NCLEX Nursing Leadership Test #9


Which of the following terms refer to the degree to which an instrument measures what it is supposed to be measure?

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Validity is ensuring that the instrument contains appropriate questions about the research topic

He plans for his sampling method. Which sampling method gives equal chance to all units in the population to get picked?

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Random sampling gives equal chance for all the elements in the population to be picked as part of the sample.

Raphael is interested to learn more about transcultural nursing because he is assigned at the family suites where most patients come from different cultures and countries. Which of the following designs is appropriate for this study?

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Ethnography is focused on patterns of behavior of selected people within a culture

The nursing theorist who developed transcultural nursing theory is

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Madeleine Leininger developed the theory on transcultural theory based on her observations on the behavior of selected people within a culture.

As a manager, she focuses her energy on both the quality of services rendered to the patients as well as the welfare of the staff of her unit. Which of the following management styles does she adopt?

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