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What is NCLEX?

NCLEX Practice Test Questions is the National Council Licensure Examination which is a standardized test that is used to ascertain whether a candidate is prepared to become licensed as an entry-level nurse.

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing or NCSBN for short administers and regulates the examinations for more than fifty state regulatory boards in the United States. They ensure that each candidate for licensure has the requirements and competencies to be in the practice of nursing. Thus, the nursing licensure exam was developed.

NCLEX Exam was made by Person VUE.

There are 2 types of NCLEX exams: NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN.

The NCLEX-RN is the nursing exam for candidates who want to be registered nurses. They either completed an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) or a Bachelor’s Degree (BSN).

On the other hand, the NCLEX-PN is the nursing exam for candidates who want to become practical and vocational nurses. They either completed programs in License in Practical Nursing (LPNs) or Licensed Vocational Nursing (LVNs).

Free NCLEX Practice Test Online

NCLEX Format

The NCLEX consists of 2 nursing tests: the RN test and the LVN or LPN test. Both of them are almost similar. The difference is that the former emphasizes the management and supervision of individuals, while the latter focuses on assisting and working under the supervision of registered nurses.

What is the test type for the NCLEX?

 The NCLEX contains items with different formats. It usually makes use of multiple-choice. Some other formats would be multiple response, hotspots, ordered response, fill-in-the-blank, graphics, calculation, and audio.

What does the NCLEX-RN exam consist of?

 The RN exam is a computerized adaptive test (CAT) that usually contains 75 to 265 questions out of which are 15 unscored pretest questions. The time limit for the test is 6 hours. It is advisable that the candidate should answer each of the questions in one to two minutes.       

 NCLEX- RN Content

                                                                             Client Needs

Safe and Effective Care Environment – the nurse encourages the achievement of client outcomes. He/she gives and directs nursing care that boosts the care delivery setting to protect clients and healthcare staff.



Percentage of Items from Each


Management of Care

The nurse gives and directs nursing care that boosts the care delivery setting to protect clients and healthcare staff.


Safety and Infection Control

The nurse protects clients and healthcare staff from health and environmental hazards.


Health Promotion and Maintenance – The nurse gives and directs nursing care of the client by using knowledge of expected growth and development; early detection and prevention of health problems, and techniques to achieve optimal health.


Psychosocial Integrity – The nurse gives and directs nursing care that encourages and supports the mental, emotional, and social well-being of the client who is experiencing stressful events. He/she also helps clients with acute or chronic mental illness.


Physiological Integrity – The nurse encourages physical health and wellness by giving care and comfort. He/she reduces client risk potential and manages health alterations.



Percentage of Items from Each


Basic Care and Comfort

The nurse offers comfort and assistance in the performance of daily living activities.


Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies

The nurse gives care by administering medications and parenteral therapies.


Reduction of Risk Potential

The nurse reduces the chances that clients will develop health complications or problems in relation to existing conditions, treatments or procedures.


Physiological Adaptation

The nurse manages and offers care for clients with chronic, acute, or

life-threatening physical health conditions.



What does the NCLEX-PN exam consist of?

The LPN exam is a computerized adaptive test (CAT) that usually contains 85 to 205 questions out of which are 25 unscored pretest questions. It cannot be taken in paper-and-pencil or oral examination formats. The time limit for the test is 5 hours. For more information, the complete processes and content are stated in the NCLEX Candidate Bulletin at

How to pass the NCLEX?

The NCLEX uses logits for their test scores. These are units of measurement that determine the relative difference between the estimated ability of a candidate and the difficulty of the questions they answer. The NCLEX passing standard score for the RN exam is 0.00 logits, and for the LPN exam, it’s -0.21 logits.

Also, the NCLEX exams make use of the 95% Confidence Interval Rule. It means that after you have answered the minimum number of questions, there will be an assessment. The computer will determine whether or not there is at least a 95% certainty that your ability is above or below the standard passing score. The exam will continue until it is assessed that you reached at least 95% confidence.

But, if you end up answering the maximum number of questions, then regardless of the computer being at 95%, you’ll pass or fail based on the final estimate of your ability.

