UCAT Decision Making Test #2


Should violating copyrights or patents—such as by copying a movie or drug—be treated as a civil wrong for which restitution must be made rather than a criminal offense punishable by a fine or jail time?

From the statements below, pick the one that makes the most sense.

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It acknowledges the effects of violating patents or copyrights on both the product's buyer and the copyright holder. The best argument is made by this one since it draws a comparison to theft, a crime.

Six identical pairs of earrings, with the exception of color, are kept in a box by Dana.
There are three pairings of each color: red and blue.
In order to have at least one pair of red earrings and one pair of blue earrings, Diana must draw a predetermined number of earrings at random.

Should Dana choose eight earrings at random to do this?

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She would have at least one pair of each color after drawing eight pairs of earrings. She will have at least one pair of red and one pair of blue earrings even if she draws all three pairs of the same color.

Four secondary schools—K, L, M, and N—combine to form a youth orchestra with 39 players.
Each school sends the same number of boys and girls as there are students enrolled there to play in the orchestra.
School L's orchestra has 18 members, which is twice as many as schools K, M, and N each have, as well as three times as many as school L.
While M has an equal number of females and boys, and L has an equal number of boys, N has as many boys as K does.
Six N females are playing in the orchestra.

Of the four secondary schools, how many are same-sex institutions?

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According to the information provided, there are 18 students from school L, which means that there must be 9 students from school K (L is twice as big as K), 6 students from school M (L is three times as big as M), and 6 students from school N. (L is three time the size of N).
The orchestra contains six students from school N, indicating that all of the players are female students from N.
N has the same number of guys as K does of girls, hence there can be no girls in the orchestra at school K.
K and N must therefore be same-sex institutions.

One US state's 150 aquariums contained 60 yellow crabs, 43 white dolphins, 81 starfish, 20 only starfish and white dolphins, 12 only white dolphins and yellow crabs, 9 only starfish and yellow crabs, and 7 all three.

How many aquariums lacked all three of these?

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The Venn diagram's numbers add up to 129, meaning that all 150 aquariums had at least one of the three types of animals. As a result, 21 aquariums out of 150 had none.

Employees in a resort management company are allotted a certain amount of vacation time each month.
The resort is open all year long.
Sandra, Myra, and Randy, who all work in the same department, are each given 4, 6, and 5 days of leave each month. The dates on which each employee must take time off vary. ,br>
Is there a chance of meeting all three employees on any given day during a month more than 50%?

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Only months with 31 days will have a greater than 50% chance of all three employees working on any given day since the total number of days in which any employee will be on leave is 4 + 6 + 5 = 15.

The tune that Jayson hears on his music player is chosen at random.
Eight rock tunes, five classical songs, and two folk songs are all on the music player.

If Jayson removes one song from his music player from each of the three genres, will he be more likely to listen to classical music?

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The correct answer:
No, keeping one song from each genre does not change the likelihood of choosing a classical song.

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