questions that the full test has. The big difference between the two is that the shorter version only has 30 questions/8 minutes rather than 50 questions/12 minutes.

The 50 questions on the Wonderlic test are structured in four different categories of questions: 1.) General Facts & Quick Recognition, 2.) Logic Questions, 3.) Verbal Reasoning, and 4.) Mathematical Word Problems.

General Facts & Quick Recognition

The General Facts & Quick Recognition section includes questions that will require you to quickly identify patterns, order dates, and answer general knowledge questions.

Logic Questions

The Logic Questions section includes spatial recognition and deductive reasoning questions that will challenge your critical thinking skills and analysis.

Verbal Reasoning

The Verbal Reasoning section covers identifying synonyms, comparing proverbs, and analogies.

Mathematical Word Problems

The Mathematical Word Problems section focuses on questions that will require to solve and calculate the ratio, average, and percent of mathematical figures. Other than that, this section also includes operations with decimals and algebraic word problems.

Wonderlic Test Study Guide and Preparation

While a lot of people are scared to take the Wonderlic test, some managed to pass the exam successfully because they prepared well for it. For many, the Wonderlic test can be quite daunting since your job literally depends on it. Despite the intimidating 50 questions/12 minutes (14 seconds per question), the Wonderlic test is not impossible to beat.

For emphasis, the test does not measure how smart you are. It only evaluates your capabilities in the specific field you’re interested in. In fact, finding the right approach is the best way to beat the test. To help you start strong, we’ve compiled a few Wonderlic test tips that you can follow to successfully ace your Wonderlic assessment:

#1 Utilize Wonderlic Practice Test Materials

Using practice test materials especially timed ones is a surefire way to become accustomed to the exam. You can find a lot of practice test materials online and do a dry-run of the Wonderlic test. And like we’ve said, the questions may not exactly be the same but using practice test questions is effective when it comes to familiarizing yourself with all the types of questions on the exam.

#2 Develop an Exam Strategy

Developing an exam strategy is one way of ensuring that you will be able to maximize the probability of getting a high score on the exam. For example, instead of spending a few minutes trying to answer a question you don’t know, you can just skip it and proceed to the next question.

#3 Review Each Test Section

Since you have an idea about the test sections on the Wonderlic test, it is highly advisable to review each of them. This will help you become more prepared to take the test compare to review general IQ test questions.

#4 Practice Consistently

Once you have developed a strategy and reviewed all the Wonderlic test questions, engaging yourself in a consistent training method is beneficial to the final result. Getting a good feel as to what it feels like to take the test can help you set a strong foundation once you take the exam.

Wonderlic Test Sample Questions

If you’re currently looking for Wonderlic practice test materials, we’ve provided some of the most useful Wonderlic test questions below for you to utilize:

Question #1

A shop owner bought some shovels for $5,500. The shovels were sold for $7,300,

with a profit of $50 per shovel. How many shovels were involved?

  1. 18
  2. 36
  3. 55
  4. 73
  5. 90
  6. None of these

Question #2

How many of the five pairs listed below are exact duplicates?

6845 – 6845

45641 – 45641

987878 – 987788

124555 – 123555

9898547 – 9898745

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 5

Question #3

________ is to CLEANING as MEDICINE is to CURING

  1. Chore
  2. Dirt
  3. Soap
  4. Germs
  5. Shiny

Question #4

IMPERIOUS is the opposite of…

  1. Arrogant
  2. Moody
  3. Subservient
  4. Quiet
  5. Stormy

Question #5

An oven can bake 8 pies of thin-crust pizza per hour or 2 pies of deep dish pizza pies

per hour. How many hours will it take to prepare an order of 16 thin-crust pies and 4

pies of deep dish?

  1. 4 hours
  2. 2.5 hours
  3. 2 hours
  4. 1 hour

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Wanna Participate in the Sample Wonderlic Practice Test?

Wonderlic Practice Test #1

Wonderlic Practice Test #1

Wonderlic Practice Test #1

Wonderlic Practice Test #1



Are you ready to take the Wonderlic Personnel Test to get the job that you want? Start your preparation today to increase your chance of getting hired!

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