NCLEX Registration

To take the NCLEX exam, you must know the registration process:

Step 1: You must meet the requirements for eligibility to take the exam.

You cannot register to take the NCLEX until after you apply for a license through your state’s nursing regulatory body (NRB). You must have the following educational requirements: 

  • For licensed practical or vocational nurses, an accredited LPN or LVN certificate program.
  • For registered nurses, an accredited associate’s degree in nursing or a bachelor’s degree.
Step 2: You’ll be considered eligible if you received an Authorization to Test email.

 Through the ATT email, you’ll receive your authorization number, candidate number, and the validity dates, which is usually an average period of 90 days, and a list of testing centers. By getting your ATT, you’ll be able to schedule your NCLEX exam.

Step 3: Your Candidate Bulletin will show you the details of registering to take the NCLEX.

 You need to register and pay for the appropriate fees at Pearson VUE testing centers. You have to have an Acknowledgement of Receipt of Registration and your ATT.

Step 4: You need to schedule for the  NCLEX at Pearson Vue testing centers.

 After knowing that you are eligible and you have received the ATT email, you can now schedule within the validity dates stated in  your Authorization to Test. You can check out your local testing centers to take the NCLEX at

How much does NCLEX cost?

The average cost for taking the two types of NCLEX tests is $200. You often pay for the appropriate fees when you register at Pearson Vue testing centers. There may be some additional charges when you want to change your regulatory board, or you want to change the NCLEX exam you want to register to. It will usually cost an additional $50.

NCLEX Review Courses

Here are the best NCLEX review programs:

  1. UWorld NCLEX Prep
  2. (formerly NRSNG)* NCLEX Test Prep
  3. Kaplan NCLEX Test Prep
  4. Hurst
  5. ATI

NCLEX Study Guide PDF

It can be stressful to study for the NCLEX. We have NCLEX practice questions to aid you with your NCLEX study plan PDF, NCLEX lab values PDF, and NCLEX review PDF.

Exam preparation necessitates the acquisition of appropriate study resources. One of these is the NCLEX questions and answers PDF, as well as the NCLEX exam questions PDF. You can use it with our free NCLEX practice questions.

Some people look for NCLEX RN study guide PDF, NCLEX RN exam PDF, and RN NCLEX study guide PDF in order to test their knowledge you can use RN NCLEX practice questions free.

You can also use our NCLEX exam questions to test your knowledge of the NCLEX PN questions and answers PDF.

NCLEX Questions

Generally, it refers to either of two standardized tests that a nurse must pass in order to become an associate nurse (LPN) or registered nurse (RN).

In a normal exam year, the National Council Licensure Examination contains a maximum of 265 questions and a minimum of 75 questions.

The NCLEX can be taken up to 8 times per year, with a 45-day gap between each try.

NCLEX stands for National Council License Examination.

To pass, you must eventually ascend over the pass line, demonstrating skill with a little margin of error.

Proper preparation is very important when it comes to studying NCLEX. Nursing school is not a joke, it is important to use it wisely in a limited amount of time.

Yes and no are the answers. Some state boards declare that as long as you went to nursing school, completed your clinical hours, and achieved a passing grade, you are eligible to take the NCLEX.

The NCLEX is a hard exam.

NCLEX official test results will take about 6 weeks to be released.

When you receive official results from your state board of nursing, you will know whether or not you passed the NCLEX-RN.

Test takers have a total of six hours to complete the NCLEX exam.

Yes, the UWorld is more harder than the NCLEX.

The cost of the NCLEX exam is $200, which is paid to Pearson Vue at the time of the exam.

Computerized Adapted Testing, or CAT, is used to administer the NCLEX. CAT customizes test questions to your skill level, resulting in faster, more accurate, and more equitable test results.

Answering NCLEX questions involves both knowledge and strategy.

You’ll get an application for licensure around six weeks before your nursing school graduation in order to register for the NCLEX-RN® or NCLEX-PN®.

You will be given the opportunity to retake it at a later time. According to the NCSBN website, you can take the exam up to eight times each year, with a 45-day gap between each try.

