G1 Written Test Locations Where You Can Book A G1 Ontario Driving Test

G1 Test Ontario

Getting your Ontario license can be a daunting task, especially if you are a beginner or a new driver. The first thing that you have to do is to pass Ontario’s drive test. The beginner’s test is called the G1 test. You have to pass the G1 knowledge test and the road test. 

How does one obtain a driving license in BC or Ontario, Canada?

You have to pass an Ontario driver’s license test. It will involve two types of exams: written and practical. The driver knowledge test has a multiple-choice format, and it involves questions based on the Official Ministry of Transportation (MTO) driver’s handbook pdf. The pdf file can be found on Ontario’s official website

On the other hand, Ontario’s G1 road test will determine whether you have the basic driving skills such as parking, turning and stopping the motor vehicle. If you pass it,  the next step is to take Ontario’s G2 test and obtain your G2 license.

How to book a road test?

To book a road test in Ontario, you need to make an appointment at Ontario’s drive test centres. You have to have your valid driver’s licence number with you. You can then schedule your preferred location, date and time. If you want to change your driving test date in Ontario, you just need to reschedule it online, by phone or at any DriveTest Centre. You need to cancel or reschedule it at least 48 hours ahead of your appointment. Otherwise, you’ll get a cancellation fee.   

How much does the G1 license cost?

The G1 cost in Ontario is around $158.25. The fees for your G2 license test is already included in the costs. Also, if you were to retake the test, you have to pay an additional $15.75. 

Where can I take my G1 test?

In order to drive in Ontario, you need to complete the required tests to get a license. To take the tests, you can search for  G1 written test locations or G1 driving test centres. Here is a list of some of the driving test centres you can look into:    

Mississauga DriveTest Centre
255 Longside Drive Mississauga ON L5W 1L8

Toronto Downsview DriveTest Centre
Downsview Park 37 Carl Hall Rd
Toronto ON M3K 2E2

Newmarket DriveTest Centre
320 Harry Walker Parkway South
Newmarket ON L3Y 7B4

Brampton DriveTest Centre
59 First Gulf Blvd Unit #9
Brampton ON L6W 4P9

Hamilton DriveTest Centre
370 Kenora Ave N
Stoney Creek ON L8E 2W2

Collingwood DriveTest Centre
ServiceOntario 191 Hurontario St Unit #6
Collingwood ON L9Y 2M1

Guelph DriveTest Centre
255 Woodlawn Road W Unit 106
Guelph ON N1H 8J1

Ottawa Canotek DriveTest Centre
5303 Canotek Rd Unit 14
Ottawa ON K1J 9M1

Mattawa DriveTest Centre
Town Hall 160 Water St
Mattawa ON P0H 1V0

London DriveTest Centre
4380 Wellington Rd S
London ON N6E 2Z6

How much does it cost to renew a license in Ontario?

To renew your G1 license in Ontario, you must pay a $90 fee and other additional costs. It might also vary depending on certain circumstances, such as if you are over 76 years old, and if the expiration date on your license is changing to match that of your health card’s date of expiration.  

What is the driving age in Ontario?

The driving age for each province differs, so it is always best to research it firsthand. In Ontario, Canada, you must be at least 16 years old to take the G1 test. You’ll be able to get your learning license. It will have certain restrictions, such as you always have to be accompanied by a fully licensed driver in the passenger seat whenever you drive.  

G1 Test Questions and Answers PDF

Studying the Ontario drivers handbook PDF is the best approach to prepare for your G1. You can evaluate your knowledge by taking online practice tests, which will give you a decent indication of what to expect. To prepare for the exam, use our practice test.

G1 Test Questions

What happens if a G2 license expires in Ontario?

You cannot renew the expired license. Since it is part of the learner’s license class, once it expires you have to re-apply as a new driver.  

What is the process of renewing a driver’s license in Ontario?

You can renew your license online or at ServiceOntario centres. You must renew it 180 days before its expiration date, and 1 year after its expiration date. Your renewed driver’s license will be delivered to you through the mail within 4 to 6 weeks. Take note that a driver’s license in Ontario is valid for 5 years. It means that you have to renew it every 5 years through ServiceOntario centres or if eligible, then online.   

Also, you will be prohibited from renewing your license if it is under suspension or if you have outstanding penalties. You are required first to pay all of your fines in full.  

How to cancel an Ontario driver’s license?

You can cancel your driver’s license and be reimbursed in the following situations: 

  • You have given up driving.
  • You have been given a foreign driver’s license.
  • Your license has been suspended or revoked due to numerous penalties.
  • If the holder of the driver’s license is deceased.

The process of cancelling it requires that you give notice to the required agency either by phone or by mail. You need to notify them why you want your license to be cancelled.   

Is my child allowed in the car during my driving road test?

In most states, it is prohibited. There are no other passengers allowed in the vehicle when you are driving, aside from the examiner. 

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