Salesforce certification administrator sample questions

Salesforce Certification Practice Test

Salesforce is a cloud computing company that is considered as the number one customer relationship management (CRM) solution. With their help, companies and customers alike are brought together in one CRM platform.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

The Sales Cloud is a platform that is designed to make the sales process easier. It is great for business-to-business and business-to-customer relations. It usually consists of the following: Salesforce Service Cloud, Marketing Leads, Accounts and Contacts, Email and Productivity, Analytics and Forecasting, among others.

Salesforce CRM Work

According to the Salesforce Handbook, Salesforce CRM is a set of applications and business processes that will help companies manage customer relations such as information, conversations, and activities in one centralized location.

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Salesforce Certification

Salesforce certification is a qualification test for professionals who make use of the Salesforce application in their companies or organizations.

Nowadays, Salesforce is often used by many many industries. That’s why there are various professionals who want to get their Salesforce certifications.

Types of Salesforce Certifications

Salesforce CertificationsPositions

● Administrator

● Advanced Administrator

App Builders● Platform App Builder

● Application Architect

● Data Architecture and Management Designer

● Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer

● Identity and Access Management Designer

● Integration Architecture Designer

● Mobile Solutions Architecture Designer

● Sharing and Visibility Designer

● System Architect

● Technical Architect


● Community Cloud Consultant

● Field Service Lightning Consultant

● Marketing Cloud Consultant

● Pardot Consultant

● Sales Cloud Consultant

● Service Cloud Consultant


● Commerce Cloud Digital Developer

● Platform Developer I

● Platform Developer II


● CPQ Specialist

● Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

● Marketing Cloud Social Specialist

● Pardot Specialist


Get started as a Salesforce (CRM) Administrator

To be an administrator, you can either get two of the certifications in the Salesforce Administrator program/ Graduate Program Salesforce: Salesforce Administrator certification and Salesforce Advanced Administrator certification.

Salesforce Admin certification

                                                     Salesforce Certified Administrator
DescriptionCandidates must have knowledge regarding customization of Salesforce. They must also know how to manage users and configure the platform. They must be able to do various administrative functions and must know how to respond to business requirements.
Number of Questions60 questions (multiple-choice type)
Time Allowed105 minutes
Passing Score65%
                                                            Salesforce Certification Cost
Registration Fee$200 plus tax
Retake Fee$100 plus tax

The exam also determines whether the candidates have the skills to apply the following:

Organizational Setup3%
User Setup7%
Security and Access13%
Standard and Custom Objects14%
Sales and Marketing Applications14%
Service and Support Applications13%
Activity Management and Collaboration3%
Data Management10%
Analytics—Reports and Dashboards10%
Workflow/Process Automation8%
Desktop and Mobile Administration3%

Salesforce Advanced Administrator Certification

                                             Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator

Candidates must have significant experience when it comes to being a Salesforce Administrator. They must have hands-on-experience and have passed the Administration Essentials for Experienced Admins (ADM 211) and other equivalent experience.

They should also be able to do some of  the following:

●Evaluate, maintain, and cleanse data quality with the help of Salesforce functionality.

● Salesforce CRM configuration and set-up

●Utilize complex charting, joined reports, reporting snapshots, etc. to make reports for difficult business requirements.

●Enhance dashboards by making use of dashboard filters and dynamic dashboards, among others.

Number of Questions60 questions (multiple-choice type)
Time Allowed105 minutes
Passing Score65%
                                                               Salesforce Certification Cost
Registration Fee$200 plus tax
Retake Fee$100 plus tax

The exam also determines whether the candidates have the skills to apply the following:

Security and Access20%
Extending Custom Objects and Applications8%
Auditing and Monitoring 6%
Sales Cloud Applications10%
Service Cloud Applications10%
Data Management10%
Content Management3%
Change Management10%
Analytics, Reports, and Dashboards10%
Process Automation13%

App Builders

Get started as a Salesforce Platform App Builder

To be Salesforce appbuilder, candidates must have experience when it comes to custom applications design, implementation, and building. They must use the Salesforce Platform’s customization capabilities.

Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification

                                                               Salesforce Platform App Builder
DescriptionCandidates should be able to show their custom application skills. They must create or manage application security, process automation, data models, etc. They must also have at least 6 months to 1 year of experience in making applications on the Lightning Platform or other similar platforms.
Number of Questions60 questions (multiple-choice type)
Time Allowed105 minutes
Passing Score63%
                                                                 Salesforce Certification Cost
Registration Fee$200 plus tax
Retake Fee$100 plus tax

The exam also determines whether the candidates have the skills to apply the following:

Salesforce Fundamentals 8%
Data Modeling and Management20%
Business Logic and Process Automation27%
User Interface14%
Reporting 5%
Mobile 5%
App Development8%


Role of Salesforce Developer

To be a developer, you must obtain a Salesforce Developer Certification. Candidates must be able to code, test, or design Salesforce software applications. You must also have technical proficiency and software development expertise.

