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Once you meet with your recruiter, you will be sent to MEPS to complete the enlistment process. This includes undergoing a medical exam. During this process, you will be tested for blood and drug tests, hearing and eye exams, as well as a body fat test.

USMEPCOM operates 65 Military Entrance Processing Stations throughout the country. The goal of these facilities is to ensure that enlistment applicants meet the service standards set by each branch of the military.

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MEPS Physical Exam

The MEPS physical exam determines whether or not you meet the mental, physical, and moral standards to become an enlisted soldier. This is an important part of the military entrance process because it ensures that you are healthy enough to undergo basic training and military service. The MEPS physical exam includes height and weight measurements, hearing and vision tests, urine and blood tests, a drug test, and a psychological screening.

Applicants must bring their Social Security card, birth certificate and driver’s license to MEPS. They should also get a good night’s sleep and bathe the day before their examinations. Avoid bringing stereo headphones, watches, jewelry, or excessive cash. Women will be given a drape or gown to wear during their physical. They will be accompanied by a woman attendant when they have to remove their clothing for testing.

The MEPS medical prescreening is designed to identify any conditions that need further records requests from the military’s health system. This allows your recruiter to obtain records before you go to MEPS, which saves time and prevents you from being temporarily disqualified from joining the military.

MEPS Drug Test

During the MEPS drug test, you are required to provide a urine sample. This test is used to screen for illegal drugs and to ensure that you are not taking any medication that would disqualify you from military service. The MEPS drug test is administered to applicants for all branches of the military, including the Air Force and the Navy.

The MEPS drug test is performed by a trained medical professional. The procedure is similar to that of a standard urinalysis. During the test, you will be asked a series of questions and asked to fill a collection cup with your urine. The sample will then be sent to a lab for testing.

To avoid failing the MEPS drug test, you should abstain from drug use for 1 – 2 months before your test. You should also drink plenty of water to help flush out your system. Attempting to cheat the MEPS drug test can have serious legal consequences, and you may be disqualified from military service. Additionally, you should not try to hide steroid use in your MEPS results.

Depth Perception Test MEPS

The depth perception test at meps is a very common test for military applicants. It involves a set of rows of five circles and the recruiter asks you to tell him which one looks different from the others. It is not something you can practice for. This is because it’s a neurologically based test and can be affected by fatigue or stress. However, there is a trick that can help you pass this test. The secret is to cross your eyes and relax them. This will make your eyes focus and give you a better chance of passing the test.

After taking the CAT-ASVAB, you will be assigned to an air force recruiter and taken to the Delayed Entry Program (DEP). During this time, you must attend regular in-person check-ins with your recruiter and stand on the scale to ensure that you are meeting physical standards. You may also need to take additional testing for your specific career choice. If you have a condition that requires a waiver, such as severe astigmatism, your recruiter can submit your records for a courtesy review at MEPS.

How Do You Know if You Passed MEPS Drug Test

Those seeking to join the military are required to undergo a series of physical examinations and tests as part of the process. This includes a urine drug test. The MEPS drug test is a state-of-the-art, highly sensitive test that is designed to detect drugs at low concentrations. Applicants can expect their results to be available within 72 hours.

The MEPS drug test looks for several different types of drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, and benzodiazepine sedatives. Recently, the list of drugs tested was expanded to include heroin, morphine, and synthetic cannabinoids such as Spice. Depending on the branch of service, additional tests may be required.

During the MEPS process, the test administrator will ask you a series of standard questions and then collect a sample of your urine for testing. Typically, the urine is sent to a laboratory for analysis. It is important to be honest with the test administrator about any medications you are taking. It is also advisable to stay hydrated in the days leading up to your MEPS drug test.

Does MEPS Test for Nicotine

As a joint Service organization, MEPS determines an applicant’s physical qualifications, aptitude, and moral standards set by each branch of the military. Applicants who pass all three screenings will officially complete the enlistment process. There are 65 MEPS locations throughout the country, and they are staffed by military and civilian professionals.

