How to Write Effective Press Releases 2023

press release template

Press Releases are written to inform the public of a particular event or news. The release must have a “Media Contact” whose name, contact phone number, and email address are provided for media inquiries. If necessary, use subheads for more specific information. The first line of the press release should include the city, state, and date.

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Press Releases Questions and Answers

  • Select an interesting angle. If the story being told isn’t engaging to the intended audience of journalists, even a well-written, tailored press release will fall flat. 
  • Create a catchy headline. To create a clear and alluring headline, use the major benefit of your press release.
  • In your subtitle, summarize your tale. Write a single statement supporting the header and summarizing the full press release’s content.
  • Present important details. Include the date, city, and state of your company before the first paragraph. Then, in your first paragraph, you should provide an engaging response to the “who,” “what,” “when,” “where,” and “why” queries.
  • Add context and supporting details. Add support to the release using quotes from case studies, figures, research, and statistics. This is also where you should put a quote from one of the news story’s primary characters. 
  • Introduce the reader’s next actions. Include a call to action or information on where readers can find more about the topic in your article summary. 
  • Conclude with a boilerplate. Give a quick history and description of the business. Include a phone number. (At the bottom of the news release, three ### symbols or “–30-” are frequently used to denote the conclusion.)

Press release is the official statement that is distributed to members of the news media with the intention of disseminating information, forming an official position, or announcing something that will be made public. Press releases are likewise regarded as primary sources, which denotes that they are the initial sources of information.

  • Attract the reader’s attention with a compelling headline that includes keywords that searchers are likely to utilize. This serves as your introduction and will pique the reader’s interest. Include the event’s name and either its location or its theme. You shouldn’t divulge too much information right away. If you’re drafting a press release for an event online, keep in mind that Yahoo will index 120 characters, and Google will only index 60. For your headline, use title case. Take a look at what PRWeb has to say about press release headlines.
  • After that, compose a synopsis of one to four sentences. After you have finished writing the remainder of the press release, it might be a good idea to write this section last. After you have outlined the remainder of your arguments, summarizing will be simpler.
  • The lead paragraph and dateline. These sentences, which range in length from 25 to 30 words, provide the “who, what, why, when, where, and how” of your event. Keep the text straightforward and concentrate on the important details. The format is City, State, Month, Day, Year – details. 4. Body. The press release’s main body is where you fully describe the event. Typically, this section of the release contains two or three paragraphs. Give further specifics on the occurrence in the first paragraph. Describe the target demographic, any special guests, their backgrounds, and the advantages of coming. Mention the historical significance of the location, any connections it has to your event, any historical or company anniversaries that fall on the same date, or any other relevant details. In comparison to earlier sections, this one of the press releases can be a little more descriptive. 
  • The body is followed by the boilerplate statement. Similar to how an “About” page on a website is utilized, the boilerplate is a section of content that can be reused repeatedly. Here are the specifics about your business, such as the services you offer and perhaps the key executives’ names. Your company’s mission and vision may be included in it. You want to project this public character for your business. 
  • Contact details must to be included in the press release. The firm name, phone number, address (optional; not required in a press release), company website address, name of the primary contact for questions regarding the release, and email address are all included.

The ideal press release length is between 300 and 400 words, with the average press release no longer than 500.

Put the name of the organization that issued the press release, the date it was released, the words “Press release” in square brackets, the URL, the title in italics, and the name of the release in the text.

Name of the company (Year Month Day). Title of the press release:  Link / URL.

Creating a list of media contacts and sending a news release directly is the simplest way to spread a press release at no cost. You can also publish a press release on your website, social media, and email. However, many services offer free press release dissemination.

A press release is not advertising. Journalists seek out stories, not things.

A boilerplate in public relations is a brief, standardized paragraph after a news release that gives journalists a high-level background about your firm. It is also referred to as an “about us” statement.

  • At the top, contact information and “For Immediate Release.”
  • Use an italicized subheading and title to highlight the news. 
  • Include a news hook and location in the opening line. 
  • Add two to three paragraphs to provide context and further information. 
  • Facts and/or figures in bulk.
  • A brief description of the business.

A professional press release writer will charge between $500 and $2500 for each press release they produce. This will rely on their background, portfolio, level of industry knowledge, and other factors. Services for news monitoring and delivery of any kind would cost additional.

Locate the contact information of the journalists interested in your article. Sending your press release at the appropriate time will improve its chances of being read. When writing your press release email, keep it brief, concise, and attention-grabbing. If necessary, provide a follow-up.

