Postal Exam Questions

Postal Exam Questions

The retired  postal service exam 473 consisted of three parts: Address Checking, Forms Completion, Coding and Memory, and Personal Characteristics and Experience Inventory. Out of the three, the Memory section was considered as one of the hardest in the postal exam. That’s why a lot of the test takers looked for postal exam 473 memory tips.

With the new postal service exam, USPS Virtual Entry Assessment Program (VEA) which replaced the post office test 473 on April 1, 2019, you will have to take 5 types of questions: Check for Errors, Describe Approach, Tell Us Your Story, Work Scenarios and Work Your Register. If you want to pass the test, you have to prepare for these sections.

☑️ Check for Errors

This section is asked in the USPS postal exam 475 and 476 of the VEA. If you want to apply for the positions of Mail Handler or Mail Processing Clerk, then you’ll have to prepare for this portion of the US postal exam. You will be asked questions that will determine whether you can notice errors or differences in the numbers in print.

For this section, you will be presented with two sets of 8-digit numbers. You have to figure out whether they are alike or if they are different. Remember that even a slight difference will matter. After that, you  have to choose between two answers: “Match” or “Error.” You will pick the former if the two sets of numbers are exactly alike, and the latter if there is a different number, a change in the presentation, etc.

💡 Describe Your Approach

This section is asked in all of the United States Postal Service exams. It means that for any entry-level position you apply for, you’ll encounter this portion. You will be asked questions about how you react to life situations. It is because, through your answers, the evaluators will know how you approach certain tasks and circumstances.

For this section, you will be rating yourself with the use of a sliding scale. You’ll be given various choices that will help you decide which option suits you the most. In a given situation, you can answer mostly yes or sort of yes and mostly no or sort of no. The best way to answer is not to doubt and to choose the answer that describes you the best. The purpose of this portion is to help Post service officials match the appropriate jobs for the applicants.

👄 Tell Us Your Story

This section is also part of all of the exams of VEA. It contains questions that will ask you about your previous work experience. You must know all of the facts and state of your work history so all of your answers will be consistent. Furthermore,  you have to answer truthfully, and it must match the information you have given in your job application. If there is any discrepancy, it can be considered as a disqualification.

💼 Work Scenarios

This section will be included in all of the postal service tests, from 474 to 477. You will be asked questions that will involve work scenarios that you might  face on the job. You will be given two options to choose from: “most likely” action or “least likely” action. Thus, you must pick the one that you’ll most likely do and pick what you’ll least likely do.

💵 Work Your Register

This section is only included in one exam, which is postal exam 477. If you want to apply for customer service positions, then you have to get ready for this portion. You will be asked questions that will require you to show your cash register operation skills. What will be determined will be how you will give the fewest number of bills and coins as change.

💭 Postal Exam Questions

Where can I find a 473 Postal Exam Practice Simulator?

You can find one right at Practice Test Geeks. We offer free USPS 473 practice tests that will help you ace the exam. You’ll be able to get the highest scores if you prepare enough for the test. Through them, you’ll be able to know what you’ll face during the postal exam.

How often does the postal department conduct exams?

It depends on the job announcements. The postal exams will be conducted if there are any available vacancies. The applicants will be required to take proctored or non-proctored assessments, so it is important to schedule your exams based on your preference. Before taking it, it is best to get ready using post office practice tests or post office exam sample questions.  

What is a good test score on the 473e postal service test?

The 473e postal service test has been replaced with the USPS VEA. The exam has been divided into postal exams 474 to 477. But the passing score has not changed. You must get 70 or higher. Since it is based on ranking, it is better if you get at least an 85 and above. It is to make sure that you’ll be one of the highest-scoring test takers.  

Where can I study for the USPS exam?

You can study for the exam with the help of online study materials. There are a lot of free postal exam practice tests or postal exam 473 study guides. You can check out practice exam 473 in Practice Test Geeks’ study materials. Our guide and online practice tests can help you throughout your aspiring postal career.

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What is the postal exam 473 failure rate?

According to the US Postal Service, 80-90% of test takers fail. You may wonder “How many times can you take the postal exam 473?” You’ll have to wait another four months to retake the exam, and while a passing score is 70 or higher, the USPS assigns candidates a ranking based on their score.

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