NCLEX Nursing Leadership Test #3


He knows that there are external forces that influence changes in his unit. Which of the following is NOT an external force?

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Low morale of staff is an internal factor that affects only the unit. All the rest of the options emanate from the top executive or from outside the institution.

After discussing the possible effects of the low patient satisfaction rate, the staff started to list down possible strategies to solve the problems head-on. Should they decide to vote on the best change strategy, which of the following strategies is referred to this?

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Majority rule involves dividing the house and the highest vote wins.1/2 + 1 is a majority.

One staff suggests that they review the pattern of nursing care that they are using, which is described as a:

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A system used to deliver care. In the 70’s it was termed as methods of patient assignment; in the early 80’s it was called modalities of patient care then patterns of nursing care in the 90’s until recently authors called it nursing care systems.

Which of the following is TRUE about functional nursing?

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Functional nursing is focused on tasks and activities and not on the holistic care of the patients

He raised the issue on giving priority to patient needs. Which of the following offers the best way for setting priority?

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This option follows the framework of the nursing process at the same time applies the management process of planning, organizing, directing and controlling

Which of the following is the best guarantee that the patient’s priority needs are met?

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The best source of information about the priority needs of the patient is the patient himself. Hence using a nursing care plan based on his expressed priority needs would ensure meeting his needs effectively.

When Henry uses team nursing as a care delivery system, he and his team need to assess the priority of care for a group of patients, which of the following should be a priority?

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In setting priorities for a group of patients, those who need the most care should be number-one priority to ensure that their critical needs are met adequately. The needs of other patients who need less care ca be attended to later or even delegated to assistive personnel according to rules on delegation.

He is hopeful that his unit will make a big turnaround in the succeeding months. Which of the following actions of Henry demonstrates that he has reached the third stage of change?

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Integrate the solutions to his day-to-day activities is expected to happen during the third stage of change when the change agent incorporate the selected solutions to his system and begins to create a change.

Joey is a newly-appointed nurse manager of The Holy Spirit Medical Center, a tertiary hospital located within the heart of the metropolis. He thinks of scheduling planning workshop with his staff in order to ensure an effective and efficient management of the department. Should he decide to conduct a strategic planning workshop, which of the following is NOT a characteristic of this activity?

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Strategic planning involves options A, B and D except C which is attributed to operational planning

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