  • Locate potential journalists for your press release.
  • Obtain the reporters’ contact information. 
  • Create a standout pitch.
  • Create an alluring topic line.
  • Send your pitch for a press release (at the right time). 
  • Verify your release.

A well-written book press release must pique the reader’s interest, explain the topic of your book and why readers should read it, and include essential details about the book for marketing and distribution.

  • Select an interesting angle. 
  • Create a catchy headline for a news release.
  • In your subtitle, summarize your tale. 
  • Present important details.
  • Add context and supporting details. 
  • Introduce the reader’s next actions. 
  • Conclude with a boilerplate.

According to an official Background paper (pdf) on the new White House information security strategy, government press releases may be momentarily designated as “restricted unclassified information” to prevent early leaks.

“Title,” Publishing House, Date, and Press Release.URL.

  • The company’s name. You must identify the primary author.
  • The news release’s title, enclosed in quotation marks. The use of a capital register is required. 
  • The issue date. Add “Press Release,” “Author,” “comma,” and the release date in the format of the month, day, and year.
  • URL.
  • Date.

The term “Ends” should be bolded to indicate the press release’s conclusion. Put “For additional information, please contact” and your information or the information of a designated person after “Ends.”

The best way to do this is to create a quick press release email “covering letter.” The press release can then be copied and pasted at the end of the email.

Recall the basic components of a press release for a company launch: the headline, dateline, lead, body, company information, and media contact data. Be sure to compile a list of media contacts who are familiar with your industry and can cover your story. Include details demonstrating why it is worthwhile to write about your company.

The press release is an official statement that is distributed to news media members to disseminate information, form an official position, or announce something that will be made public. Press releases are likewise regarded as primary sources, which denotes that they are the initial sources of information.

Publicists typically send press releases to assignment editors and journalists who work for newspapers, magazines, television networks, radio stations, or internet media sources.

In marketing, a press release is when a company makes a condensed announcement about something it wants to market. It is hoped that media outlets will wish to write an article on it for their publications.

Press releases are still efficient at promoting a business or message, even though modern society has become distracted due to the pervasiveness of social media. The primary function of the traditional news release among a public relations executive’s (PR) responsibilities hasn’t altered all that much.

A quality press release has a headline, a dateline, a body, and a boilerplate formatted correctly, like an AP-style press release.

  • A press release is an official statement that is distributed to news media members to provide information, form an official position, or announce something that will be made public. Press releases are likewise regarded as primary sources, which denotes that they are the initial sources of information. 
  • Be aware of your audience. The most effective nonprofit press releases get the word across to those genuinely interested. Casting a wide net could appear advantageous, but it is ineffective if the audience is too large. 
  • Create a suitable template Your nonprofit news release may be overlooked or removed if it is formatted improperly or lacks certain information. 
  • Make it brief. The majority of nonprofit news releases should not exceed one page. Journalists are taught to immediately emphasize brief, impactful news items that catch their attention. According to a recent study, the typical human attention span is between eight and twelve seconds.
  • Make it easy to skim. Another tactic is to format your press release so that a busy journalist may quickly skim it. This implies that a skilled journalist can swiftly take in your press release’s most important data.
  • Be simple to reach. The ideal outcome when distributing a press release is that a reporter contacts you for a follow-up. Contact information must be visible and current for the journalist to contact you. 
  • Keep your mailing list current. Analyze your mailing list once you’ve created a press release that will appeal to journalists and a particular audience. Representatives and reporters come and leave. Stay in touch with your media outlets to guarantee you have the finest contact information when you need it.
  • Avoid hiding the lead. Don’t bury the story’s most important component at the end of a press release. The adage “don’t bury the lead” is used in journalism for good causes. Journalists, editors, and producers want to quickly comprehend the story because they have a ton of reading material. 
  • Include a relevant link. What is known as “news values” should be present in a media release. Timeliness, impact, proximity, conflict, prominence, relatability, and weird elements are examples of news values examples.
  • Cite an authority. For a story to be credible, it needs authority. A subject area expert lends weight and authority to your story, whether it be a doctor, an industry insider, a case study, or even you. 
  • Be aware of the messages you want to convey, but avoid including too many details in the story; otherwise, the reader will become perplexed about the piece’s purpose if it gets that far. 
  • Eliminate clumsy words. It was a dewy winter’s eve on the moors, and the fog-shrouded the village. Keep your literary skills for the book you’re working hard to finish. The journalist will craft their version because they are wordsmiths. 
  • An obvious call to action. In reality, a media release serves as a platform for action. When someone reads your narrative, you want them to take action—quit smoking, get some exercise, support public transportation, skip the double bacon burger for breakfast, go to this website, or support the arts. 
  • Capable of speaking. Don’t forget to list the information about the people who are available to speak at the bottom of the media release, including their name, title, and a brief description of who they are and what they do for an organization.