The Services have different standards for the use of drugs and alcohol. For example, most severe drug abuse is disqualifying, while limited “recreational” marijuana use does not require a waiver. However, it is important to note that the Air Force does not allow any level of marijuana use and will only issue a waiver for nonnarcotic drugs such as amphetamines and barbiturates.

In addition to testing for narcotics, the MEPS test also screens for nicotine. Nicotine can be detected for a short period of time, known as the detection window. This varies based on the type and amount of nicotine consumed, and it is also affected by many other factors including age, sex, and race. It is important to be aware of these differences, as they can affect the results of your test.

depth perception test meps

MEPS Blood Test

After achieving qualifying ASVAB scores, applicants must complete a MEPS examination. This includes physical and medical exams, screenings, and background checks. The MEPS examiners also assess a recruit’s fitness for military service. These evaluations are required for all branches of the armed forces, and they’re designed to ensure that recruits can meet their physical and moral standards.

During the MEPS blood test, recruits will be tested for signs of STDs and STIs as well as pregnancy (for women). They’ll also undergo drug tests. A small sample of blood is drawn and the process takes just a few minutes. During this time, recruits should avoid drinking alcohol or taking any drugs.

The MEPS blood test is not as rigorous or unreasonable as some people think. However, a false positive can be fatal to a military career. That’s why the MEPS staff use an abundance of caution to interpret test results. This prevents them from dismissing a recruit because of a single result. In most cases, a recruit will be allowed to retest after a period of time.

Does MEPS Test for Alcohol

The Military Entrance Processing Stations, or MEPS, are the Department of Defense facilities that evaluate and process applicants for military service. Applicants undergo a battery of examinations and tests to determine whether they meet the physical and moral requirements for service in the United States Armed Forces. This includes a medical questionnaire, height and weight measurements, hearing and vision tests, a urine test (including a drug screen), a pregnancy test for females, and a breathalyzer test. Applicants also meet with a service counselor and take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery.

If you have any chronic medical conditions, or even a mild ache or pain, it is important to inform your recruiter as soon as possible. This will give them time to process a medical waiver before your MEPS appointment.

If you fail a drug test at MEPS, you will not be allowed to enter the Armed Forces. Any trace of marijuana, opiates, cocaine or methamphetamine will disqualify you. This is because these substances are highly addictive and can cause severe addictions.

MEPS Drug Test Sensitivity

A positive MEPS drug test can have serious consequences, including denial of enlistment and forfeiture of any signing bonuses. It can also have a negative impact on an individual’s reputation, which may be difficult to recover from. Fortunately, the military has several options for individuals who fail their MEPS drug test.

Applicants must visit a MEPS to undergo screening before they can join one of the branches of the United States Armed Forces. The MEPS is a joint Service organization that determines whether a prospective recruit meets the physical and moral standards set by each of the Services. Its motto is Freedom’s Front Door, and it operates 65 Military Entrance Processing Stations throughout the United States.

The MEPS screening includes a urine sample that is tested for glucose, protein, and drugs. Female applicants are also tested for HCG (pregnancy). Generally, negative results return within three working days. However, the process can take longer if additional medical records are requested. The Department of Defense provides specific instructions for sample collection, handling, and testing. Any deviation from these instructions can throw off the results.

Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS) Questions and Answers

They won’t check your nicotine levels. It is not an illegal substance.

The test is done right away, and the outcomes are often ready in a few hours. You can continue with the enlisting procedure if you pass the MEPS drug test.

However, a blood alcohol test will be performed on everyone to ensure they are not intoxicated.

The military uses urinalysis to test for drugs at MEPS. This is a urine test that detects the presence of illegal substances in your system. The test is performed on the spot and is very accurate.

You will be rejected from joining the military and prohibited from reapplying for at least six months if you fail the MEPS drug test.

Prior to deployment, soldiers are tested for HIV, but routine testing for other STDs is not done. Currently, the military screens for HIV, but there is no regular, periodic testing for STDs, unlike other routine screenings for things like blood pressure and cholesterol.

