NCLEX Nursing Leadership Test #7


St. Raphael Medical Center just opened its new Performance Improvement Department. Ms. Valencia is appointed as the Quality Control Officer. She commits herself to her new role and plans her strategies to realize the goals and objectives of the department. Which of the following is a primary task that they should perform to have an effective control system?

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Identify the values of the department will set the guiding principles within which the department will operate its activities

Ms. Valencia develops the standards to be followed. Among the following standards, which is considered as a structure standard?

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Structure standards include management system, facilities, equipment, materials needed to deliver care to patients. Rotation of duty is a management system.

When she presents the nursing procedures to be followed, she refers to what type of standards?

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Process standards include care plans, nursing procedure to be done to address the needs of the patients.

The following are basic steps in the controlling process of the department. Which of the following is NOT included?

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This is a step in a quality control process and not a basic step in the control process.

Which of the following statements refers to criteria?

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Criteria are specific characteristics used to measure the standard of care.

She wants to ensure that every task is carried out as planned. Which of the following tasks is NOT included in the controlling process?

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Instructing the members involves a directing function.

Ms. Valencia prepares the process standards. Which of the following is NOT a process standard?

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This refers to an outcome standard, which is a result of the care that is rendered to the patient.

Which of the following is evidence that the controlling process is effective?

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Controlling is defined as seeing to it that what is planned is done.

Ms. Valencia is responsible to the number of personnel reporting to her. This principle refers to:

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Span of control refers to the number of workers who report directly to a manager.

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