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Structured Query Language
SQL Practice Test

SQL (Structured Query Language) is a standardized programming language for managing relational databases and performing operations on the data contained within them. SQL, which was first developed in the 1970s, is now widely used by database administrators, developers writing data integration scripts, and data analysts setting up and running analytical queries.

Modifying database table and index structures, as well as adding, updating, and removing rows of data, and obtaining subsets of information from within a database for transaction processing and analytics applications, are all possible with SQL. 

Queries and other SQL actions are expressed as statements, which are commonly utilized. Select, add, insert, update, delete, create, change, and truncate are all SQL statements.

In 1986, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved SQL as a standard, and in 1987, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) approved it. The standard has since been updated to incorporate a broader range of functions. Despite the availability of standards, most SQL code must be modified in some way before it can be ported to multiple database systems.

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SQL Certification

SQL Certification Importance

SQL certification will provide you an advantage over competitors with similar abilities and experience. Of course, experience and technical knowledge are crucial, but when candidates with identical profiles must be screened, credentials become the determining factor. There are many certificates, and you should pursue them one by one depending on the position you are going for and your prior experience. Certifications can also assist you in obtaining better projects and jobs within your organization. Certifications help your new team understand your specialty and essential talents if you’ve changed teams within the same organization.

Certifications will help you advance up the corporate ladder and into higher-paying jobs more quickly than your peers. Take a look at the following average salaries in the United States:

  • SQL developer: $85,000
  • SQL database administrator: $95,000
  • Senior SQL database administrator: $108,000

SQL Certification Cost

Microsoft certification exams are known for being difficult, with questions that would stump even the most experienced SQL developers and database professionals. You must complete a prerequisite course and pass the certification exam to receive a SQL Server certification. The cost of SQL certification training ranges from $1,785 to $2,975, with the exam costing roughly $165.

Most Valuable SQL Certifications (SQL Classes) :

  1. Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals
  2. Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate Certification
  3. IBM Certified Database Associate
  4. Oracle Certified Professional, MySQL 5.7 Database Administrator Certification
  5. EDB PostgreSQL 12 Associate Certification

SQL Career

SQL has a variety of functions to play in a data-centric organization, thus SQL specialists who can think analytically and apply it to SQL are in high demand in today’s software industry. SQL is an excellent career choice for people who enjoy working with data and solving problems.

Job positions:

  • Database Administrator (DBA)
  • Database Developer
  • Data base testers
  • Data Scientist
  • ETL Developer
  • Data Application Interface Developer
  • BI Application Developer
  • BI Administration
  • Big Data Expert
  • Cloud Database Expert
  • Database Migration Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • BI Reporting Engineer
  • BI Solution Architect (SME)
  • Big Data Architect

SQL Questions

What is SQL sentry plan explorer?

Plan Explorer is a free,.NET-based application for analyzing execution plans that extends and complements the features of SSMS. There are a number of high-value features available: Color, pricing, and layout options for plan diagrams are all useful.

What are the SQL query performance tuning tips?

  1. First, define the business needs.
  2. Instead of using SELECT *, use SELECT fields.
  3. Instead of using SELECT *, use SELECT fields.
  4. Use INNER JOIN instead of WHERE to create joins.
  5. Define filters with WHERE instead of HAVING.
  6. Only use wildcards at the end of a phrase.
  7. Only use wildcards at the end of a phrase.
  8. Execute your query during off-peak hours.

What is the use of to_char SQL server?

TO CHAR (datetime) converts a datetime or interval value of the DATE, TIMESTAMP, TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE, or TIMESTAMP WITH LOCAL TIME ZONE datatypes to a VARCHAR2 value in the format given by the date format fmt datatype.

What are the SQL server monitoring best practices?

  1. Keep an eye on resource usage and availability. Checking whether all databases are online at regular times is the first step in proactive monitoring.
  2. Calculate and compare throughput.
  3. Keep an eye on Expensive Queries.
  4. Keep track of database modifications.
  5. Keep track of the logs.

