State Trooper Practice Test 2023

What is the State Trooper Exam?

The state trooper examination program is a series of written, physical, and interpersonal tests that will determine if you are qualified to serve as a state trooper in your corresponding city or community. The exam may sound daunting, but it really isn’t. The state trooper examination does not require anyone to have specialized knowledge and skills about police procedures.

The only standard requirement that you need to comply with is to have knowledge about Mathematics and standard written English. 

Demonstrating sound judgment and common sense are also tested on the state trooper examination. Nevertheless, learning the specifics of the examinations can help you prepare for them diligently.

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State Trooper Application Process

In some states, they have a unique State Trooper job description and the examination for the job requires different points of emphasis. Moreover, state trooper examinations in all 50 states contain the same basic elements. How do you become a State Trooper? Therefore, the whole state trooper application process will include the following examinations:

       1.) Written examination
       2.) Physical assessment
       3.) Psychological examination
       4.) Medical examination.

Note: Many states will also require a formal interview. A background check might also happen if you make it to the end of the application process.

State Trooper Exam Structure and Format

Unlike most examinations, the format of the state trooper test depends on the state where you are applying. Furthermore, the written examination usually uses a common content structure. For more information about this component, please refer to the table presented below:

                                                                 State Trooper Written Exam Format


Section Details

Reading Comprehension

●     This section contains 3 to 4 passages with approximately 300 words.

●     Each passage will be followed by 3 to 4 questions.

●     The questions will be in a multiple-choice format.

●     The passages on state trooper exams are related to law enforcement subjects.

Note: The questions on the exam are designed to be comprehensible to a general audience, thus, they will not contain any specialized jargon.


Written Comprehension

●     This section specifically targets your command of the English language, especially the norms of standard written English.

●     The questions presented in this section will also test your knowledge of basic punctuation.

●     The written comprehension section includes a couple of different formats.

●     One format will ask you to identify grammatical errors within sentences.

●     Another format will ask you to examine sentences and choose the answer that best fits the information presented in the sentence.

Note: The written comprehension questions will disregard issues of vocabulary or slang. The most important aspect of a state trooper’s written expression is clarity and conciseness.


Basic Mathematics

●     This section is designed to evaluate your basic math skills.

●     The questions in this section pertain to arithmetic, basic algebra, and geometry.

●     The difficulty level of the basic math section is approximately that of junior or sophomore year in high school.

●     The format and structure of the basic math questions are similar to other standardized examinations.

●     Some questions will tackle graphs, charts, geometric figures, and problem-solving.

Note: Basic math will be in a multiple-choice format with 4 or 5 choices to choose from.


Police Judgment

●     This section will ask you to demonstrate your skills when it comes to selecting an appropriate response to a given situation.

●     The most common question format in this section includes hypothetical scenarios that you need to asses in order to come up with the most effective response.

●     The hypothetical questions will contain irrelevant information that is designed to infuse confusion.

●     This section will also involve judgment exercises.

Note: The police judgment section aims to assess and evaluate an aspiring state trooper’s ability to make a quick yet logical decision.



●     This section presents questions regarding map-reading, spatial orientation, and direction-finding.

●     There are several formats that these questions may be designed.

●     One type of question will ask you to read a map and chart the best directions from point A to point B.

●     Another type of format will ask you to identify directional relationships between two different locations.

Note: The questions in this section may also involve following a set of written directions, follow and describe new locations, and follow a set of directions and determine which compass direction you are at.


●     As the name suggests, this section will consist of questions that will test your memory.

●     This section aims to evaluate your observation and recall skills.

●     The questions that are presented in this section of the state trooper examination will help assess test-takers’ ability to recollect and create sense out of their observation.

State Trooper Exam Requirements

The requirements for state troopers may vary from state to state. Moreover, some of the basic State Trooper qualifications may include the following:

  • A minimum age,
  • Specific training and physical capabilities.
  • 12-14 weeks state Police training academy program.

Note: Those who are enrolled in the police academy are taught skills in traffic control, civil rights, first aid, use of firearms, and self-defense.

