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Postal Exam Requirements

According to the book Post Office Jobs, there are certain requirements and qualifications you must have to apply for postal jobs. For entry-level positions, you must take the post office exam 473 or now called us the USPS assessment test. You must have the required age limit, citizenship, physical requirements, and state driver’s license. You must also pass the drug testing, in case you are one of the few applicants who are considered for employment. 

Allowed Age for Application

To take the exam, you are required to be at least 18 years old, although there are specific conditions that may allow those who are 16 years of age: high school graduates or those who didn’t finish high school because of a credible reason. The reason for the age requirement is that there are certain postal jobs, such as Mail Carriers, where they are required to drive.   


If you want to apply, you are not necessarily required to be a U.S. citizen. You are still qualified if you have permanent alien resident status, or you owe allegiance to the United States of America. 

Physical Requirements

This requirement depends on the position you’ll be applying for. Some jobs will need you to lift heavy mail, usually weighing 70 pounds. Also, you are required to take the eyesight and hearing tests. You must have at least 20/40 vision in the good eye and at least 20/100 vision in the other eye. But, keep in mind that eyeglasses are permitted.    

Driver’s License

There are post office jobs that will require you to have a state driver’s license. You need to be able to operate a motor vehicle. Also, you must have a safe driving record, and it will be determined through a postal service road test. It will be according to the type of vehicle you will drive.  

USPS drug test

One of the most important requirements when it comes to postal service jobs is that you must pass the drug testing. Those who have passed the entrance exams and are considered for employment must be drug-free. You will undergo a urinalysis drug screen test. 

Postal Exam 473 now called USPS Assessment (VEA)

As an applicant, you may be required to take an entrance exam, depending on the postal job that you want. In relation to that, the entry-level positions you can apply for are the following: City Carrier, Rural Carrier, Mail Processing Clerk, Mail Handler, and Sales, Services (Svcs), and Distribution Associate. All of these require you to take the entrance exam, which is the postal exam 473.      

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What happens after you take the 473 postal exam?

If you pass the test, you have to apply for your preferred postal job. To get hired, you must obtain a passing score. The postal exam 473 passing score is 70 or higher. To get a favorable chance, you must get at least a score of 85 and above. This is because the Postal Service Committee hires the best and most qualified applicants through ranking. 

How to take the USPS assessment test?

You need to log in to the USPS jobs website and look for any vacancy. If you find the postal job that you want, you need to set up an account. After creating your account, You are then ready for the USPS exam registration. You should choose your preferred schedule. The postal exam 473 test dates depend on whether there is a vacancy. If there is, then you can check the job announcement for the dates.     

Where to take the postal exam?

It depends on the USPS test exam. You can take the non-proctored exam on your tablet or computer. You can take the proctored exams at your selected USPS testing center

How much does it cost to take the postal exam?

It is completely free. It’s a federal job, so you are not required to pay anything. 

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Postal Exam 473 Part A – Test 1
Postal Exam 473 Part A – Test 2
Postal 473 Part B – Insured Mail Receipt
Postal 473 Part B – Mailing Permit Application
Postal 473 Part B – Customs Declaration
Postal 473 Part B – COD
Postal 473 Part B – Certified Mail Receipt
Postal 473 Part B – Certificate Of Bulk Mailing
Postal 473 Part B – Authorization Form
Postal 473 Part B – Application To Mail Non Profit
Postal 473 Part B – Application For Post Office Box
Postal Exam 473 Part B – Domestic Claim Form
Postal Exam 473 Part C – Coding

Frequently Asked Questions

Can one use a PO box as the address on their driver’s license?

You need to have a physical address for your driver’s license. Temporary addresses are not allowed.

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Do postal workers carry ID badges or cards with them?

Yes. The USPS requires its workers to carry their I.D. with them. Since they are government employees, they must be able to show their identification to maintain public trust. 

Can an autistic person become a postal worker?

Yes, there are jobs that they could apply to be a government employee. It is part of the hiring regulations of the U.S. Also, the American Disability Act covers a wide range of conditions and protects their rights.     

How does the USPS conduct background checks?

The USPS has a policy of conducting background checks, which will ask for information from you on whether you have a criminal record or a motor vehicle record (if applicable). It is for their suitability and screening process. Furthermore, the Postal Service can obtain these records from a consumer reporting agency. Before they can also ask for the report, you will receive an email requesting your consent and additional information. 

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