Nursing Leadership & Management NCLEX Practice Quiz #2


Katherine is a young Unit Manager of the Pediatric Ward. Most of her staff nurses are senior to her, very articulate, confident and sometimes aggressive. Katherine feels uncomfortable believing that she is the scapegoat of everything that goes wrong in her department. Which of the following is the best action that she must take?

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This involves a problem solving approach, which addresses the root cause of the problem.

As a young manager, she knows that conflict occurs in any organization. Which of the following statements regarding conflict is NOT true?

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Conflicts are beneficial because it surfaces out issues in the open and can be solved right away. Likewise, members of the team become more conscientious with their work when they are aware that other members of the team are watching them.

Katherine tells one of the staff, “I don’t have time to discuss the matter with you now. See me in my office later” when the latter asks if they can talk about an issue. Which of the following conflict resolution strategies did she use?

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This strategy shuns discussing the issue head-on and prefers to postpone it to a later time. In effect the problem remains unsolved and both parties are in a lose-lose situation.

Kathleen knows that one of her staff is experiencing burnout. Which of the following is the best thing for her to do?

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Reaching out and helping the staff is the most effective strategy in dealing with burn out. Knowing that someone is ready to help makes the staff feel important; hence her self-worth is enhanced.

She knows that performance appraisal consists of all the following activities EXCEPT:

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Performance appraisal deal with both positive and negative performance; is not meant to be a fault-finding activity

Which of the following statements is NOT true about performance appraisal?

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The patient can be a source of information about the performance of the staff but it is never the best source. Directly observing the staff is the best source of information for personnel appraisal.

There are times when Katherine evaluates her staff as she makes her daily rounds. Which of the following is NOT a benefit of conducting an informal appraisal?

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Collecting objective data systematically can not be achieved in an informal appraisal. It is focused on what actually happens in the natural work setting.

She conducts a 6-month performance review session with a staff member. Which of the following actions is appropriate?

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The session is private between the manager and the staff and remains to be so when the two parties do not divulge the information to others.

Alexandra is tasked to organize the new wing of the hospital. She was given the authority to do as she deems fit. She is aware that the director of nursing has substantial trust and confidence in her capabilities, communicates through downward and upward channels and usually uses the ideas and opinions of her staff. Which of the following is her style of management?

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A consultative manager is almost like a participative manager. The participative manager has complete trust and confidence in the subordinate, always uses the opinions and ideas of subordinates and communicates in all directions.

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