A news story’s dateline contains crucial information since it showed the reporter’s location when the story was covered. Additionally, the date the story was submitted is mentioned. The dateline does not, however, state the location of publishing.

A press release is a concise, captivating news item written by a public relations professional and sent to particular media outlets.

Several newswires currently provide free press release services. Only a few offer free trials (PRLog), while the majority (, EIN Presswire, IssueWire, etc.) offer a single free press release to upsell the user to a paid subscription.

Always include a high-resolution logo image in your press release, at the absolute least. If possible, include attention-grabbing, high-quality photographs pertinent to your news piece and enhance its value.

Press releases do help with SEO. The answer is no, though, if you’re producing spam content to obtain a link from an authoritative media outlet.

Two to three weeks before an event, send a media advisory inviting them to come, and then immediately after the event, send a press release. 

The format of the press release is simple. A normal paragraph has four sections: a header, a lead paragraph, a second and third paragraph, and a background paragraph.

The publisher’s name, the date the release was published, the title should be in italics, “Press release” in square brackets, and the URL are all required when citing press releases in APA format.

Use the phrase “under embargo till” in this situation, followed by the embargo date, when the journalist will be permitted to disclose the material. Put the “immediate release” or “under embargo until” remark underneath the press release date.

Even though journalists receive many emails, providing a link to your press release via Twitter and email enhances the chance of being read. It also increases the size of your audience if it is brief enough to be read on Twitter.

  • If you don’t already have one, make a fan page. It’s a good idea to develop a presence on the social media platform before posting a release there. Make sure you have a fan page that is at least minimal. 
  • Develop a following. If you don’t already have a following, sharing on Facebook is ineffective. Start interacting, sharing, and participating. Your press release may generate greater interest if your audience is larger, and there will be more individuals to share and like your material.
  • Ensure that your press release has objectives and that these objectives may be achieved through social media. For instance, you might wish to increase the number of people who visit your website or Facebook page. Ensure that the links and the call to action you offer support your objectives. 
  • Incorporate graphics, pictures, video, and other media into your release. If a post incorporates photographs, people are five times more likely to share it on Facebook. Today’s press releases can be used for various file kinds and purposes. Make the most of it. 
  • Add social sharing buttons, particularly the Facebook “like” and “share” buttons. Make sure Facebook allows users to take action. Include links or buttons in your release that facilitate sharing and interaction on Facebook. Create a tab called “Media” on your fan page. Press releases can be published here. You can build a press release library with connections to your other media pages’ content, including photographs, your boilerplate, and contact details. 
  • Request likes and shares. Encourage others to spread the word. Be confident on social media. Asking for shares and likes is acceptable when sharing content on Facebook, even press releases. If you ask, your chances of receiving them increase. Don’t forget to express your gratitude to those who follow through.
  • Participate, converse, and react. Don’t just press “send” and wait without doing anything. Being active on social media is crucial. Ask questions, make comments, and, where appropriate, provide wisdom and recommendations. The conversation is the whole point of social media. Your press release will perform better when you are continuously engaged on Facebook and other social media platforms. 
  • Hashtags make your content more discoverable. Always use the hashtag #pressrelease, so your followers know what to expect from you. Add a few additional pertinent and well-known keywords. This will make it easier for journalists to access your content and will alert potential readers of the subject matter of your release. 
  • Tend to your Facebook analytics and results in the following manner. A good press release marketing channel is Facebook. You can enhance your outcomes the following time you publish a release by reviewing your results.

Just go to your LinkedIn page and select the “Share an update” option. Your press release’s published URL should be copied and pasted into this field.

Creating a list of media contacts and sending a news release directly is the simplest way to spread a press release at no cost. You can also publish a press release on your website, social media, and email. However, many services offer free press release dissemination.

Keep it brief, simple, and direct to avoid losing the reader midway through. If at all feasible, keep your title to 10 words or less to make it strong and direct. Do not overstate: For a journalist, exaggeration can be extremely off-putting.

