ServSafe Certifications

Among the many food safety certifications online, being ServSafe certified is one of your greatest achievements and key to career success and advancement. ServSafe certification means you have passed a test covering food safety administered by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. It is a nationally accredited food safety program accepted by health departments nationwide.

Being ServSafe certified not only brings you more job opportunities but also verifies your knowledge and expertise in safety practices in handling, preparing, and serving food. Moreover, gaining ServSafe certification can create an opportunity for advancement in the foodservice industry.

For you to obtain your food safety ServSafe certification, you have to pass the ServSafe Manager Certification Test with a score of 75% or higher. The exam consists of 80 to 90 questions, which means you need to answer 60 questions correctly. Moreover, if you want your ServSafe Certification to be acknowledged by the state or local health department, you need to suffice your local regulatory requirements.

Requirements may include finishing both food safety training and the ServSafe Certification Test. You can check to discover more concerning online training and exam options. You can also use ServSafe’s official website to look for a class and exam location.

🍲 ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification

The ServSafe Manager Certification validates that a manager or person-in-charge has adequate knowledge of food safety to protect people from foodborne diseases.

To become an accredited Food Protection Manager, you need to pass the Food Protection Manager Certification test with a score not less than 60 to be able to beat the 75% passing rate. The exam has 90 questions, including 10 pilot questions that are for research purposes only.

📜 ServSafe Food Handler Certification

The ServSafe Food Handler Certificate validates fundamental food safety knowledge of individuals in food handling positions. It covers food safety concerns, regulations, and procedures to maintain a food-safe environment.

The Food Handler certification online is the most basic course, which takes approximately 60 to 90 minutes. To be certified, you need to score not less than 75% out of the 40-question test, which means you are only allowed 10 mistakes.

🍷 ServSafe Alcohol Certification

The ServSafe Alcohol course prepares hosts, bussers, bartenders, valets, servers, bouncers, and all front-of-house staff to efficiently and carefully handle stressful situations in your operation. Alcohol service entails many risks that could lead to fines, imprisonment, increased insurance costs, losing your liquor license or business.

Students can choose from two exam options when enrolling for a course — ServSafe Alcohol Primary Exam, which examines basic understanding, and ServSafe Alcohol Advanced Proctored Exam, which tests knowledge in key concepts. It will teach you to do the following effectively:

  • Understand liquor laws and obligations
  • Assess intoxication levels
  • Check identification
  • Deal difficult situations

🤧 ServSafe Allergen Certification

Food allergies are rapidly affecting a lot of people every year. Foods such as milk, peanut, egg, tree nuts, soy, shellfish, wheat, and fish are the leading cause of most allergic reactions. Studies reveal that almost half of all deadly food allergic reactions occur outside the house.

The ServSafe Allergens Online Course is a complete resolution that gives consistent food allergen training and education to employees. It drives home the critical lessons you need to understand before an emergency happens. The ServSafe Allergens Online Course takes approximately 90 minutes and covers many topics such as distinguishing allergens, communicating with the guest, preventing cross-contact, and food labels.

💵 How much is ServSafe Certification?

To become ServSafe certified, you need to take ServSafe certification test online and courses or choose to find a class and exam location. ServSafe certification cost and fees are listed:

  • ServSafe Manager – $125.00 (with an added $36.00 for the examination voucher)
  • ServSafe Food Handler – $15.00
  • ServSafe Alcohol – $30.00
  • ServSafe Allergens – $22.00

Retaking the test will require additional fees that seem to be less than the original value, such as an $18.00 retest fee for the ServSafe Alcohol course. For more details and cost updates, you can visit

💭 ServSafe Questions

What is a safe serve certification?

ServSafe is an accredited food and beverage safety training and certification program by ANSI and the Conference for Food Protection and administered by the National Restaurant Association.

What is a food handler’s card?

A food handler’s card is a proof of certification required of all food handlers in particular states within the United States. A food handler is described as somebody who operates in a food facility, performing duties that include preparation, storage, and service of food. Newly employed individuals are usually given 30 days to obtain their food handlers card.

How long does ServSafe certification last?

The National Restaurant Association acknowledges the ServSafe certification as valid for up to 5 years. However, some state and local authorities and company policies will only acknowledge the certification as valid for only three years.

How do I get a copy of my ServSafe certification?

Once you have passed the ServSafe Manager Certification Exam, you may find, download, and print your ServSafe certification copy by visiting the ServSafe certification lookup.

How to get a food safety certification? (ServSafe)

In order to become ServSafe Food Safety certified, you need to pass the ServSafe Manager Certification Exam with a score of 75% or higher. Furthermore, if you want your ServSafe Certification to be recognized by the state or local health department, you need to meet your local regulatory requirements.

Regulatory requirements may involve completing both ServSafe Certification Exam and food safety training. You can check to find out about the Safe Serve certification online training and exam options. You can also use the official website to find a class and exam location.

What does it mean to be food safety certified? (ServSafe)

ServSafe certification signifies that you have successfully passed a test covering food safety directed by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. Obtaining ServSafe certification can build opportunities for progression in the foodservice industry.

How does one become ServSafe certified?

As mentioned earlier, getting an overall score percentage of 75% or higher can grant one a ServSafe certification. On the other hand, practice and preparation also play a huge role when it comes to passing the ServSafe exam. Attending ServSafe classes and utilizing ServSafe manager practice test materials are some of the best ways to accomplish the test successfully. In this article, we will help you start your journey towards achieving a ServSafe certification in the most effective way.

How long is the California ServSafe certification course?

The California food service certification course will last about two hours. Assessment Length: A non-proctored, 40-question test with no time limit.

What is the ServSafe certification length?

The ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification is recognized by the National Restaurant Association for a five-year period. For a three-year term, ServSafe Alcohol, ServSafe Allergens, and ServSafe Food Handler Certificates are required. State and employer requirements, on the other hand, can differ.

How long is premier food safety food handlers certificate?

Premier food safety test online training is generally recognized by a variety of clients, including regulatory bodies and educational institutions, and it meets the training needs of most counties and states across the country. The course will last between 4 and 8 hours.

What are the requirements for ServSafe certification renewal?

You must retake the examination for the certificate you want to renew before your existing certificate expires in order to renew your ServSafe certificate. Due to the fact that restrictions vary by state, you should check the requirements ahead of time and/or contact your local health authority.

What is Level 2 food safety certificate?

Anyone who works in a catering, manufacturing, or retail situation where food is prepared, cooked, or handled must complete Level 2 Food Safety training. This course teaches students on the importance of food safety as well as safe techniques and procedures.

How to get your ServSafe certificate online?

You may wonder “Can I get ServSafe certified online?”, “How to get ServSafe certified online?”, “How to find Safe Serve course online?” or “How to get food manager certification online?” Students should go to and click Download My Certificates to acquire their certificates or request that one be sent to them. They’ll have the choice to download their certificates or request that one be shipped to them for a $10 cost via USPS.