RBT Practice Test 7


When gathering discontinuous data, which device are you most likely to use?

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Correct answer: Stopwatch

When collecting discontinuous data, you're most likely to use a stopwatch.

What is one of the most significant advantages of having permanent product data?

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Correct answer: No direct observation of behavior is required.

One of the most significant benefits of having permanent product data is that it eliminates the need for direct behavior observation.

Which DR procedure is based on time?

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Correct answer: DRO

DRO is a time-based DR procedure.

Which differential reinforcement procedure requires reinforcing behavior that is physically incompatible with the goal behavior?

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Correct answer: DRI

You must reinforce conduct that is physically incompatible with the goal behavior under the DRI.

____________________ occurs when the characteristics of a relevant stimulus are changed or amplified in order to improve the chance of a target behavior happening.

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Correct answer: Stimulus prompting

Stimulus prompting is defined as the changing or exaggeration of properties of a relevant stimulus in order to improve the chance of a desired response occurring.

Josh engages in problem behavior that is reinforced by the attention of his peers. His instructor sends him away from his peers, who are more likely to laugh at him while he is off-task. What exactly is this intervention?

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Correct answer: Antecedent intervention

This intervention is referred to as an antecedent intervention.

What type of prompts are hand over hand, gestural, and partial physical?

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Correct answer: Response prompts

Response prompts include hand over hand, gestural, and partial physical.

Washing hands, brushing teeth and making a sandwich might all be taught in this way.

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Correct answer: Task analysis

In these instances, task analysis might be taught.

You provide a preferred edible on every third accurate response. What kind of reinforcement schedule is this?

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Correct answer: FR-3

This is referred to as the FR-3 reinforcement schedule.

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