  • Improve the opening by 250 words. Ensure the first 250 words of your text contain the core of your message. This is due to two factors: First and foremost, it’s crucial to include the pertinent text up front because this will help search engine algorithms comprehend your press release. To maintain the reader’s interest throughout the full release, you also need to ensure that you give the (human) readers pertinent information about your message.
  • Bold important SEO keywords and phrases and hyperlink them. This procedure will assist in generating relevant links for your current SEO campaign’s primary keywords. 
  • Make appropriate use of hyperlinks. Over-linking is a common error newcomers make when attempting to write SEO-friendly press releases. Make links out of your keywords’ first or second occurrences, but don’t overdo it. This will make it exceedingly difficult for users to read your release. Even worse, search engines will consider this spam and may completely disregard your efforts. Search engines may even penalize your site in extreme circumstances. 
  • Ascertain that your subject is newsworthy. You must keep the target user in mind and maintain their interest.
  • Links and contacts of the site. Include your company’s name, contact information, and, if applicable, links at the end of your press release. Although certain websites that publish your press release might not permit this, it’s a good idea to have this information since many websites will use these links to point back to your website.
  • The release’s title and the press image. You need to include a heading on the first page of your document that summarizes your pitch. 
  • The biography and history of the capture. Write a brief, one- or two-sentence bio or “catch statement” that grabs the reader’s attention that makes them want to learn more about your press photo. A brief description of who you are, what you do (for example, singer or classical musician), where you were born and currently reside, and information about any upcoming releases might serve as your bio. You can provide further details about your act and release, musical background, and prior accomplishments in the following paragraph.
  • A quote and a conclusion Add a personal quote to the end of the informative section of your press release so that promoters can use it to help publicize the news as “straight from the artist.” You can conclude with a one- or two-line closing statement that restates the main points after the quote section.
  • Release details, including release dates, places, music availability, and social media links. Write down the crucial details of the announcement as a recap to finish your press release. Include links to your social media accounts, so people know where to find you there (Website, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, etc.) 
  • You can include any other pertinent attachments to your email, such as the music release poster or artwork, the artist’s promotional photo, or any other files that interest your press contact’s attention, along with your press release.

A great introduction addresses the questions of who, what, when, where, why, and how. More paragraphs elaborating on the themes made in the lead. Quotation from a movie collaborator (producer, director, lead actor, writer).

  • A catchy headline. A headline is a press release’s most important element, whether it’s for business, the music industry, or the art world. The headline draws media coverage and informs readers of the contents of the media release.
  • A comprehensive summary. The summary is the second most important section of your press release. The summary lets you elaborate on your press release’s main points and include any pertinent keywords you’re aiming for. 
  • Important dateline details. The date the news release was published may be found in the dateline section. Although it can seem like a little distinction, this is crucial for the credibility of the press release because it tells the reader whether the press release is current or not. This enables a journalist to choose whether to get in touch with the press release’s author for more details or to keep seeking new news. 
  • An intriguing start. The introduction follows the heading, summary, and dateline. Consider the press release’s introduction as the section that aids journalists in determining whether to pay attention. It must provide pertinent information about your art exhibition and be written in a simple, understandable style. 
  • The body copy of your press release should now be your main emphasis. The body content includes background information, additional information on the artist, and explanations for the show, while the introduction gives crucial elements about your art exhibition.
  • A unique “about” page. A brief paragraph titled “about” provides some relevant background information about you, the press release’s author. This sentence should be brief and include pertinent information about you, your group, or your business. 
  • Information about current contacts. You should also give your contact details in the press release. Any journalist who wants to contact you for further information about the art display will utilize these contact details.
  • Journalists search for a justification for clicking the trash symbol. Give them none, please. Using one of the many templates accessible online, format your press release by the standards used by the industry. Put as much of your press release as you can on one page. The writing of persuasive copy.
  • Your press release’s title ought to be a mini-press release in and of itself. In other words, the subject line should convey the message’s main points when it arrives in an inbox without needing to be opened.
  • Avoid “burying” the story. Press releases must adhere to this strict word limit. But you’d be shocked how many businesses erroneously believe their miniature masterpiece will be read cover to cover, delaying their big reveal like a Game of Thrones cliffhanger. If your news perspective is not included in the first few paragraphs, your painstakingly produced release will end up in the trash.
  • Choose an angle. Attempting to develop an engaging standpoint is worthwhile, given that many people won’t truly care about what you have to say. You’ll increase reader engagement if you communicate the benefits the reader will receive from your product or service. 
  • Personalize it. Spend time personalizing correspondence, letting the recipient know that you chose them because you believe they can be interested in what you have to say. While it might not always be true, doing so will increase your chances of success.
  • Even if the journalist in question is familiar with you, and let’s face it, as a small business, you probably aren’t, it’s a good idea to include a quote in your press release to set yourself apart from the spammy press releases that frequently find their way into journalists’ inboxes.

