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The NACE 2025 exam is a computer-based, four hour test with 200 questions. The passing score is generally 75 percent, but individual nursing programs may set a higher standard.

NACE is used to evaluate Licensed Practical Nurses who are seeking to enter into a Registered Nursing degree program. To do well on the NACE, it is important to understand the content of the exam and how to prepare for it.

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NACE Certification

The NACE exam is divided into four general content areas: assessment, analysis and planning. Assessment focuses on gathering and interpreting a variety of cultural, emotional and physical data, along with recognizing behaviors and symptoms. Analysis focuses on identifying client needs and developing care goals. Planning focuses on selecting and implementing care techniques.

The test is administered on a computer and takes four hours to complete. You must bring a government-issued photo ID with you to take the test. This can be a driver’s license, state identification card or passport. It must have a name, photo and signature on it.

NACE is committed to providing high quality accredited continuing education (CE) opportunities that provide the most current science-based information to health care professionals. NACE CE activities are designed to meet the professional practice gaps and underlying educational needs of primary and specialty audiences, improving their knowledge, competence, confidence and, where applicable, clinical performance in patient care. NACE does not permit any commercial support for CE activities. When ineligible company financial support is provided, NACE attempts to mitigate relevant conflicts of interest through a content validation review and the use of independent planners and faculty.


The NACE is a standardized nursing examination used to assess a student’s basic knowledge of clinical health care. It is typically administered to Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) who want to be considered for advanced placement in programs that prepare for Registered Nursing (RN) practice. It may also be administered to individuals with previous education and experience in allied healthcare fields.

It is important to understand what to expect on the NACE exam before you take it. The questions are based on situations that involve patients with common health problems, such as pain, fluid and electrolyte imbalance, infection, loss of consciousness, and chronic illness.

Using a study guide that includes practice tests can help you determine how well you’re prepared for the exam. Instead of cramming the day before the test, spread your studying throughout the week. An hour a day for a week is far more effective than one seven-hour marathon session. A practice test can also point out blind spots in your understanding of certain topics, inspiring you to study them more thoroughly.

NACE Certification Online

NACE certification is a professional development program for Licensed Practical Nurses. It helps them meet the National League for Nursing (NLN) requirements to be able to provide safe and effective patient care. The NACE I Foundations of Nursing exam tests a nurse’s mastery of the NLN’s basic health needs and concepts, as well as their ability to communicate effectively. These skills include assessing client needs, planning care and treatment, selecting appropriate measures for a client’s condition, and evaluating the intended and unintended effects of measure and treatment.

There are many ways to prepare for the NACE exam, including flashcards and study guides. However, one of the best methods for preparing is to take practice exams. These can help you identify blind spots in your knowledge and inspire you to study the subject more thoroughly. Additionally, practice exams can give you a feel for the test format and pacing. This can make the difference between a passing score and an unsuccessful one. This is especially important for someone who has been warned about the difficulty of standardized exams.

NACE Level 1 Certification

NACE level 1 certification is the entry-level certification for corrosion professionals. It focuses on basic principles of corrosion science, inspection techniques, and mitigation strategies. The course consists of lectures, lab days and a practical exam. It takes four to six weeks to complete. The cost is $200 USD.

NACE Level 2 Certification is the next step in NACE’s CIP certification program. It is more advanced than the previous level and requires additional courses and a passing score on the examination. The exams are delivered as computer-based testing (CBT) and can be taken online or at NACE-approved sites.

There are many ways to prepare for a nursing exam, from flashcards to studying with a friend. But one of the most effective study tools is practice tests. These tests provide insight into your understanding of the content and can point out areas where you need to focus your study efforts. Practice test questions are also useful in learning how to read and interpret the nursing ACE exam questions. They can help you answer the questions accurately and efficiently, increasing your chances of a high score.

