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Before you take your Maryland MVA 2025 Test, it is important to have the proper equipment. You should have the vehicle in which you will be tested, a valid learner’s permit and a licensed supervising driver. The accompanying driver must remain seated next to you in the vehicle until the MVA examiner arrives to administer the skills test.

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Maryland MVA Salisbury

The Maryland MVA 2025 Salisbury is a full service office that offers a wide range of services including Driver License and Renewal, Identification Cards, Tags, Titles, Vehicle Registration and Insurance Compliance assistance. This MVA is located in Wicomico County at 251 Tilghman Road Salisbury, MD 21801. The phone number for this location is 1-888-222-5500.

MVA hearings are unique in that they are conducted before an administrative law judge (ALJ) which is not a regular court judge but rather an attorney that is employed by the state of Maryland to travel throughout the jurisdiction and preside over these types of hearings. The hearing takes place in a small room similar to an office and the ALJ sits behind a desk while the attorney and driver are sitting in chairs in front of him.

The first thing that the ALJ will do is show all of the exhibits that the MVA has used to support their case. This will usually be done by using a large computer monitor so that the attorney and driver can see them as well.

Maryland MVA Hagerstown

The Hagerstown-full Service Of Maryland located in Hagerstown currently provides Road test, Driving License, Written Cards, Identification Cards, Commercial License, CDL Driving and many more. This office is also responsible for titling, plates and auto registration.

All applicants are required to have a licensed supervising driver with them while taking a skills test, including class M motorcycle tests. The supervising driver must remain seated in the vehicle until the MVA examiner arrives to administer the test. If the supervising driver is not present, the applicant will have to schedule another appointment.

MVA offers several classroom courses that are designed to prepare customers for the road test. These classes are based on State of Maryland, MSF and other national curriculums and are led by certified instructors. These classes are available at select locations in the area, including the Hagerstown MVA office.

All class A & B noncommercial and commercial skills and knowledge tests are administered in English only. However, MVA allows drivers to use an audio back-up warning device or a backup camera during the skills test. It is important that the customer uses these devices properly and remembers that backing a vehicle requires skill.

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Maryland MVA Easton

The Maryland MVA Easton-Full Service Office is located in Talbot County and provides driver license renewals, learner’s permits, registration renewals, tag return, title services and insurance compliance assistance. This location also offers commercial driver’s license skills and knowledge tests. To avoid long waits at this location, customers should call ahead to schedule an appointment.

The MVA requires that all drivers report any medical conditions or disabilities to the agency. The medical data is used to determine whether an individual should be allowed to drive or not. The information is kept confidential. In addition, the MVA may require individuals with a disability to submit a doctor’s statement describing their limitations, how they affect their ability to drive and any medications they take.

During the noncommercial class C and class M skills test, an accompanying licensed supervising driver must be present in the vehicle during the testing process. The person must be seated next to the test applicant and remain there throughout the test. The use of an audio back-up warning device and/or a backup camera during the skill test is permitted.

MVA Elkton Maryland

MVA Elkton is a full-service office that can help with Driver License Renewal, Learners Permit, Tags, Registration, Title, Insurance Compliance assistance and Commercial Driving Skills Testing. This location is also open to the public for Walk-In Appointments on a first come, first served basis. However, you should be aware of some limitations and restrictions.

If you’re taking a commercial driver’s license (CDL) skills test, you may not use an automatic parking feature or audio back-up warning device during your test. This is because backing a vehicle requires a level of skill and responsibility that cannot be replicated by any automated device.

If you’re obtaining a Maryland driver’s license from another state, you must surrender your old license to the MVA before the new one can be issued. Additionally, you must pass a background check and provide proof that you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. This is a requirement to protect your health and the safety of others. You can check the status of your vaccination online or by calling your local health department.

MVA Frederick Maryland

In Maryland, the MVA is responsible for vehicle and driver services. These include licensing, registration and title services, as well as safety inspections. If you need to visit the MVA, you can save yourself time by scheduling an appointment online. However, be sure to check the status of your appointment before you head out the door. If it is not available, you may need to schedule a new one.

Before taking your MVA skills test, you must have a licensed supervising driver with you in the passenger seat of the vehicle. This driver must remain seated until the MVA examiner arrives to administer the skills test. If the accompanying driver is unable to do so, you will not be allowed to take your test.

You must also report any change of name or address to the MVA within 30 days. This will prevent any misunderstandings and allow the MVA to issue you the correct documents. Incorrect names or addresses on MVA records can cause delays in processing your documents. You can report these errors through the MVA’s driver licensing system.

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Maryland MVA Waldorf

The Waldorf-Full Service office provides a variety of services, including Driver’s License and Renewal, Identification Cards, Vehicle Registration, Vehicle Titles, License Plates and Vehicle Inspections. It also offers commercial driver’s license (CDL) written and driving tests. The MVA is closed on certain holidays. The phone number for this location is 240-869-5477.

