NCLEX Nursing Leadership Test #5


He asserts the importance of promoting a positive organizational culture in their unit. Which of the following behaviors indicate that this is attained by the group?

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Stephanie is a new Staff Educator of a private tertiary hospital. She conducts orientation among new staff nurses in her department. Joseph, one of the new staff nurses, wants to understand the channel of communication, span of control and lines of communication. Which of the following will provide this information?

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Organizational structure provides information on the channel of authority, i.e., who reports to whom and with what authority; the number of people who directly reports to the various levels of hierarchy and the lines of communication whether line or staff.

Stephanie is often seen interacting with the medical intern during coffee breaks and after duty hours. What type of organizational structure is this?

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This is usually not published and oftentimes concealed.

She takes pride in saying that the hospital has a decentralized structure. Which of the following is NOT compatible with this type of model?

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Tall organizations are highly centralized organizations where decision making is centered on one authority level.

Centralized organizations have some advantages. Which of the following statements are TRUE? 1. Highly cost-effective 2. Makes management easier 3. Reflects the interest of the worker 4. Allows quick decisions or actions.

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Centralized organizations are needs only a few managers hence they are less expensive and easier to manage

Stephanie delegates effectively if she has authority to act, which is BEST defined as:

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Authority is a legitimate or official right to give command. This is an officially sanctioned responsibility

Regardless of the size of a work group, enough staff must be available at all times to accomplish certain purposes. Which of these purposes is NOT included?

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Providing a pair of hands for other units is not a purpose in doing an effective staffing process. This is a function of a staffing coordinator at a centralized model.

Which of the following guidelines should be least considered in formulating objectives for nursing care?

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Staff preferences should be the least priority in formulating objectives of nursing care. Individual preferences should be subordinate to the interest of the patients.

Stephanie considers shifting to transformational leadership. Which of the following statements best describes this type of leadership?

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Transformational leadership relies heavily on visioning as the core of leadership.

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