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The RMGA (Rocky Mountain Gas Association) Test offers help for those working with natural gas in the Rocky Mountain area. It covers many areas like gas piping, safety, and following the rules. All gas technicians in the region must pass this certification. The test is taken at colleges in Utah and Wyoming. It’s a 100-question multiple-choice test you can use notes for. But, you can’t bring other books or online materials.

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Key Takeaways

  • The RMGA Test covers a range of topics, including gas piping, combustion air and venting, retrofitting, and regulatory compliance.
  • Passing the RMGA certification exam is mandatory for all technicians who work on gas appliances in the Rocky Mountain region.
  • The test is a multiple-choice, 100-question, open-book exam that can be taken at various technical colleges in Utah and Wyoming.
  • Examinees are provided with a highlighted study guide containing all the necessary information to pass the exam.
  • No outside materials are permitted during the test.

Preparing for the RMGA Certification Exam

For gas technicians, passing the RMGA (Rocky Mountain Gas Association) certification exam is vital. The RMGA provides a RMGA Pre-Test for Gas Technicians. It has 50 questions, focusing on difficult topics like gas piping and retrofitting.

RMGA Pre-Test for Gas Technicians

Technicians should see the pre-test as a warm-up. They have two hours to finish it and then check their answers. This process helps them know if they’re ready for the real test and spots study areas.

Understanding the Exam Format

The RMGA exam is 100 questions, all multiple-choice. It’s open-book, so technicians can use materials from RMGA. This lets them find info they need to pass.

Recommended Study Materials

RMGA’s study guide is a valuable resource. It includes important topics for the exam, like gas piping and appliance installation. It’s smart for technicians to study it well.

Using the pre-test, knowing the exam’s setup, and studying the guide, technicians stand a better chance at passing. They show their gas industry skills by becoming RMGA certified.

RMGA (Rocky Mountain Gas Association) Test

The RMGA (Rocky Mountain Gas Association) certification exam is required for all gas appliance technicians in the Rocky Mountain region. It is a 100-question, open-book, and multiple-choice test. It includes topics like gas piping, combustion air and venting, retrofitting, and regulatory compliance. These topics are crucial for the natural gas industryenergy sector, and pipeline safety.

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Certification Requirements

To work on gas appliances in the Rocky Mountain region, passing the RMGA exam is crucial. This test ensures technicians understand natural gas production and energy industry regulations. It also highlights their knowledge in environmental impact assessments and emissions monitoring.

Testing Centers and Accommodations

The RMGA exam is available at technical colleges in Utah and locations in Wyoming. This test is open-book, so technicians can use study materials during the exam. It covers topics like fracking and renewable energy.

Training and Self-Study Options

For RMGA (Rocky Mountain Gas Association) technicians wanting to ace the certification test, multiple resources await. The RMGA Certification Course spans three days. It dives deep into the key aspects of the natural gas realm. These include staying up-to-date with laws, ensuring pipeline safety, keeping tabs on emissions, and caring for the environment.

RMGA Certification Course

The RMGA Certification Course goes from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm daily for a total of 24 hours. You can join either in-person or via Zoom. RMGA folk get first dibs on the classroom spots. After finishing the course, you get extra videos and a test voucher. This voucher lets you take the exam at a testing site close to you for a small proctor fee.

Self-Study Materials and Resources

Are you more of a solo learner? RMGA’s got you covered with self-study options. They offer study guides, practice tests, and technical manuals. These materials tackle various areas like gas production, energy laws, and exploring for oil and gas. They also touch on examining environmental impact and staying safe while drilling.

Online Video Series

Besides the course, RMGA has a bunch of online videos. They aim to boost the know-how of those working in the natural gas sector. Topics include analyzing data, operations in the field, monitoring emissions, fracking, and green energy. These videos come in handy as you can watch them whenever you find the time. This flexibility allows you to learn in a way that suits your schedule best.


The RMGA (Rocky Mountain Gas Association) Test is vital for those in the natural gas industry in the Rockies. It’s required for anyone working on gas appliances. The topics include gas piping, air and venting, and following regulations.

Technicians can start with the RMGA Pre-Test to see where they stand. This helps them know what to study more. They can also join a 3-day course either in person or online. This course covers all they need to know for the test.

Preparing for the RMGA exam is key. With the right study and training, passing is doable. This certification keeps technicians on track with the latest gas industry rules. It makes sure gas systems in the Rockies run safely and well.


What is the RMGA (Rocky Mountain Gas Association) Test?

The RMGA Test helps make sure natural gas work in the Rocky Mountain area is safe and efficient. It covers things like gas piping and making sure gas appliances work well. It also focuses on meeting all the rules.

Who is required to pass the RMGA certification exam?

All gas technicians in the Rocky Mountain region must pass the RMGA test. They have to if they work on gas appliances and get paid for it.

What is the format of the RMGA certification exam?

The test is a 100-question multiple-choice type. It’s open-book and can be done at some technical colleges in Utah and Wyoming. A guide will be given to help study for it.

What is the RMGA Pre-Test for Gas Technicians?

The Pre-Test for Gas Technicians checks if they’re ready for the RMGA exam. It has 50 questions, just like the official test. They are questions about gas work that’s usually hard, like gas piping and fitting gas appliances.

Where can technicians take the RMGA certification exam?

Technicians can take the RMGA exam at selected technical colleges in Utah. They can also take it in Evanston, Wyoming, and Green River, Wyoming.

What training options are available for the RMGA certification exam?

Every two months, the RMGA has a 3-day training to help technicians pass the exam. This course can be taken in person or online through Zoom. Members of the RMGA get first pick for in-person spots.

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