NY State Trooper requirements:

• Once applications are open, you must be a US citizen and at least 20 years old by the application deadline.

• Once applications are open, applicants must be under the age of 30 at the time of application. For each year of full-     time active military duty, the maximum age may be increased by one year, up to a maximum of seven years.

• At the time of application, you must have a high school diploma or equivalency diploma.

For a quick overview of the state trooper requirements, please refer to the table presented below:

                                                                     State Trooper Requirements

Educational Requirements

The educational requirements for law enforcement vary by state. Moreover, the required education for the state trooper may range from obtaining a high school diploma to securing a degree in law enforcement.
Other Important RequirementsFinish the police academy and pass the state trooper examinations.

State Trooper Exam Prep Guide

Passing the state trooper examination requires more than just reading study guides and answering practice test questions. One of the most effective ways to maximize your chances of passing the written examination is to develop test-taking strategies that you can use when you take the exam.

To help you get started with developing some effective test-taking strategies for the state trooper examination, we’ve compiled a list of strategies that you can use or utilize as your exam strategy reference.

#1 Read Every Question and Choices Carefully

Reading and comprehending each question is one of the most effective ways to maximize your scores in the state trooper examinations. By carefully reading the questions and choices, you will be able to save time and answer the exam questions more efficiently.

#2 Search for Contextual Clues

If you’re not familiar with the terms used in one specific question, try to decipher it by understanding the whole context. By searching for contextual clues, you will be able to understand a particular term even though you don’t know what it means. Contextual clues can also let you sort out your choices and possibly arrive at a solid conclusion to answer the question correctly.

#3 Don’t Be in a Rush

It is already proven that people become more susceptible to mistakes and errors when they are panicking or in a hurry. This also applies when taking an exam. Answering questions in a fast-paced manner is not the best way to take a test. Aside from the fact that it is risky, test authors can also use this practice against you. Test authors can infuse distracting information among the choices to lead you away from the right answer.

State Trooper Questions and Answers

  • Obtain a Criminal Justice Undergraduate Degree
  • Pass a physical exam and a polygraph examination
  • Completing a State Trooper Training Program
  • State Troopers will be able to advance their careers in the future.

State troopers are law enforcement officers tasked with ensuring that drivers adhere to state traffic laws and regulations. These officers may support local law enforcement agencies by directing traffic, issuing citations, arresting criminals, assisting injured motorists engaged in accidents, and assisting injured motorists involved in accidents.

One of the most common misconceptions that people thought about state troopers is that their job is only limited to the highway patrol. To end this confusion, a state trooper’s job actually goes beyond the asphalt. How to become a State Trooper? Here are some of the duties and responsibilities of a state trooper:

  • Enforce public safety
  • Respond to civil disorders
  • Prevent riots and other disturbances
  • Communicate or present evidence to investigators
  • Prepare testimony for court appearances
  • Document evidence
  • Conduct interviews
  • Take crime scene photographs
  • Administer first aid at the scene of accidents
  • Call for emergency assistance/equipment
  • Operate emergency equipment

How to Become a State Trooper in Texas

  • Submit an online application that contains a questionnaire for a background investigation.
  • Pass the physical fitness assessment.
  • Obtain a passing score on the Trooper Trainee exam.
  • Conduct a polygraph examination.
  • Complete an oral interview with a member of the board of directors.
  • Completing a psychological assessment is a must.
  • Successfully complete a medical examination, which includes a vision test.
  • Pass the background check conducted by the Texas Department of Public Safety.
  • In Austin, go to the DPS Law Enforcement Education (LEE) training program.
  • As a probationary trooper, you must complete 12 months of field training.
  • Start your career as a Texas State Trooper.

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The process of becoming a state trooper can take a year or more. To become a state trooper, you must have at least a high school graduation or a GED. A bachelor’s or associate’s degree might help a candidate stand out from the crowd.

New Troopers must go through 10-12 weeks of field training and exhibit their knowledge, skills, and abilities to qualified Field Training Officers.

