M1 Motorcycle Practice Test 4


Motorcycle riders must give the right-of-way to

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Motorcycle riders must stop for pedestrians at crosswalks or intersections.

One of the causes of collisions at intersections is a vehicle making a left turn across your path. To cut down your chances of being hit,

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A vehicle making a left turn across your path is one of the leading causes of collisions at intersections. To cut down your chances of being hit, approach slowly and move to the right.

When a motorcycle bounces, the motorcycle rider can be protected from immediate danger by

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The driver must hold the handgrips firmly so as to not lose grip if the motorcycle bounces.

The use of the front brake should be avoided in which of the following circumstances?

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The only time the driver shouldn't use the front brake is when the surface is extremely slippery (e.g. with ice).

What should the driver do when the motorcycle chain locks the rear wheel?

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When the chain locks the rear wheel, maintain control and pull over immediately.

Which is a safer gear to use while going down a hill?

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Using a lower gear while going down a hill acts as a brake.

The motorcycle rider must check his/her mirrors every

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Motorcycle riders must check their mirrors every 5-7 seconds to watch the traffic behind them.

Incorrect use of gears can result in accidents when

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There is more to shifting gears than simply getting the motorcycle to accelerate smoothly. Accidents can occur if the gears are used incorrectly, when downshifting, turning, or starting on hills.

Motorcycle riders must maintain the following distance from other vehicles

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Motorcycle riders must maintain at least a 2-to-3-seconds' safe following distance from other vehicles.

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