A press release is not regarded as sensitive or secret information.

Similar to a news article, a press release should be written in the third person.

A news release, statement, or media alert communicated with the media before it is published is an embargoed press release. The information can only be made public on a certain day and, if necessary, at a certain time.

The little print found in many contracts is an example of boilerplate language. As with many cell phone contracts, this portion is typically stagnant.

A media alert is released beforehand to explain why they should cover that approaching event. To provide the media with the details they need to develop a story. A press release is typically released as soon as the news first breaks.

  • Newswire.
  • Cision PR Newswire.
  • GlobeNewswire.
  • Business Wire.
  • Mynewsdesk.
  • PRWeb.

Sending a press release is most effective between 10am and 2pm.

Traditional press release wires such as PR Newswire and Business Wire, as well as other wire services like Associated Press and UPI, offer company press releases. Governmental organizations like the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Labor also release Press releases.

It serves as a cue that a press release ends, especially at a page break.

Ideally, the press release should be as short and to the point, one-page maximum.

Quotes should not be left till the end of the release. This may be where you were instructed to place them. However, if anything is significant in a press release, it should be towards the start. If you wait to mention them until the penultimate paragraph, it suggests that they are not very significant.

A professional press release writer will charge between $500 and $2500 for each press release they produce. This will rely on their background, portfolio, level of industry knowledge, and other factors. Services for news monitoring and delivery of any kind would cost additional.

The press release can then be copied and pasted at the end of the email. It is preferable to do this rather than include it as an attachment or link because recipients may be hesitant to open files from an unidentified email.

You can sign up for Google News through the Publisher Center. You can mark your articles, sections, or complete publication with the Press Release label using the content labels tool.

Wisconsin Democratic Party Press Releases

The Wisconsin Democratic Party aims to become a more active presence in Wisconsin’s civic life by organizing and raising money for state and local elections. The organization is also making a strong push to remain visible outside election season. That includes directing resources to local parties in all 72 counties. It helps them rent office space, buy advertising in local newspapers, and expand their volunteer networks.

The party is also active on issues and policies that are important to Wisconsin residents. For example, there are three Democrats running for the seat of Rep. Ron Kind in the state’s 3rd Congressional District. The winner of the primary will face the Trump-endorsed Derrick Van Orden, who lost to Kind in the Republican primary last year and attended the Jan. 6 insurrection in the U.S. Capitol. Although Republicans have blocked the expansion of Medicaid in Wisconsin, the Democrats are pushing for it.

Wisconsin Democratic Party press releases focus on issues central to our mission. One of these issues is the Republican candidate for secretary of state, who has spent nearly three times as much as the Democratic incumbent, Doug La Follette.

LVMPD Press Releases

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) has released photos of the suspect they are searching for. They are asking the public to check for surveillance video of the suspect in the vicinity of Vegas Drive and Rock Springs on Friday, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 1 p.m.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Foundation is an organization that supports local law enforcement. The Foundation is an important part of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and supports several community engagement programs. For example, the foundation recently funded the 2023 Back-to-School Initiative. It also partnered with Resorts World Las Vegas to present officers with Good Tickets. The Foundation’s Board of Directors includes Mark Chow, Director of Community Outreach, Linda Kennedy, Lisa Tomlin-Kurr, and Brooke Chow.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is continuing their investigation into a stabbing death that claimed the life of a newspaper reporter last week. They are asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspect. Police found newspaper reporter Jeff German, 51, dead with stab wounds in a residential neighborhood on Sept. 3. The death was ruled a homicide. The police believe German had been involved in an altercation with another individual prior to the stabbing.

Michigan Democratic Party Press Releases

Michigan Democrats have accused the state Republican Party of breaking ethical guidelines by using the personal cellphone numbers of Democratic candidates in recent campaign mailers. According to a press release from the state Democratic Party, six candidates were included in GOP attack mailers that asked recipients to call the candidates’ cellphone numbers. One of those candidates, Jaime Churches, learned about the mailer from a student who was also running for office.

