NCLEX Nursing Leadership Test #6


She decides to illustrate the organizational structure. Which of the following elements is NOT included?

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Unity of direction is a management principle, not an element of an organizational structure.

She plans of assigning competent people to fill the roles designed in the hierarchy. Which process refers to this?

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Staffing is a management function involving putting the best people to accomplish tasks and activities to attain the goals of the organization.

She checks the documentary requirements for the applicants for staff nurse position. Which one is NOT necessary?

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Record of RLE is not required for employment purposes but it is required for the nurse’s licensure examination.

Which phase of the employment process includes getting on the payroll and completing documentary requirements?

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This step in the recruitment process gives time for the staff to submit all the documentary requirements for employment.

She tries to design an organizational structure that allows communication to flow in all directions and involve workers in decision making. Which form of organizational structure is this?

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Decentralized structures allow the staff to make decisions on matters pertaining to their practice and communicate in downward, upward, lateral and diagonal flow.

In a horizontal chart, the lowest level worker is located at the

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The leftmost box is occupied by the highest authority while the lowest level worker occupies the rightmost box.

She decides to have a decentralized staffing system. Which of the following is an advantage of this system of staffing?

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Decentralized structures allow the staff to solve decisions by themselves, involve them in decision making; hence they are always given opportunities to interact with one another.

Aubrey thinks about primary nursing as a system to deliver care. Which of the following activities is NOT done by a primary nurse?

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This function is done in team nursing where the nurse is a member of a team that provides care for a group of patients.

Which pattern of nursing care involves the care given by a group of paraprofessional workers led by a professional nurse who take care of patients with the same disease conditions and are located geographically near each other?

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Modular nursing is a variant of team nursing. The difference lies in the fact that the members in modular nursing are paraprofessional workers.

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