There are also 3 different types of certifications for developers: Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Developer, Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I, and Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II.

Salesforce B2C Commerce Developer Certification

                                                     Salesforce B2C Commerce Developer
DescriptionCandidates must have experience as developers for Salesforce B2C Commerce Digital. They must also have the necessary knowledge for creating and troubleshooting JavaScript controllers, for using Digital Script API packages, and knowing how to use the elements of a B2C Commerce Digital site, and more.
Number of Questions60 questions (multiple-choice type)
Time Allowed105 minutes
Passing Score70%
Salesforce Certification Cost
Registration Fee$200 plus tax
Retake Fee$100 plus tax

The exam also determines whether the candidates have the skills to apply the following:

Environment Setup9%
Digital Architecture 14%
Data Management/Business Manager Usage21%
Application Development56%

Salesforce Platform Developer I Certification

                                                            Salesforce Platform Developer I
DescriptionCandidates must have the knowledge and experience to deploy and develop basic business logic. They must have at least 1 to 2 years of experience as a developer. They must also have experience on the Lightning Platform for at least 6 months.
Number of Questions60 questions (multiple-choice type)
Time Allowed110 minutes
Passing Score65%
                                                               Salesforce Certification Cost
Registration Fee$200 plus tax
Retake Fee$100 plus tax

The exam also determines whether the candidates have the skills to apply the following:

Salesforce Fundamentals10%
Data Modeling and Management12%
Logic and Process Automation46%
User Interface10%
Debug and Deployment Tools10%

Salesforce Platform Developer II Certification

                                                            Salesforce Platform Developer II
DescriptionCandidates must know how to show their skills in advanced programmatic capabilities and data modeling. They must also have at least 2 to 4 years of experience as a developer and at least 1 year of experience on the Lightning Platform.
Number of Questions60 questions (multiple-choice type)
Time Allowed120 minutes
Passing Score70%
                                                                 Salesforce Certification Cost
Registration Fee$200 plus tax
Retake Fee$100 plus tax

The exam also determines whether the candidates have the skills to apply the following:

Salesforce Fundamentals 8%
Data Modeling and Management5%
Logic and Process Automation20%
User Interface20%
Debug and Deployment Tools5%

Salesforce Octane Score

When using Lightning Experience, Salesforce has specifically suggested Octane scores. The minimum criteria is an Octane score Salesforce of 20,000 or above, with a score of 30,000 or higher being preferred.

Benefits of Salesforce Certification

1.) You’ll know more about the Salesforce Platform. If you want to work in this field, having a Salesforce Certification will help you improve your sales and marketing strategies. You’ll know the ins and outs of the Salesforce system.

2.) When getting the certification, you’ll attend training courses that will give you the experience that you need. As a candidate, you will have at least 12 hours of training for live projects and at least 20 hours in lab practice.

3.) The Salesforce software is always up to date. As a cloud technology, it regularly releases updates in the application automatically. Also, the website at releases updates throughout the year.

4.) You’ll handle customers and plan business processes more effectively. By being certified, you’ll know how to navigate the system in your favor.

5.) It will give you more credibility. A lot of companies require the certification, and by having it, it will open many opportunities for you. Having the certificate will show them that you possess the required efficiency and expertise when it comes to such responsibilities.

6.) By getting the certificate, you’ll be able to help out your company. Some companies implement Salesforce, but because they do not know how to utilize it, they face a lot of problems. That’s why, as an employee, you can help by getting the Salesforce certification. With it in hand, you’ll be a valuable asset.

      Those mentioned are just some of the things that will be beneficial to you. Obtaining your certificate might be your ticket to getting your ideal job. Thus, it is always good if you prepare thoroughly for the exams you’ll have to take. We at Practice Test Geeks offer a number of practice tests that can help you pass the exams.

Salesforce Salary

Customer Success Manager

The typical yearly compensation for a Salesforce Customer Success Manager salary is $61,250, which comprises a base salary of $57,000 and a bonus of $4,250.

Business Development Associate

The average income for a Business Development Representative Salesforce is $58,947. The salary range for a Salesforce Business Development Representative at Salesforce is $55,993 to $63,957. This estimate is based on 17 Salesforce Business Development Associate salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based on statistical methods. A Business Development Associate at Salesforce can expect to receive an average total Salesforce pay of $58,947 after bonuses and other perks.

Salesforce Recruiter

The average annual Salesforce recruiter salary is $95,000. Salesforce recruiter salaries can range from $44,388 to $165,702 per year.

Salesforce Sales

The average Salesforce Sales salary is $66,237. Salesforce Sales Representative salaries range from $32,128 to $210,629 per year. This estimate is based on 55 salary reports submitted by Salesforce Sales Representative employees or approximated using statistical methods. A Sales Representative at Salesforce can expect to earn an average total pay of $79,806 after bonuses and other perks.

