USPS VEA 474 475 476 477 Practice Test

United State Postal Service

USPS VEA 474 475 476 477 Practice Test

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is an independent agency of the United States federal government responsible for providing postal service across the United States, including its insular areas and affiliated states. It’s one of the few federal agencies that the US Constitution explicitly authorizes. The Postal Service is required by law to service all Americans at the same price and quality, regardless of their location.

Benjamin Franklin was designated the first postmaster general in 1775 during the Second Continental Congress; he also served in a similar position for the colonies of the Kingdom of Great Britain. With the enactment of the Postal Service Act in 1792, the Post Office Department was established. 

In 1872, it was upgraded to a cabinet-level department, and in 1970, the Postal Reorganization Act established the United States Postal Service as a separate agency. Many direct tax subsidies to the USPS have been cut or discontinued since the early 1980s (with the exception of payments for costs related with disabled and foreign voters).

USPS VEA 474 475 476 477 Test



The United States Postal Service has altered its post office job application method starting on April 1, 2019, and is now using four new tests. The old USPS test (#473) is no longer in use, and its results are no longer valid for postal job applicants. Instead, after starting the application process, applicants will be allocated to one of four new tests. 474, 475, 476, and 477 are the new tests’ numbers.

What You Should Know About the New Tests?

They’re not the same. The topic content differs from the previous test, as does the manner in which you respond to questions. It’s a fantastic idea to get to know how the questions are presented and what you’ll have to perform during these assessments. The problem isn’t that the questions are difficult or that the test is long. It will most likely take you no more than 45 minutes to complete. However, the examinations ask questions in odd ways, and it’s in your best interest to avoid getting caught off guard so you can perform your best work.

Which Tests Should You Take?

You won’t know for sure until you apply, at which point you’ll have only 72 hours to pass the test. Finding a job you want in their listings of available positions and starting an application for that job is part of the new Postal Service job application procedure. If you have been chosen to take a test for that position, you will be contacted by email during this process. In the email, you’ll also be told which test to take and given a link to it. You will be given a test that is connected to the job category for which you are applying. Different exams are offered to persons who want to be mail carriers vs those who want to work at the post office counter.

To do before the application

Learn about the new tests, especially the one you’ll most likely be expected to take. Once you’ve started the process and submitted the first portion of your application, you may receive an email with a test link at any time. You will have only 72 hours (3 days) from the time you receive the email to finish the entire test and submit it online. There is no alternative to, or extension of, this deadline, and you will be ineligible for the position if you do not complete the test on time.

How to pass the USPS Exam

You must pass a postal exam in order to work in a local post office. There are a few distinct postal exams offered by the United States Postal Service (USPS). Taking postal exam practice tests is one of the most effective approaches to pass the exams. Actual postal exam questions and answers might help you determine how well you’ve studied for the real thing.

You must study wisely, not hard, in order to pass the postal exam. In order to pass your postal exams, you must:

       • Study when you are the most alert
       • Understand what’s on the Postal Exam
       • Focus on the material that you don’t know
       • Develop a flexible study schedule

USPS Exam Scores

All postal tests have a passing score of 70. Candidates with a score of less than 70 will be ineligible for the USPS position. Candidates will be unable to retake the exam for a period of 12 months, thus passing the exam the first time is necessary.

Candidates are ranked depending on their exam scores, which makes the postal exams unique. A person who received an 80 will be placed higher on the list than someone who received a 70. Candidates that received auspsn 80 may be interviewed right away, but those who received a 70 may have to wait a bit longer.