NACE Certification Classes

Regardless of your learning style, there are plenty of ways to study for the Nursing ACE exam. Whether you prefer flashcards or chapter outlines, studying strategically can help you pass the exam on your first try. But one of the most effective strategies is to take practice tests early and often. These are a powerful tool because they show you how well you would perform on the actual test, and help you identify subjects that deserve more attention.

On a late spring afternoon, a young woman received the worst news possible. She had just received her score on the Nursing ACE exam and it was nowhere near where she expected. She felt like an idiot and was not looking forward to telling her friends. She hated standardized testing, but this result was even worse than she had imagined.

The test is divided into five sections that cover physiologic needs, psychosocial needs, communication, medication administration and moral, ethic and legal issues. The exam is a computer-based exam and has a time limit of four hours.

NACE Certification Verification

Currently, there are more than 1,300 NACE coating inspectors who have successfully completed all three levels of the NACE training courses. These individuals are responsible for performing inspections and reporting their findings. In addition, the NACE inspector database provides a way for potential employers to verify the certification status of an individual.

The Nursing ACE exam is a four-hour computer-delivered test with 200 questions. The questions ask you to use the nursing process of assessment, analysis, plan and implementation to solve each situation. The questions focus on a variety of health conditions, including pain, fluid and electrolyte imbalance, loss of consciousness, incontinence, stress and chronic illness.

The study guide contains detailed information on the concepts, procedures and principles that the National League for Nursing expects you to know before taking the exam. It also includes practice test questions and answers with explanations. You can get the book as a printed copy or an online ebook that does not require any special software. You can begin using the study guide immediately after ordering it.

NACE Certification Renewal

NACE exams are used by nursing programs to evaluate the abilities of Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) to enter an RN program. The test is administered by a professional testing center and typically takes four hours to complete. It covers topics such as physiologic needs, nursing assessment, psychosocial needs, communication, medication administration, and moral, ethical and legal issues. The questions on the exam are based on the promotion, maintenance, and restoration of health.

If SSPC and NACE merge, each new entity would have its own board and governance structure. Currently, both organizations have strong reputations for excellent member service, robust technical/educational programming, and international engagement. Several stakeholders have expressed interest in maintaining these strengths in the combined association.

If the merger is approved, the organizations will work to integrate their operations by January 1, 2021. The combined organization will continue to provide ongoing education for instructors. In the future, instructors may receive training in areas that did not previously overlap. The combined association will also seek to develop new offerings that meet the needs of members.

NACE Certification Training

NACE offers a variety of courses for individuals looking to gain certification. These courses range in length from a few days to several weeks, depending on the specialty of the course. Those taking a coating inspection course, for example, can expect to spend around six days in the classroom. The NACE International Institute was established in 1943 and focuses on coatings for industry, corrosion control and inspection. Those interested in pursuing a career with the organization can take advantage of NACE certification training, which requires coursework and examinations, as well as work experience.

The Nursing ACE Challenge Exam is a 200-question computer-delivered test that covers three main areas of the nursing process: assessment, analysis and planning. The exam covers a variety of health conditions, including pain, fluid and electrolyte balance, infection, injury, stress and loss of consciousness. It is generally accepted that a score of 75 percent or higher is necessary to pass the exam, although individual nursing programs may set a more stringent standard. The exam takes four hours to complete.

NACE Questions and Answers

           Study tips:

  •  Understand the Exam: Learn the NACE exam’s content, format, and structure. Visit the NACE website or exam materials to learn about the subjects and questions.
  • Review Exam Content: Determine the exam’s main topics. NACE exams cover career services, recruiting, and professional development. Make a comprehensive study plan for these subjects.
  • Get Study Materials: Gather textbooks, reference guides, online resources, and practice exams. Use approved NACE materials or those recommended by exam-takers.
  •  Make a Study Schedule: Schedule time for each subject. Create a study schedule and set realistic goals. Divide the content into digestible bits and schedule time for each topic.
  •  Take Notes and Summarize: Take detailed notes and summarize crucial themes while studying. This will assist you to comprehend and aid your review.
  •  Practice with Sample Questions: Use practice examinations and sample questions to become used to NACE exam questions. Timed practice simulates the exam and improves time management.
  •  Look for NACE exam prep seminars, workshops, online courses, and study groups. These resources can help you learn more.
  • Review and Assess: Check your progress and study materials often. Find your weak spots and study more. Assess your test preparedness with self-assessment quizzes or simulated exams.
  •  Get Help: Talk to professionals who have taken the NACE exam or join study groups and forums to get your questions answered.
  •  Manage Stress and Take Breaks: A healthy study-life balance is essential. To maximize study time, take pauses, do what you like, and rest.