Salesforce Manager

Salesforce Manager SalaryAnnual SalaryMonthly Pay
Top Earners$150,000$12,500
75th Percentile$145,500$12,125
25th Percentile$119,500$9,958

Account Executive

The average annual income for a Salesforce Account Executive salary is $79,928. The overall compensation for an Account Executive in the United States is $34,669 less than the national average. Salesforce Account Executive salaries can range from $76,667 to $83,188 per year.

High Velocity Sales Implementation Guide

In four high-level phases, set up High Velocity Sales.

  1. Configure Einstein Activity
  2. Capture and enable High Velocity Sales.
  3. Assign the appropriate permission sets.
  4. Set up features that are Educate sales managers and reps, and encourage them to complete the High Velocity Sale setup.

Salesforce Questions

How to get certified in Salesforce?

1. You should create an account and log in to Salesforce to register for the exam.
2. Before you take it, you have to complete the required training courses.
3. After that, you need to pay the appropriate fees and take your preferred certification exam.
4. You can then check your verification for the Salesforce certification through your account.

What is the prerequisite to learn Salesforce?

There are no prerequisites. It does not require a lot of programming knowledge because has many applications that will help with customer and business activities. It also offers Salesforce Apex and the platform The former is used for business logic while the latter is for features such as Workflows, Permission sets, etc. Thus, if you have a general knowledge of HTML, Core Java, and other programming languages, then you can quickly learn Salesforce.

Is it easy to learn Salesforce?

If you studied it enough, then yes it is. Getting the certificates would require hard work on your part, especially if you are still a beginner. You can take the training courses that are provided by Salesforce, or you can take Salesforce free practice tests online. They can give you the preparation that you need to be certified.

Who has the best training material for Salesforce CRM?

You can find a lot of material on their website. They offer study guides and training courses for those who want to be part of their growing community. You can also visit Practice Test Geeks. We provide a lot of practice tests for those who want to get acquainted with major exams.

Why do companies use Salesforce?

A lot of companies uses Salesforce because of how it can easily help them with handling their business activities. It is an effective sales tool that has thousands of customers and millions of subscribers. This is all due to how it can easily process information and close more business deals.

What is Kryterion Webassessor Salesforce?

Kryterion, Inc., the Salesforce certification exam vendor, offers Webassessor, a secure Salesforce online testing program. Webassessor is used to register for all proctored certification exams. Create a test taker account in Webassessor if you need to register for a Salesforce certification exam. Each person’s profile information, exam registration, and exam results will be saved in Webassessor.

Best book for Salesforce Marketing?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Dummies walks you through Salesforce’s powerful array of cloud-based digital marketing solutions, which may help you plan, personalize, and optimize your customers’ experience. Salesforce Marketing Cloud customers will find critical information on using the suite of products, as well as Salesforce tips and techniques that only an insider would be able to provide, in this book written by a leader of the Salesforce training and development team.

What is the case auto response rules Salesforce?

Auto response rules in Salesforce allow you to send email responses to lead or case submissions based on the attributes of the record. For example, you can send an automated response to consumers to inform them that their inquiry has been received by someone at your organization.

What is Salesforce Health Cloud Trial?

The free 30-day Salesforce Health Cloud free trial allows pharmaceutical and medical device businesses a hands-on look at how to use the upgraded program management tools to encourage increased adherence and improve patient outcomes.

How to use Salesforce for customer success?

Customer Success can customize Salesforce to their specific needs. You can create new user records, customize page layouts, add custom fields, and even construct unique custom objects (such as “buyer” or “department” in large business accounts).

What is the Salesforce relative dates?

You can use a “relative” date instead of a precise date like 4/1/2019, such as “TODAY,” “NEXT WEEK,” “LAST QUARTER,” and so on. You can see how handy these are in reports right away because you can just plug in a relative date filter and your report will always be up to date. In relative date filter operators, capitalization is irrelevant.

What is Salesforce Pricebook?

A pricebook is a list of products and the prices that go with them. A pricebook entry is a record of each product and its price. Salesforce will make it simple to have numerous pricing for a product by providing standard and custom price books.

What is a Salesforce Certified Partners?

A Salesforce consulting partner is a business that has been approved by Salesforce to create and provide custom solutions, as well as project implementations and integrations. They demonstrate their knowledge by maintaining current Salesforce certifications and displaying portfolios of successful projects.

How to get a job with Salesforce?

The first thing you have to do is to apply for a job. The position you’ll apply for must match the skills that you already have. Those who give a clear indication of their experience and match it with the job Salesforce requirements will likely pass. That’s why candidates must have resumes that are short and straight to the point. They must indicate that they have the necessary skills and experience for the job.

The second thing is to attend the Salesforce interview process. There are many people who apply so the competition can be tough. As a candidate, you must make a good impression on the panel interview salesforce. You would be asked about the projects you have participated in, its scale, collaborations and such. Moreover, you will always be asked the question, “Why do you want to work for Salesforce?”

Lastly, when you get the offer, you must stay in touch with your recruiter who will guide you through the process. With your acceptance, you will be given a contract to sign electronically via DocuSign. After signing, you will be officially hired.