A trooper’s initial salary is $64,955.99 (including uniform allowance). The total compensation for the second year jumps to $70,790.21. A Trooper I can earn up to $123,545.54 per year. Troopers are paid in annual increments. Every two weeks, all recruits earn $1175.00. During training, room and board are also given.

While incomes as high as $85,946 and as low as $17,721 have been reported on ZipRecruiter, the majority of State Trooper salaries in Texas now vary from $38,542 (25th percentile) to $54,048 (75th percentile), with top earners (90th percentile) earning $77,085 yearly.

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No. The hat is simply part of his uniform, and some agencies do not require it to be worn during traffic stops.

According to, the median salary for a state trooper in Florida is $49,650.

Please review these guidelines if you want to learn how to become a Maryland State Trooper.

  • Self-assessment
  • Attend an Orientation for Applicants.
  • Pass the Functional Fitness Assessment Test with a minimum score.
  • Pass the Police Officer Standardized Test with flying colors.
  • Fill out the Maryland State Police application and send it in.
  • Participate in an oral interview.
  • Pass the polygraph exam with flying colors
  • Allow a background inquiry to be conducted on you.
  • Pass your physical and psychological tests.
  • Maryland State Trooper training must be completed.

Though there is no precise compensation information for this occupation, law enforcement officers typically earn $49,594 per year.

Steps on how to Become a State Trooper in New York

  • Make an application to the New York State Police.
  • Pass the admission exam during a period when it is open to the public.
  • When notified, show up for Candidate Processing Weekend.
  • Obtain a passing score on the physical ability test.
  • Completing a psychological assessment is a must.
  • Conduct a background check and a polygraph exam.
  • A medical examination must be passed.
  • You’ll be put on a waiting list.
  • At the New York State Police Academy, complete Basic School for New York State Troopers.
  • Complete the Field Training and Evaluation Program, which lasts ten weeks (FTEP).
  • Work as a probationary trooper for a year.
  • Start your career as a fully licensed New York State Trooper.

Governor Kathy Hochul announced that applications for the next New York State Police Trooper Entrance Exam are now open. For the first time in State Police history, the exam will be conducted online at authorized testing sites from January to April 2022, as part of an effort to make the exam more accessible to the general public.

As a state trooper, you will be able to protect residents of your state while also catching criminals. Many states mandate that troopers monitor highways and other important thoroughfares for speeders and other lawbreakers.

The average annual compensation for a State Trooper in North Carolina is $46,970 as of November 26, 2021. If you need a quick salary calculator, that works out to about $22.58 per hour.

To become a Colorado state trooper, you must take the following steps. The entire application to employment process should take approximately seven months. The five steps are as follows:

  • Fill out the application and meet the basic requirements.
  • Initial testing is required.
  • Submit to a background check and a polygraph test
  • Medical and physical examinations
  • Attend a CSP training session.

Each course lasts for 16 weeks

Steps to Become a State Trooper for Georgia

  • To apply, go to the Georgia Department of Public Safety’s website (DSP).
  • Obtain a passing grade on the physical fitness test.
  • Conduct a polygraph examination.
  • The background inquiry will be successful.
  • Completing the written entrance exam is required.
  • Take a psychological test.
  • Attend a panel discussion.
  • Complete medical and drug testing is required.
  • The Georgia Public Safety Training Center offers Trooper School (patrol training).
  • Begin your career as a trooper for the Georgia State Patrol.

In seven easy steps, how to become an Indiana state trooper:

  • Fill out an application and meet the eligibility requirements.
  • Examinable documents
  • Test of Physical Capability
  • Interview with the author
  • Polygraph
  • Investigation of the Past
  • Recruit Academy is an event that you should attend.

Following these steps will help you learn how to become a Virginia State Trooper: To become a Virginia State Trooper, you must meet the basic criteria.

  • Fill out an application.
  • Workplace performance testing and a written exam are required.
  • Perform a polygraph test and a background investigation.
  • Undergo a comprehensive medical examination, psychiatric evaluation, and drug test.
  • Become a member of the Virginia State Police Academy.