Some questions on the NACE Foundations of Nursing exam are more difficult than others, and the exam is typically regarded as being of moderate difficulty.

The amount of time needed to study for the NACE exam depends on various things, including your past knowledge and expertise in the subject area, your study habits, and the exam’s depth and detail. Allow enough time for thorough preparation.

The Foundations of Nursing NACE test has a 4-hour time limit.

The 200 items on the test.

The following actions should be followed to check your NACE exam score. Await the release of results, Examine your email or online account. access the exam portal, and View and examine the score report. Recognize the scoring system, Message the test administrator (if needed) Contact the test administrator or other specified contact if you have any queries or worries about your exam score. Depending on the particular exam and the company handling its administration, the precise publication date for results may change.

Reviewing the exam curriculum, comprehending the exam structure, obtaining and reviewing study resources, developing a study plan, using sample exams, and registering for NACE-approved training courses are the most crucial steps in passing the NACE Level 2 CBT exam. Reviewing the exam syllabus, comprehending the exam format, obtaining and reviewing study resources, making a study plan, using practice exams, and registering for NACE-approved training programs specially made for the Level 2 CBT exam are all essential for passing the exam. Participating in study groups or forums, concentrating on weak areas, practicing time management, reviewing and revising, managing test tension, reading and according to instructions, and practicing time management are the key components of passing the Level 2 CBT exam. These classes give students the in-depth knowledge and real-world skills they need to pass the test. Participants should also participate in study groups or forums to exchange knowledge, talk about ideas, and clear up any doubts. Participants should also determine their areas of weakness and devote extra effort to studying those areas. Participants should also learn time management techniques, and review, and handle exam stress by reading and adhering to instructions.

Reviewing the exam syllabus, studying the suggested resources, making a study plan, using study guides and practice questions, attending training sessions, participating in study groups or forums, taking mock exams, reviewing and reinforcing the material, seeking clarification, and managing exam stress are the most crucial aspects of exam preparation for the NACE I (Coating Inspector Program Level 1) exam. These steps will assist you in gaining a thorough understanding of the coating inspection principles and practices covered on the exam, understanding the content and topics that will be covered on the exam, developing a realistic study routine, using study guides and practice questions, participating in study groups or forums, taking mock exams, reviewing and reinforcing the material, getting clarification, and managing exam stress.

The NACE CIP (Coating Inspector Program) Level 1 test is closed-book and intended to gauge candidates’ knowledge and comprehension of the concepts and procedures of coating inspection. It is crucial to read the suggested resources and materials offered by NACE to fully prepare for the exam. It is advised that you contact NACE directly if you have specific queries or require clarification, or that you refer to the organization’s official test policies and literature.

To acquire the authorized NACE CCP certificate of completion for the relevant module, candidates must have a score of 88% or above.

The National League for Nursing offers seven examinations, including the Nursing Acceleration Challenge Examination (NACE) I: Foundations of Nursing exam (NLN). The test’s objective is to assess the knowledge and expertise of Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) seeking advanced placement in Registered Nursing programs.

When it comes to passing the NACE exams, practice exams can be your secret weapon. Although you could consider them to be simply another study aid in your collection, they are much more effective than regular flashcards or chapter summaries. You can assess your performance using practice exams to see how well you’d perform in a real exam.