TOIEC Reading Comprehension Test

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The four programs offered by OUC International Education are for..

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OUC accepts all non-English-speaking students from all over the world, including those who live in Canada. Don't forget, there are a good number of Canadians who don't speak English as well (they speak French).

The University transfer courses allowed by OUC for international students are offered in ...

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They are offered in English with Canadian students. Unless of course you want to take Spanish, French, or German.

What two things can a visitor receive at the dance?

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Each ticket purchaser receives a drink of his or her choice, as well as the possibility of getting a prize for the best costume.

What are two of the activities that a ticket purchaser can do at the dance?

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This is the best answer, as there was drink and dancing mentioned in the poster.

In the address, what is the " VYX 4X8"?

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In Canada it is known as a postal code. In the USA it's called a zip code.

What kind of event is being stagged?

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The dance will take place in a barn.

Who is providing the music for the dance?

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Their name comes from the dance the 'jig', an Irish dance.

Where are two places an interested party can purchase tickets?

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The phone number and the URL Internet address are both given on the poster.

What do the letters "OUC" stand for?

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OUC has campuses in several cities in the Okanagan valley.

How much would tickets cost for a group of five?

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It would be $18 for each couple, and then ten dollars for the fifth person, which makes $46.00.

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