The Democratic Party of Michigan is a state political party affiliated with the national Democratic Party. It is based in Lansing. The Democratic Party currently controls the office of governor and both chambers of the state legislature. If you are interested in learning more about the party or the candidates who are running for office, contact the party’s local affiliate in your state.

Arizona Democratic Party Press Releases

The Arizona Democratic Party is a political party affiliated with the state government. It is headquartered in Phoenix. The Republican Party currently controls the state government, including the governor’s office, the state legislature, and both houses of Congress. The party is organized into an executive committee and state committee. Members of the state party also elect members to the Democratic National Committee, or DNC, at the state convention in presidential election years. There are roughly equal numbers of male and female members.

The party sent out an email to journalists stating their media credentials were only valid during election night, and that journalists must remain in their designated areas and not be disruptive. Failure to comply with these rules could result in revocation of press credentials and ejection from the event. The party also requests that journalists coordinate with Dohnel prior to conducting interviews with candidates and party officials.

In her latest television ad, Martha McSally says she is committed to protecting people with pre-existing conditions. However, in the past, she has voted against Obamacare and supported repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

DNC Press Releases

The DNC, despite its lack of leadership, is continuing to focus on its core function of raising money for the 2016 presidential election. In particular, Terry McAuliffe, the DNC chairman installed by Bill Clinton, has focused his efforts on mechanics and not on messages. His recent unity dinner, attended by presidential candidates, raised $11 million.

Since 2016, the DNC has increased its investment in each state party. These investments have increased the amount of organizing and data staff working in each state. The DNC has teamed with other groups in the Democratic ecosystem to build voter protection infrastructure across multiple states. The DNC is committed to investing millions of dollars in these efforts to help Democrats win the election this year.

This year, the DNC increased its investment in state parties, resulting in an increase of 33 percent over 2016. The DNC also purchased high-quality cell phone data for every registered voter. This new data will increase the match rate of digital targeting, giving all campaigns the opportunity to connect with more voters.

JPL Press Releases

The JPL is home to many robotic missions which explore the Earth, solar system and universe. Press releases from the JPL provide details of these missions. They also feature the latest news and achievements. Many of these missions are funded by NASA and are managed by the JPL. In addition to its space flight missions, the JPL also manages the JPL Small-Body Database.

The Mars Pathfinder mission is a NASA mission that will launch a small orbiter in November 1996. This mission will lay the groundwork for a decade-long exploration of the red planet. The mission will take advantage of two launch opportunities a year. The Mars Pathfinder orbiter will also be tracked by the Deep Space Network.

The JPL is headquartered in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA. Its president is Luke Kempski. Its primary competitors include Rauxa, LLC, Northpoint Digital, and PMX Agency.

Kathy Manning Press Releases

Kathy Manning is an American politician and lawyer who was born on December 3, 1956. Her congressional district covers the town of Greensboro in North Carolina, which is located on the eastern fringe of the Triangle. While on paper the district is primarily Republican, Donald Trump won it with 53% of the vote.

Manning’s press releases are notable because they speak about more topics than most members of Congress. For instance, she talks about the importance of protecting reproductive rights for women. Many Democrats are uniting for this cause, and Rep. Manning has joined the chorus of Democrats in support of these important issues. Read on to learn more about the latest news regarding Rep. Manning.

As a member of the House Health Committee, Manning has fought for maternal health and reproductive freedom. She has introduced bills to expand Medicaid and ensure that all women have access to essential health care. She also co-authored legislation to cap prescription costs, limiting cost-sharing to $250 per month for an individual and $500 for a family.

Selecta Biosciences Press Releases

Selecta Biosciences is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel tolerogenic therapies for autoimmune diseases. The company’s novel technology harnesses the power of the ImmTOR (transmembrane TOR kinase) signaling pathway to amplify the efficacy of biologic and gene therapies.

Selecta continues to work on advancing its pipeline for additional autoimmune disease indications. It is planning a staged approach for further development, beginning with diseases driven by a single pathogenic antigen and then advancing through related indications. For example, it expects to select a candidate for its SEL-302 treatment for MMA in the second half of 2023.

The company is currently developing two innovative gene therapy technologies. One is called Xork, a next-generation IgG protease that can address a range of serious diseases. Another is called ImmTOR, which targets pre-existing antibodies to AAVs. Selecta is currently conducting IND-enabling studies on both of these promising candidates.