Being a state trooper, like any other job in law enforcement, can be dangerous at times. You may come across armed criminals, belligerent persons, and vehicular perils. During your time in the state trooper academy, you will be taught how to deal with these circumstances.

According to the law, state troopers have the power and authority to arrest individuals who violated state and federal law. If a cop breaks the law, state troopers have full authority to do an arrest, considering that the arrest is validated by a high-ranking official.

Yes. The fact that a police officer is a cop does not free him from traffic restrictions. Any officer can pull over and issue a citation to another.

The NYSP Entrance Examination is a two-hour test that measures cognitive abilities, as well as behavioral qualities and attitudes, through 150 multiple-choice questions. The State Police provides a complete study guide for the exam.

A trooper’s base salary is currently $62,900 per year, however this can be increased through certifications, degrees, overtime, and other benefits.

A trooper’s starting salary is currently $62,736.93. (including uniform allowance). The total remuneration for the second year jumps to $70,515.96. A Trooper I can earn up to $111,037.11 per year. Troopers are paid in annual increments.

It takes a long time and a lot of effort to become a Louisiana State Trooper. Only a small percentage of those who apply are eventually admitted after completing a written exam, an oral interview, and a thorough background check. All new Troopers must first complete the Louisiana State Police Academy.

The following steps will teach you how to become a Washington State Trooper:

  • Comply with all basic job criteria
  • Fill out an application.
  • The Oral Board will conduct an interview with you.
  • Pre-employment polygraph and background investigation must be completed.
  • Completing the medical exam, psychological test, and psychological interview is required.
  • The Washington State Police Training Academy is a great place to start.

When applying for Mississippi State Trooper positions, the first step is to fill out an application. After reviewing your application, the agency will contact you to begin the process of becoming a Mississippi State Trooper.

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The training course lasts 31 weeks, including 18 weeks at the academy, 12 weeks in the field, and a last training week at the school before graduation.

Massachusetts’ current state troopers earn an average of $81,000 a year.

The average annual compensation for a State Trooper in Michigan is $51,701 as of January 6, 2022.

Massachusetts’ current state troopers earn an average of $81,000 a year.

Study the steps below to understand how to become a Kentucky State Trooper:

  • Examine your credentials.
  • Fill out an application and send it to the Kentucky State Police.
  • Written, physical agility, and oral tests must all be passed.
  • Submit to a background check as well as a polygraph test.
  • Pass your physical and psychological tests.
  • To become a Kentucky State Trooper, you must complete the Kentucky State Trooper Training curriculum.

State troopers, unlike cops who work for the city or sheriffs who work for the county, work for the state. They work as highway patrol officers or as part of state police forces.

A state trooper is a law enforcement officer who works for the state. State troopers enforce laws on state and federal highways, and they occasionally aid local law enforcement agencies. Before being hired, these professionals, often known as highway patrol officers, must complete certain standards.

The troopers usually show up on your trial day, not your initial court date, which is usually a plea date.

People are sometimes arrested by state troopers. The state trooper’s job is to take the criminal to the nearest police station following an arrest.

Candidates with evident visible tattoos on their head, elbow, forearm, wrist, hand, or fingers will not be allowed to participate in Trooper Candidate Processing, with the exception of a single band tattoo on one finger that is no more than 3/8 inch wide.

In Syria, the US has around 900 troops.

Troopers begin their careers with a pay of $49,296.00 per year, increasing to $66,040 as they advance in seniority. For time spent outside of a designated shift, overtime is paid at one and a half times the basic hourly rate.

The average annual compensation for a State Trooper in Ohio is $48,957 as of January 6, 2022.

While incomes as high as $89,407 and as low as $18,434 have been reported on ZipRecruiter, the majority of State Trooper salaries in Oklahoma presently vary from $40,094 (25th percentile) to $56,225 (75th percentile), with top earners (90th percentile) earning $80,189 yearly.