Microsoft Internet Explorer Web Browser Update

The old web browser Microsoft Internet Explorer is out of date. It still has security issues and is deficient in many functions in contemporary web browsers. The last supported version is version 11, as Microsoft has discontinued publishing new versions.

If you use Windows, there is no need to continue using Internet Explorer; instead, you should switch to Microsoft Edge immediately. You’ll feel safer and probably notice that webpages load more quickly and effectively.

Some outdated websites demand that you use Internet Explorer, but that’s okay because Edge offers an “IE Mode” that allows you to select which websites you want to access as though you were using Internet Explorer. However, Edge will work flawlessly with most of the internet, and you’ll feel happy and secure knowing that you’re using a cutting-edge web browser that will keep you safe online.

Only Internet Explorer 11 is Supported

On January 12, 2016, Microsoft discontinued providing security updates for all versions of Internet Explorer other than version 11.

According to the table below, only Windows 7,  8.1, and 10 are compatible with Internet Explorer 11. If you use any other version of Windows (such as XP, Vista, or Windows 7), you must act right away since you cannot use a secure, supported version of Internet Explorer.

Change to Edge! Microsoft’s latest web browser, Edge, represents the company’s future. Even though Internet Explorer is offered only for backward compatibility, it should only be utilized if absolutely necessary.

Internet Explorer is no longer Supported in any other Versions

Internet Explorer versions prior to 11 are no longer supported and should not be used. They might have security flaws that haven’t been found yet, and if they do, they won’t be addressed, leaving you open to attack.

You could switch to Microsoft’s newest browser, Edge, if your version of Windows supports it. Alternatively, you might use a whole new web browser, like Mozilla’s Firefox or Google’s Chrome.

Internet Explorer's most recent Versions

Microsoft’s brand-new browser Edge is supported by Windows 10. Instead of using Internet Explorer, we advise switching to Edge. Windows 10 only includes Internet Explorer for websites incompatible with Edge or other contemporary browsers.

Installing Internet Explorer 11 on a Windows 7

Internet Explorer 11 is pre-installed on your computer if it is running Windows 8.1 or 10. You can download Internet Explorer 11 from Microsoft if you are using Windows 7.

Internet Explorer's Update

If you absolutely must download an older version of Internet Explorer, visit to do so.

This can enable you to use Internet Explorer on an outdated PC and run the most recent version of the browser. We do not advise doing this. It would be best if you considered upgrading your PC.

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