What is SQL server performance test?

Stress testing, also known as load testing, entails executing a large number of statements/transactions on a SQL Server database from several connections or threads. The goal is to figure out how well the database server handles a high-stress or high-load situation.

What is CoderPad SQL used for?

For MySQL and PostgreSQL, CoderPad allows you to create custom database environments. Mysqldump for MySQL and pg dump for PostgreSQL are the quickest ways to retrieve the raw SQL from an existing database and submit it to CoderPad. You can submit raw SQL files up to 5 MB in size.

How to become Oracle SQL expert?

The key certifications required to obtain an Oracle database certification are listed below.

• Associate Certification

       Step 1: Take one of the following three courses

              – Oracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals 1Z0-061

              – Oracle Database SQL Expert 1Z0-047

              – Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I 1Z0-051

       Step 2: Oracle Database 11g: Administration I 1Z0-052

• Professional Certification

       Step 1: Obtain an Oracle Certified Associate certification.
       Step 2: Take the Test
       Step 3: Submitting a Course That Has Already Been Completed
       Step 4: Oracle Database 11g: Administration II 1Z0-053
       Step 5: Complete a course completion form and submit it.

• Master Certification

       Step 1: Obtain an OCP certification.
       Step 2: Take two more advanced courses.
       Step 3: Submit a Course that Has Been Completed
       Step 4: Oracle Database 11g: Certified Master Exam 11GOCM
       Step 5: Fill out a course submission form
       Step 6: Submit a Request for a Fulfillment Kit

What are the top SQL performance tuning books?

       • SQL Server Query Performance Tuning
       • SQL Server Execution plans
       • SQL Server Performance Tuning Using Wait Statistics: A Beginner’s Guide
       • Performance Tuning with SQL Server Dynamic Management Views
       • SQL Server 2012 Relational Database Design and Implementation

Is it true that using the where clause speeds up the query?

Yes, SQL where performance generally increase. Returning data and filtering in the application is generally more expensive. Using indexes and partitions, the database can optimize the query.

How much is the SQL coding bootcamp?

According to Career Karma’s 2020 Bootcamp Market Study, more than a third of bootcamps charge between $10,000 and $15,000 for tuition. Only 8.7% request more than $20,000, while nearly 10% request less than $5,000.

Is google cloud SQL free?

Most cloud providers, such as Amazon and Google, provide restricted free SQL engines for open database management systems like MySQL and PostgreSQL. You can use Amazon SimpleDB with a free tier for 12 months or Amazon RDS with a free tier for 12 months. Google Cloud SQL is also available for MySQL and PostgreSQL.

What does SQL data format used?

SQL Server recognizes two types of format files: non-XML and XML. The non-XML format is the original SQL Server format that was supported in previous versions. XML and non-XML format files are generally interchangeable.

Why SQL server data science is used?

In order to work with structured data, a Data Scientist need SQL. Relational databases are used to store this organized data. SQL is also necessary for data manipulation and preparation. As a result, SQL will be used while working with various Big Data tools.

Is MS SQL server free for commercial use?

Microsoft SQL Server Express is a free-to-download, share, and use version of Microsoft’s SQL Server relational database management system.

What is SQL vulnerability assessment?

SQL vulnerability assessment (VA) is a service that gives you visibility into your database’s security posture and gives you concrete measures to fix security concerns and improve database security. It can assist you in the following ways: Monitor a dynamic database environment with difficult-to-follow changes.

Where is SQL server configuration manager located?

SQL Server Configuration Manager is a snap-in for the Microsoft Management Console. The SQL Configuration Manager location may be found under the C:\Windows\SysWow64 directory.

How to do SQL performance test?

Begin by selecting “Database Engine Query” from the toolbar in SQL Server Management Studio. After that, go to the Query menu and select “Include Actual Execution Plan.” It’s finally time to execute your query. You can accomplish this by pressing F5 or clicking the “Execute” toolbar button.

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