Individual State Boards of Nursing administer the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN exam).

The NCLEX is a screening test that is meant to identify applicants who can demonstrate that they have the necessary nursing skills to practice effectively.

It is very recommended that you study for the NCLEX during your nursing school career. All you have to do when it comes time to take the NCLEX is go over what you’ve already learned. Focus on your studies while in nursing school, and you’ll have a leg up on the exam.

The NCLEX uses Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT) to administer and score the exam. The computer adapts and recalculates your ability as you answer questions on the computer.

The ATI is far more difficult than the NCLEX.

Individuals taking the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) must carry proper identification with them when they are scheduled to take the test. The ID must match the name on the Authorization To Test (ATT) email provided to all test takers.

When the test ends depends on the level you are running consistently. Therefore, candidates may or may not pass NCLEXRN with 75 question, 265 question, or any number in between. The average number of questions is 119, but about 14% of test takers have up to 265 questions.

Yes, LPNs must take the NCLEX-PN, whereas RN applicants must take the NCLEX-RN.

After completing the NCLEX exam, license numbers are usually issued within 1-3 business days.

Many students wonder how many questions are required to pass the NCLEX-RN. In a short, it depends. On the NCLEX-RN, a test taker will be presented with a minimum of 75 and a maximum of 265 questions (85-205 on the NCLEX-PN).

The earliest date you can take the NCLEX-RN® exam varies by state, but the majority of students take it 45 days following graduation.

You can retake the NCLEX-RN as many times as you want until you pass it. In any 45-day period, you can take the NCLEX once (up to a maximum of 8 times per year).

If you fail the first time, you can retake the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) examinations. These tests are administered by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN), which permits test takers to retake them up to eight times per year.

The passing logit score for the NCLEX-RN (through 2019) is 0.00, according to a recent announcement by the NCSBN. To pass, you must properly answer at least 50% of the medium-difficulty questions.

The NCLEX-RN test strategy, exam, and passing standards are reviewed every three years by the NCSBN Board of Directors to reflect any changes in the field of nursing and entry level competency requirements.

Official exam results are only available through your NRB and will arrive six weeks following the exam.

Answering questions at the analytical level is required to pass the NCLEX®. Priority questions are usually written at the analysis level, thus knowing how to recognize and answer them is critical.

Students should allocate at least 1-2 months of study time to pass the NCLEX.

We recommend that you complete approximately 2,800 exercises before the exam. If it takes a month to study, it means completing about 100 NCLEX exercises per day.

NCLEX-PN is a computerized adaptive test (CAT). NS. Each correctly answered question determines the difficulty of the next question and the total number of questions to answer. For this reason, there are 85 to 205 questions about NCLEX-PN.

Test takers might complete 75 to 265 questions in a typical exam year.

The NCLEX fast results should be about 100 percent accurate in determining whether or not you are eligible for the NCLEX. Whether or not you passed or failed the exam. You are unable to practice as a licensed or registered professional nurse until your state board of nursing posts the official findings.

Candidates must pass the NCLEX exam within three years of graduating from nursing school.

Despite the fact that the vast majority of applicants pass the exam on the first try, Those who fail have 45 days to retake the exam if they fail the first time. date of the original test Candidates can retest up to eight times per year.

The most effective technique is to review every day and repeatedly practice NCLEX-style questions. It is far better to put aside some time each day over several weeks rather than trying to cram everything into a few study sessions shortly before the retest. Make a plan and stick to it.

It is theoretically possible to pass the NCLEX without studying, but it is quite unlikely. To pass without studying, you’d have to be either inherently bright or have done well in nursing school when it came to memorizing and remembering material.

You must either unreschedule or reschedule your appointment on the Pearson VUE website or by speaking with a representative at Pearson VUE NCLEX Candidate Services, and you must obtain an email confirmation of the un reschedule or rescheduled appointment.

According to the NCSBN, the NCLEX is a national exam that can be taken in any state regardless of where the candidate wants to practice.

Yes, On the NCLEX, math questions are considered a lower level question.

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