RBT Practice Test 6


Your BCBA will make decisions based on the ______________ you gathered as an RBT.

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Correct answer: Data

The data you collect as an RBT will be used by your BCBA to make decisions.

For ____________ % of the time each month that you perform behavior analytic services, you will be supervised by a BCBA or BCaBA.

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Correct answer: 5

You will be supervised by a BCBA or BCaBA for 5% of the time you perform behavior analytic services every month.

The accuracy of your data will be checked during an observation by your BCBA/BCaBA supervisor. _________________ check is what it's called.

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Correct answer: Inter-observer agreement

Your BCBA/BCaBA supervisor will examine the correctness of your data during an observation. An Inter-observer agreement check is what this is called.

What does "People's First Language" mean?

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Correct answer: Putting a person before the disability.

Putting a person ahead of a disability is what People's First Language means.

How long do you have to keep client records?

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Correct answer: 7 years

What's your responsibility to the Behavior Analyst Certification Board?

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Correct answer: To give accurate and timely information.

It is your obligation to provide correct and timely information to the Behavior Analyst Certification Board.

What is a classification of reinforcement that does not require the assistance of another person to deliver?

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Correct answer: Automatic reinforcement

Automatic reinforcement is a kind of reinforcement that does not require the delivery of another person.

What kind of assessment do you employ to figure out what's causing the behavior?

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Correct answer: Functional Behavior Assessment

The Functional Behavior Assessment is a method for determining the main causes of behavior.

Which of the following is a key reason for collecting data?

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Correct answer: To drive decision making

The important reason for data collection is to improve decision-making.

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