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TOEFL Classes

TOEFL is one of the world’s highest and most widely accepted exams in English. Given that TOEFL requires speech and listening, some students have problems, especially without adequate preparation. When it comes to prepping for the TOEFL, there are several cheap TOEFL classes and courses students can take. You may search for “TOEFL classes near me” or search for these alternatives:

  • TOEFL classes in Bay Area, San Francisco
  • TOEFL classes in Pune, India
  • TOEFL classes in Houston, TX
  • TOEFL classes Los Angeles
  • TOEFL coaching classes in Chennai, India

For those who don’t have much time to attend classes, they may also take TOEFL online classes. Below are a few of the best online TOEFL classes that you can access:

     1.  TOEFL Preparation Course (Magoosh)

This comprehensive TOEFL prep course by Magoosh is meant for those who want to get good marks in the test. Online study mode can be done anytime, anywhere. A lot of valuable lessons can be learned quickly as industry experts will help students prepare for the test during classes. It’s available for an affordable payment with no hidden fees or monthly fees. By joining this prep class, you’ll have fewer chances of being in a panic during the exam.

Duration: 3 Months


  • Lots of practice tests
  • More than 330 videos, including strategies, ideas, and most common errors.
  • Friendly support from tutors
  • Understand everything from basic grammar to advanced TOEFL techniques through videos
  • 7-day money-back guarantee

     2.  TOEFL iBT Prep Course (Kaplan)

Recommended for those who want a high score in the TOEFL exam. It contains more than 100 videos in which Kaplan experts teach TOEFL in all disciplines. The best thing is that you’ll receive email assistance every day, anywhere.

This step-by-step guide will help you practice for the exam. The professors will give you valuable advice and techniques that are useful for listening, reading, writing, and speaking portions. The cost for this service is very reasonable and suits any budget.

Duration: 3 Months


  • Includes 100+ practice questions
  • Study anywhere with mobile-enabled videos
  • Score high or get your money back
  • Plenty of video lessons
  • Easily sign up through online

3.  TOEFL Preparation Classes Online (Udemy)

If you like to conquer the challenging and tough TOEFL exam easily, then joining these online classes is going to be a great choice. Through these programs, you can train yourself for the four sections of TOEFL – listening, reading, writing, and speaking. The best part is that every class comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you can easily register for a class online.


  • Comprehensive TOEFL Test Training Guide
  • Know the most relevant phrasal verbs
  • Learn how to write and speak like a native
  • Improve your English skills and do well on the test
  • Understand all English Grammar structures
  • Learn how to construct high-level essays
  • Read and write easier by learning sentences, phrases, and clauses

     4.  Free Online TOEFL Preparation Course (ETS)

These courses are specifically developed to help you not only achieve a good score in the TOEFL test but also help you develop your English skills. It contains a number of materials, including interactive training programs, practice tests, sample questions, and superb exam tips. The good thing is that study materials are prepared by expert instructors. Regardless of your skill level, you can access the programs.


  • Enhance your English-language skills
  • Get familiar with questions and content of the actual test
  • Include many structured self-evaluations to know your progress
  • Free unlimited access to previous TOEFL iBT questions

     5.  TOEFL Test Preparation: The Insider’s Guide  (edX)

This online program is created by industry experts to help you improve your knowledge. It includes short quizzes, sample questions with explanations, videos, and more. You will learn how to develop your English language skills and learn how to manage your time through these classes. When completed successfully, you get a certificate, which you can share easily on LinkedIn.

Duration: 6 Weeks


  • Great training lesson on how to handle all four TOEFL portions comfortably
  • Discover where to find additional resources for the test
  • Learn how to use test scores for scholarship programs, work permits, study, and job opportunities.
  • Plenty of discounted and free resources for TOEFL test prep
  • Get some great tips on how to prep for the exam

Frequently Asked Questions

How to improve your English skills for the TOEFL?

To improve your English skills for the TOEFL, you may do some home study by using free practice tests and study guides available online or enrolling yourself in TOEFL classes online for free. You may also look for a tutor or join private courses.

Do the US universities accept a TOEFL score of 71?

Although many colleges need a score of 80 +, you can find a few universities, but they won’t be highly ranked or mid-ranked.

Is TOEFL a difficult exam for a non-native speaker?

It depends on your confidence in your language skills. If you are relatively good at talking smoothly, you are good at spotting grammatical errors, using the right punctuation, following conversations, and understanding somewhat complex phrases. Each area is scored between 0 and 30, which means that your total score ranges between 0 and 120, if you are regularly exposed to English it will not be too difficult.

Can native speakers take Toefl?

The TOEFL is particularly appropriate for foreigners who speak English. Universities usually need it from people who can’t prove they are a native English speaker. However, it happens sometimes. You may still be asked to give TOEFL scores even if you grow up and speak English.

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