Practice Test Geeks $2,500 Scholarship 2023
We at Practice Test Geeks believe it’s a important thing to aid the development of creative those who will end up the professionals in the business or similar field. An active role in support is our main concern as we want to increase the community of specialists in the business and marketing field.

We’re working as the affiliate marketing partners with a of the world biggest companies and that we know the value of impressive and creative people in this field.

Our perspective is straightforward – we’re offering the financial assistance to the people we expect will be the right fit as professionals in the field for years to come.

Retain reading if you’re passionate about Business, Management, Marketing and advertising, Economics or similar areas and want to find out about the details, deadlines and more.

scholarship practice test

Full-time student chasing a diploma in Enterprise, Management, Marketing, Economics or related fields.
A student can apply only once.

Scholarship Requirements
Fill the details the end of the page with Brief essay & email scholarship [at]
Provide verification that proves you’re currently chasing a qualification in Enterprise, Management, Marketing, Economics or any similar field.

Entry Requirements
Submit a quick essay that won’t go beyond 1000 words telling us all what your reasons running after the career in business or a related field are. Please don’t write it to formal as we’re looking for creative individuals and we’re anticipating to hear your encounters and reasons for choosing the path in business.

Judged On:
– Creativity.
– Vision for the future.
– Field where you chasing a degree.

Scholarship Plan

Total award: $2,500 (one-time scholarship grant for only one student)

Form of award: Mailed in the form of check to your address.

Winner Announcement: Personal email and scholarship page on our webpage.

Deadline: December 29th, 2023

The winner will be declared on December 30th, 2023.

DISCLAIMER: Practice Test Geeks does not retain, forward or reveal the personal information with third parties.
Any information acquired through the form available on this page can be used only for the purpose of selecting and deciding a winner of a scholarship.

Please email scholarship [at] with the following information:

– First and Last Name
– E-mail address
– University / College Name
– Your Field of Study
– A Brief Essay (Up to 1300 Words)

Tell us the reason you believe you’re the right fit for our scholarship. Don’t write with a formal tone, but be as creative as you can be. The essay can go up to 1300 words.