Ace the OLERE (Oklahoma Legal and Ethical Responsibilities Exam)

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If you’re aiming to be a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Oklahoma, the OLERE is key. It stands for Oklahoma Legal and Ethical Responsibilities Exam. This test goes over topics like the State Board of Behavioral Health Enabling Statute and LPC Acts and Rules. Passing it is a must for LPC hopefuls in the state. It ensures you know the legal and ethical sides of being an LPC.

Taking the OLERE will cost you $45. It’s given at special testing locations. Before you can apply for LPC candidacy, you need to pass this test. Study hard to be ready to ace the OLERE and move forward with your LPC journey.

Key Takeaways

  • The OLERE (Oklahoma Legal and Ethical Responsibilities Exam) is a rigorous ethics test for LPC hopefuls in Oklahoma.
  • It covers areas like the State Board of Behavioral Health Enabling Statute, LPC Acts, and Rules.
  • Candidates must pass the OLERE before applying for LPC candidacy.
  • The exam costs $45 and is given at specific test sites.
  • Knowing the test’s content and requirements is key to doing well in the OLERE.

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Understanding the OLERE (Oklahoma Legal and Ethical Responsibilities Exam)

The OLERE (Oklahoma Legal and Ethical Responsibilities Exam) is a big test on ethics. Everyone in Oklahoma who wants to be a Licensed Professional Counselor needs to take it. This exam checks your knowledge on important things. These include the State Board of Behavioral Health Enabling Statute and the Licensed Professional Counselor Acts.

What is the OLERE?

The OLERE is an important test for LPC candidates in Oklahoma. It examines your knowledge of many crucial topics. These include conduct, laws, and rules. It also looks at client relationships and ethical behavior.

Registering for the OLERE

To sign up for the OLERE, LPC candidates follow the board’s rules. They have to send in application materials and pay a fee.

Preparing for the OLERE

Preparing well for the OLERE means understanding the laws. Aspiring LPCs should learn the rules and ethical standards they will need in their job. This includes knowing what the Oklahoma LPC Board expects from them.

Navigating the National Counselor Examination (NCE)

For licensed professional counselors (LPCs) in Oklahoma to become licensed, they must pass the National Counselor Examination (NCE). This is on top of the Oklahoma Legal and Ethical Responsibilities Examination (OLERE). The NCE is a 200-question test that covers a lot.

Overview of the NCE

The NCE tests the knowledge and skills needed for good counseling. It includes topics like human development, social and cultural issues, and career development. Candidates get three hours and forty-five minutes for the 200 questions.

Registering for the NCE

For the NCE, Oklahoma’s LPC hopefuls need to send an application to the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC). This application demands showing educational qualifications, providing fingerprints for a background check, and paying an exam fee. Once approved, candidates can choose a testing center for their exam.

Study Resources for the NCE

Prepping for the NCE means knowing what’s on the test. The Encyclopedia of Counseling by Howard Rosenthal helps with this. It has a lot of the content the NCE covers. Also, the NBCC and other places offer practice tests and help guides.

OLERE (Oklahoma Legal and Ethical Responsibilities Exam) and Ethics Compliance

In Oklahoma, LPC candidates need to grasp ethical and legal duties from the OLERE. This exam talks about dual relationships, client privacy, and professional behavior. It also looks at avoiding conflicts of interest and maintaining ethical standards.

Dual Relationships and Conflict of Interest

The OLERE highlights the need for LPCs to set clear professional boundaries. They should not counsel people they know outside of work, like friends or family. This ensures

client confidentiality


client privilege

stay intact.

Client Confidentiality and Privilege

OLERE emphasizes keeping client info private, unless the client agrees or the law demands it. LPCs need to store client records safely to prevent leaks. Violating these rules could lead to trouble with the

Oklahoma Board of Behavioral Health

Professional Conduct and Disciplinary Rules

The exam details what professional conduct means for LPCs in Oklahoma. LPCs must stick to the state’sdisciplinary rules

. This includes continually updating skills and dealing properly with clients. Failing to do so may bring about

attorney discipline

and could even involve

legal malpractice

Understanding and following these rules protect both LPCs and their clients. By obeying the OLERE, LPCs can act within the state’s



The OLERE (Oklahoma Legal and Ethical Responsibilities Exam) is very important for those wanting to be LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) in Oklahoma. It checks if they understand the legal ethics, professional behavior, and rules in Oklahoma. Passing this exam shows they know how to work ethically in the future.

The 100% of the 2023 OLERE Exam being solved and getting an 2023 OLERE Exam being graded A+ highlights the need for hard work and good study habits. Also, the 100% correct answers in the OLERE (Oklahoma Legal and Ethical Responsibilities Examination) Fall 2020/2023 and in the OLERE Practice Exam- Acts and Regulations show that good study materials, like what’s on Stuvia, make a big difference.

Understanding legal ethics, professional behavior, and following rules well are key to passing the OLERE. By doing so, LPC hopefuls can start a career in counseling that’s rewarding and follows high ethical standards. The OLERE stands as a sign of their dedication to doing good by their future clients.


What is the OLERE?

The OLERE is a big ethics test for those wanting to be LPCs (Licensed Professional Counselors) in Oklahoma. Before they can even apply, they have to pass this test. It includes things like the State Board’s rules and other important laws.

What topics does the OLERE cover?

The OLERE goes over key ethical and legal issues LPC candidates need to know in Oklahoma. This includes the State Board’s rules and important laws.

What is the OLERE exam fee?

It costs $45 to take the OLERE, and you gotta do it at an approved test site.

Is the OLERE a requirement for LPC candidacy in Oklahoma?

Absolutely. Anyone dreaming of being an LPC in Oklahoma has to pass the OLERE first.

What other exam must LPC candidates in Oklahoma pass?

Besides the OLERE, LPC hopefuls in Oklahoma need to ace the National Counselor Examination (NCE). This is a 200-question test by the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC).

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