The MEPS drug test does not have a preset time limit. It only finds drug metabolites that are present in your urine at the time of the test. The type of substance, the quantity and frequency of usage, your metabolism, your body fat percentage, and your level of hydration all affect the detection time. The typical window of time during which a drug can be identified in urine varies for different substances. THC, for instance, can be identified 1–3 weeks after a single use, whereas cocaine can be detected 3–5 days after use. The results of the MEPS drug test are typically available in 24 hours, but if positive, they may require additional screening.

MEPS stands for Military Entrance Processing Station. It is a place where applicants for military service are evaluated for their physical, mental, and moral qualifications.

If you passed the drug test the first time and your physical are complete, you may not need to do it again at MEPS. When you ship off for basic training and at random after that through your military career, you will be tested once more. Depending on the branch of service, if you fail a drug test at MEPS, you might be able to repeat it within 45 to 90 days. At the service’s discretion, you might have to wait 24 months for a third exam if you fail twice.

Except when you exhibit symptoms of an active infection, MEPS does not regularly test for herpes.

As part of its drug testing procedure for new recruits, MEPS does test for steroids. To check for the presence of steroids and other illicit chemicals in the body, MEPS normally uses a urine sample.

Military Entrance Processing Station is referred to as MEPS. It is a site where those interested in enlisting in the military undergo a series of exams and screenings to determine their suitability.

They offer a variety of services in addition to the MEPS blood test, including STD testing, counseling for mental health, nutrition, and women’s health.

The drug testing is performed only on the urinalysis.

The MEPS Household questionnaire includes a supplement called the Diabetes Care Survey (DCS), which is completed by respondents who indicated they had been diagnosed with diabetes.

MEPS does test for Hep C as part of the blood draw and urinalysis.

 MEPS does not test for HPV as part of the routine screening.

MEPS typically conducts a urine test to check for illegal drugs (including marijuana and steroids).

MEPS does breathalyzer testing as part of their medical examination. You may be barred from further processing on that day if you have even a little BAC.

Results of military drug tests are typically available in less than 24 hours.

The entire process takes between three and four hours, including administrative work and instructions.

The MEPS drug test is a very effective and precise test that can find a variety of substances and their metabolites in your body.

The MEPS blood test is a part of the medical screening that you need to undergo before joining the military. It checks for several things, such as:

  • HIV infection
  • Hepatitis infection
  • Other blood-borne diseases
  • Pregnancy (for female applicants)
  • Illicit drug use

You’ll have blood drawn to be tested for the HIV virus. You’ll be subjected to a drug and alcohol test. Pregnancy tests are administered to all female applicants. You will receive a confidential examination from a licensed medical professional.

Your ability and knowledge for military professions involving cyber are evaluated by the MEPS cyber test. The ICTL (Information and Communication Technology Literacy) test is another name for it.

The MEPS verification test is one that you may be required to take if you have done the PiCAT, which is an online version of the ASVAB that you can take at home or in a recruiter’s office. The verification test is a quick test that verifies the validity and accuracy of your PiCAT result.

You will be subjected to a drug and alcohol test.

MEPS does not routinely test for LSD or other psychedelic drugs, such as shrooms, in their urine analysis.

Yes, the Air Force and all other military branches submit to drug testing at MEPS. Before joining in the Air Force, you must pass the medical exam, which includes the drug test.

To pass the depth perception test at MEPS, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Before the exam, make sure your eyes are well-rested and moisturized.
  • Make sure the circles are properly aligned and that the stereoscope fits your eyes comfortably.
  • Breathe easy and fix your gaze on the middle of each circle. Never squint or strain your eyes.
  • To make the dots stand out, tilt your head slightly to one side or up and down.
  • Be thorough and avoid speculating. If you are uncertain, you can request a retake of the test.

TAPAS is a non-cognitive computer-adaptive evaluation (survey) that candidates for the military must complete.