TACHS Exam Practice Test – 2023 Test Prep

TACHS Practice Test

The Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools or for short TACHS is a Catholic high school entrance exam used by Catholic schools within the Archdiocese of New York or the Diocese of Brooklyn or Queens. It is used as part of the admissions process to measure the academic skills of the applicants in reading, mathematics, written expression, and general reasoning skills.

Who are eligible to take the TACHS test?

The applicants should be students in the eighth grade who are interested in attending a Catholic school in ninth grade. The TACHS results from the catholic high school admission test, including their school records and other documents, will be sent to their three preferred high schools.

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Free TACHS Practice Test Online

TACHS Registration and Costs

There are 2 methods by which you can register for the examinations. You must only choose one to avoid a processing fee.


This is the favored method of registration.

Step 1: You must visit TACHS’ official website at www.tachsinfo.com and click on the registration link so that you’ll be able to access the Registration Form.

Step 2: You must pay the examination fee, which is $65.00. Credit card, debit card, or prepaid card payments are required to complete your registration.

Step 3: An immediate confirmation will be available to print. If you have provided an email address, a confirmation will also be emailed to you.


Step 1: You must call the toll-free 1-866-61TACHS (1-866-618-2247).

Step 2: You must pay the examination fee, which is $65.00. Credit card, debit card, or prepaid card payments are required to complete your registration.

Step 3: An immediate verbal confirmation will be given to you. If you have provided an email address, a confirmation will also be emailed to you.

How much does the TACHS test cost?

The TACHS exam is a nonrefundable test that has a fee of $65.00. It will cover the TACHS Handbook, materials for the test, and score reports for the three preferred high schools. Also, take note that there must be no duplicate registrations. Otherwise, it will result in a processing fee.

TACHS Exam Format

The Test for Admissions into Catholic High schools is a multiple-choice type that contains 200 questions. It will last at least 2 and a half hours. It will also contain the following 4 subtests to measure the achievement and ability of its applicants:



Approximate Number of Questions


In this test, the students will be given various materials that are both informational and literary. They will be asked questions that will assess their capability to answer questions about the author’s purpose, main idea, and other types of comprehension questions. It will test your vocabulary and reading comprehension skills.

●      20 (Vocabulary)

●      30 (Reading Comprehensions)

Written Expression( Language)

In this test, you must be able to write in Standard English. You will be asked questions that will assess your knowledge about address organization, clarity, sentence structure, and appropriateness of expression. You will also be asked about spelling, punctuation, capitalization, etc.

●      40 (Spelling, Punctuation, Capitalization, and Usage/Expression)

●      10 (Paragraphs)


In this test, you must be able to answer questions about mathematical operations, algebraic patterns, probability, statistics, geometry, and data analysis, among others.

●      32 (Concepts, Problem Solving and Data Interpretation)

●      18 (Estimation)


In this test, your learned reasoning abilities will be assessed. You will be asked questions that use spatial and figural content to determine how you will use reason to solve problems that may or may not have been directly taught.

●      40 (Similarities and Changes)

●      10 (Abstract Reasoning)

Free TACHS Practice Test

Understanding TACHS Scores

For every correct answer that you get for each question, you’ll receive one point. It will be considered as your raw score. This score is then tallied and converted into your scaled score. This is so that schools can compare a student’s performance on one part of the exam and to the other parts as well. 

Lastly, your scaled score will be reported as percentile ranks. It will show where a student will stand in relationship to one another on the different sections and on the whole test.

Best Tips for the TACHS Test

The Catholic school entrance exam will give you a higher chance of getting into the school of your choice. That’s why it is important for you to pass it since such schools might have required standards of their own. The exams can also be taken only once per student. So, preparation beforehand is very crucial.

Here are some tips and TACHS study guide that you can follow to prepare for the test:

  • You must pace yourself. A lot of timed tests will put pressure on you, and you will try to answer as many questions as you can. It’s important that you get to answer correctly within the allotted time. You must choose those that you know the answers to and not dwell on those that might take up too much of your time.
  • You must know how to answer each question on the test strategically. You can start by evaluating the choices, and eliminating those that you know will not make sense. You must choose those that you know will best answer the question.
  • You must answer the TACHS practice exam or TACHS practice test pdf or make use of the TACHS sample test, TACHS test prep online, TACHS exam prep, TACHS prep course, TACHS prep classes online, etc. Through them, you’ll know what type of questions will appear in the examinations.

What to bring to the TACHS exam?

1. Admit Cards – If the registration process was completed on time then you will receive your Admit Cards. After obtaining it, you must check whether the following information is accurate:
● Name and Address
● Date and time of the exam
● Test site name and address of the school where you will take the exam

2. Identification – It can be your student I.D. or a library card.
3. Pencils- They must bring #2 pencils with erasers.

TACHS Practice Test PDF

Practice and review are the greatest ways to prepare for the TACHS exam. To help you prepare for the exam, here’s the TACHS practice test with answers PDF.

TACHS Questions and Answers

Bring the information for each of your chosen schools with you to the test day. In mid-December, Catholic high schools will receive their results. In mid-January, you will also receive a copy of your scores.

The score is calculated by adding points for each correct answer and scaling using an algorithm created by the test author. The scaled points range is 200-800 points.

The TACHS (Exam for Admission into Catholic High Schools) is a test used to admit students to Catholic high schools in and around New York City. The test, which was first used in autumn 2004, allows schools to compare students’ academic ability, including how they perform under pressure.

The length of the actual testing is approximately two hours for the TACHS exam, although there is a time limit for brief breaks and test the sum of all of the sections. The examination time lasts around three hours. 

Test for Admission into Catholic High School

Only students who will be in 9th grade the following school year are eligible.

Students’ scores on the TACHS are presented as percentiles. Students will not receive a letter grade on the test, but rather a ranking among their peers. A percentile indicates where you rank.

A good TACHS score is between 70 and 99.

The best way to practice taking a test is to answer many practice test questions.

Yes, the TACHS exam is difficult.

Students should plan to bring two # 2 pencils with an eraser and an admission card and ID (usually a student ID or library ID).

The Catholic High School Entrance Exam, or TACHS (pronounced Tuck), is an entrance exam for Catholic High Schools in and around New York City.

The TACHS test will assess your knowledge of vocabulary.

Only students who will be in 9th grade the following school year are eligible.

TACHS results are delivered to the address you provided at registration. Contact the TACHS team if you haven’t received your results by the beginning of February.

The TACHS Exam is typically 200 multiple choice questions long and runs from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.