If you are a new driver, an eligible supervising driver who has a valid drivers’ license of the appropriate class and required endorsements must accompany you in the test vehicle to the test site. They must remain seated in the vehicle until an MVA examiner arrives to administer your skills test. The driver must also present the completed certification page from the Rookie Driver Practice Guide and their unexpired Maryland learner’s permit when they arrive for their testing appointment.

Noncommercial vehicle test applicants may use a car equipped with an audio back-up warning device or a backup camera during their skills test. However, using these devices does not replace a driver’s need for skill and judgment while backing up.

Maryland MVA Westminster

To schedule an appointment at the MVA Westminster, you can call or visit their website. You will need to provide your name, address and reason for the appointment. The MVA Maryland agent on the phone will then confirm the appointment details with you.

If you’re a new driver, make sure that you bring the proper documentation to the test site. This includes a valid learner’s permit, an accompanied driving test vehicle, and the certification page from your Rookie Driver Practice Guide. Also, you must have an accompanying licensed supervising driver seated in the front seat of your test vehicle.

A qualified Maryland DUI Hearing Lawyer can help you avoid losing your license. If you’re charged with DUI, your lawyer can request a hearing and argue on your behalf before an administrative judge. The outcome of your case will depend on the circumstances of the situation, such as if you blew over a certain blood alcohol level and caused serious bodily injury to another person. A successful hearing will allow you to keep your license and continue driving for work.

Annapolis Maryland MVA

The Maryland MVA Test is a written assessment that covers essential driver’s theory knowledge. It features 25 questions, and you must answer 22 of them correctly to pass the test. It takes 20 minutes to complete, which is more than enough time for you to study and prepare for the exam.

To take the test, you need to have a valid learner’s permit and a vehicle that is in good condition. You also need to bring a valid photo ID and proof of insurance. You must also be accompanied by a licensed supervising driver who must remain seated next to you during the test. You can take the skills test only once a day.

All MVA full service branch offices offer a skills test for noncommercial class C and class M drivers. The skills test includes a closed course portion to evaluate basic control and an on-road portion to further assess driving skills. The MVA last modified its skills test in 2015 to remove parallel parking from the closed course portion of the test. However, the agency justified the change by stating that parallel parking is already evaluated during the on-road portion of the test.

Maryland MVA Questions and Answers

     To make an appointment with the Maryland MVA, use their online MVA Central Scheduling System. If you prefer to schedule your appointment over the phone, call (410) 768-7000. Make sure you have your driver’s license or permit number accessible when you schedule your appointment.

     The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) can be reached by phone at 410-768-7000 or toll-free at 1-800-492-4575. You can also get more information and a list of MVA branches near you by visiting their website at You can also contact them by email at [email protected] or through social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook.

Yes, you can make an appointment at Maryland MVA

You can change your address with the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) online, by mail, or in person at one of the MVA’s branch offices.

  • To change your address online, go to the MVA’s official website and follow the instructions to update your information. You will be need to submit your driver’s license or ID number, date of birth, and new address.
  • If you like to update your address by mail, you can do so by downloading and filling out a change of address form from the MVA’s website and mailing it to the address indicated on the form.
  • Finally, if you want to alter your address in person, go to any MVA branch office and show them your driver’s license or identification card, as well as your proof of new address.

     To pay a Maryland MVA ticket online, go to the MVA’s website and select the “Pay a Ticket” option. You can then input your ticket number and other personal information to access your ticket and pay with a credit or debit card.

You have the following options for returning your license plates and obtaining a receipt:

    During normal business hours, you can return license plates in person to any of 24 MDOT MVA branch locations. Appointments are not available for license plate returns. If you drop your tags off at a branch office, ** It is important to include your email address on the return form; you will receive an email receipt within 72 hours of the drop.**
  • Use the DROP BOX tag.
    Drop your tags off at any of our tag return drop boxes located throughout Maryland. Drop boxes with 24-hour access are available at the branch offices in Baltimore City, Columbia, Cumberland, Gaithersburg, Glen Burnie, and Salisbury. To speed up the process, download the license plate return form, print it, and fill it out before returning your tags to a drop box. Forms can also be found in the drop box.
  • MAIL TAGS (Certified mail)
    Mail your license plates to MDOT MVA headquarters, 6601 Ritchie Highway N.E., Glen Burnie, MD 21062, Attn: CRTR.

Remember to always include your registration card when returning the license plates.

     The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) operates at various hours based on location. Some offices are open on weekends, while others are closed.

MVA stands for Motor Vehicle Administration

     The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) phone number varies depending on your region. You may discover the phone number for your local MVA office by going to and clicking on the “Locations” page. You can then choose your county and locate the phone number for your local office.

     The hours of operation for Maryland MVA offices vary depending on location. However, most MVA offices are open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m.

     The closing time of Maryland MVA offices varies depending on location. Many offices, however, closed at 4:30 p.m.

Customers can only visit MDOT MVA branches by appointment.

Yes, the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) is currently open for business.