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The MTEL General Curriculum Exam is one of the two subtests that you need to pass to become a teacher in Massachusetts. It is a multiple choice logic-reasoning test. It covers the following subjects: biology, US history, physics, and English.

The instructor will review basic sentence structure and then guide students to master the open response section. She will also cover specific test-taking strategies.

MTEL General Curriculum

The MTEL General Curriculum Exam is a required test for individuals who want to become teachers in Massachusetts. It is a multiple-choice test with one open-response item. A passing score on this exam is 240. You can take the test in two sections: multi-subject and math. To pass, you must get a passing score on both subtests. The test is offered twice per year and costs $139 for the full exam or $94 for each subtest.

Our MTEL General Curriculum practice tests are designed to match the difficulty level of the real exam. You can take our practice exams as many times as you like, and each time you will receive a new set of questions. Each question also comes with a detailed answer explanation. This will help you understand where your mistakes were and how to avoid them in the future.

MTEL General Curriculum Study Guide PDF

The MTEL General Curriculum exam is one of the first steps in becoming a teacher in Massachusetts. The test measures the knowledge and skills of prospective teachers to determine whether they meet licensure requirements. It is administered by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and Pearson Education, Inc. It is a computer-based test, and candidates should expect to spend 4 hours at the testing center.

Our MTEL General Curriculum Study Guide Pdf is filled with the critical information you need to do well on your exam. It includes practice test questions and easy-to-read essential summaries that highlight the key components of the exam. You will also find tips for overcoming common mistakes and strategies for increasing your score.

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General Curriculum Math MTEL Practice Test

The MTEL General Curriculum Exam is designed to assess candidates’ abilities in multiple subjects. The test contains both multiple-choice and open-response items. Candidates can choose to take one or two subtests at each testing appointment. The multi-subject and mathematics subtests each contain two sections: a multiple-choice section and an open-response section. The open-response portion is worth 10% of the overall subtest score, while the multiple-choice section is worth 90%.

This is a very long and time-consuming exam. To pass, you will need a score of 240 or higher. You can also schedule a separate session for each test to increase your chances of passing.

Our MTEL General Curriculum prep course is designed to provide you with the skills and strategies you need to succeed on this exam. The course consists of six sessions, each two hours long. It starts off with a review of the content included on this exam, then moves on to essential test-taking strategies. You will also learn about the different question types that appear on this exam.

General Curriculum MTEL Prep

The MTEL General Curriculum exam is one of the tests required for those seeking to become teachers in Massachusetts. It is a computer-based test that contains multiple-choice and open response items. The multiple-choice sections are weighted more heavily, but the open response section is also important. To be successful on this exam, it is best to study for at least three to four weeks with a proven mtel general curriculum prep book.


Our mtel general curriculum prep guide is packed with the specific and detailed information that will be key to passing your exam. It is laid out in a logical and organized fashion, so that each section naturally flows from the one preceding it. It is also written with an eye for both technical accuracy and accessibility, so you won’t get lost in dense academic language.

Other mtel preparation resources include mtel practice exams and flashcards. Taking these tests will help you identify areas of weakness and focus your study time. In addition, you should also take the mtel math prep exam to prepare for the multiple-choice questions in the multi-subject and mathematics subtests.

General Curriculum MTEL Quizlet

If you are planning to become an educator in Massachusetts, you will need to pass the MTEL General Curriculum Exam and the Communication and Literacy Skills exam. These tests are administered in a computer-based format and can be taken year-round at various locations throughout the state. The MTEL General Curriculum exam has 100 multiple-choice questions and two open-response items. The test is administered in two subtests and lasts for four hours. You should arrive at the testing center 30 minutes early to complete the check-in process.

The MTEL General Curriculum exam is divided into major content subareas. It is designed to measure candidates’ knowledge of subject matter as outlined in the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for each content area. It also helps identify candidates who meet the criterion for licensure in a specific field of teaching.

The MTEL General Curriculum exam can be difficult, but there are ways to prepare for it. One way is to use a practice test that allows you to see your weak areas. The test you take should include practice questions and detailed explanations. It should also allow you to take the practice test as many times as necessary to improve your score.

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MTEL General Curriculum Essay Questions

If you are planning to become a teacher in Massachusetts, you must take the MTEL General Curriculum exam. This test measures your ability to teach the subjects and levels taught in the state. It consists of multiple-choice questions and open-response items. The questions on the MTEL are based on Massachusetts curriculum frameworks and the subject tests at Lesley University. You must create an online NES account to register for the test and schedule your examination date. The examination costs $139 or $94 per subtest.

During your preparation for the MTEL general curriculum test, you should spend time reviewing the MTEL curriculum guides and reading the MTEL textbooks. You should also practice with MTEL sample tests to improve your score. These practice tests will help you understand how the MTEL exam is scored.

Our  MTEL general curriculum study guide and practice questions come in both print and ebook versions. Both options include detailed answer explanations that will help you identify and avoid making mistakes on the real MTEL exam. This will improve your chances of passing the exam and becoming a teacher in Massachusetts.

MTEL General Curriculum Flashcards

The MTEL General Curriculum exam is a test of your knowledge of many different subjects. It has both multiple-choice and open response questions, which are scored separately. You must pass both subtests to get a license. You can prepare for the exam by using a study guide and flashcards. These materials cover all the major subject areas that you will be tested on. They are portable and easy to use, so you can review them when you have time.

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Using a MTEL prep course will give you the best chances of passing the exam. These courses include a thorough review of the material, practice tests, detailed answer explanations, and rich diagnostic data. They will also help you identify areas where further study is needed.

To improve your chances of passing the MTEL General Curriculum, follow these tips: Practice Problem-Solving: During your mtel general curriculum preparation, make sure you write out the steps for each question and commit them to memory. This will save you valuable time during the actual exam. Moreover, it will help you remember the formulas that are most likely to appear on the test.

MTEL General Curriculum Open Response

MTEL is an examination that is required to be passed in order to obtain a teaching license in Massachusetts. It is a multiple-choice test with open-response questions. The exam lasts four hours and consists of five tasks. This test is administered by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The MTEL website offers preparation materials for each exam, including practice tests and test information guides.

The MTEL General Curriculum test measures a candidate’s knowledge of subject matter as identified by the state standards. The test is designed to evaluate candidates’ ability to teach a variety of subject areas in elementary and secondary schools. Candidates must earn a minimum scaled score of 240 on the two subtests of the MTEL to pass the test. The MTEL General Curriculum test is also a prerequisite for many teacher licensure applications in Massachusetts. Applicants should check educator licensure regulations to see whether this test is required for their particular license.