NCLEX Nursing Leadership Test #8


She notes that there is an increasing unrest of the staff due to fatigue brought about by shortage of staff. Which action is a priority?

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Initiate a group interaction will be an opportunity to discuss the problem in the open.

Kevin is a member of the Nursing Research Council of the hospital. His first assignment is to determine the level of patient satisfaction on the care they received from the hospital. He plans to include all adult patients admitted from April to May, with average length of stay of 3-4 days, first admission, and with no complications. Which of the following is an extraneous variable of the study?

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An extraneous variable is not the primary concern of the researcher but has an effect on the results of the study. Adult patients may be young, middle or late adult.

He thinks of an appropriate theoretical framework. Whose theory addresses the four modes of adaptation?

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Sr. Callista Roy developed the Adaptation Model which involves the physiologic mode, self-concept mode, role function mode and dependence mode

He opts to use a self-report method. Which of the following is NOT TRUE about this method?

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The most serious disadvantage of this method is accuracy and validity of information gathered

Which of the following articles would Kevin least consider for his review of literature?

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The article is for pediatric patients and may not be relevant for adult patients.

Which of the following variables will he likely EXCLUDE in his study?

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Salary of staff nurses is not an indicator of patient satisfaction, hence need not be included as a variable in the study.

He plans to use a Likert Scale to determine

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Likert scale is a 5-point summated scale used to determine the degree of agreement or disagreement of the respondents to a statement in a study.

He checks if his instruments meet the criteria for evaluation. Which of the following criteria refers to the consistency or the ability to yield the same response upon its repeated administration?

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Reliability is repeatability of the instrument; it can elicit the same responses even with varied administration of the instrument

Which criteria refer to the ability of the instrument to detect fine differences among the subjects being studied?

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Sensitivity is an attribute of the instrument that allow the respondents to distinguish differences of the options where to choose from

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