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If you want to create your own logo animation, it’s important to use the right tools. PixTeller offers free logo animation software, and it supports all kinds of formats. This makes it possible to work with vector graphics as well as JPEG logos. You’ll also find an easy-to-use interface.

Free Logo Animation Practice Test Online

Logo Animation Questions and Answers

  • Start with Canva.
  • Select the right animated logo style to fit your brand.
  • Customize your animated logo.
  • Download as an MP4 video or GIF file.
  • Add it to your various visual branding media.

Based on two coats of arms, the Porsche emblem crest was created. The rising black horse is modeled after the coat of arms for Stuttgart, where Porsche was founded.

  • Prepare the logo file.
  • Import the logo into After Effects.
  • Set up the composition.
  • Animate with keyframes.
  • Animate with shape layers.
  • Adjust your animation timing.
  • Export your animated logo.

Although the Lamborghini automobile logo has several different parts, the “Taurus,” or bull, is the most recognizable. There are a few reasons why Lamborghini picked the bull as its mascot despite the fact that the usage of animals as symbols of fervor and speed is widespread in the auto industry.

Dodge chose Hellcat after finding that the American Grumman F6F Hellcat, an American fighter from World War II, bore the same name. They desired a look that reflected the vehicle’s ferocious strength and prowess. The emblem itself is a huge, menacing-looking cat with teeth showing.

  • Start a new Photoshop image. The size of your animation will determine the dimensions. However, for this example, we’ll choose 400400 pixels.
  • Include any additional components you desire in your animation.
  • Decide on the frame rate your animation will be using. The “Timeline” panel, which is often displayed on the right side of the screen, contains this information.
  • In the “Timeline” box at the very bottom, click the “Create Frame Animation” button.
  • Once you’ve created a frame animation, you can add as many additional frames as you like by selecting the “Insert Frame” button adjacent to the “Create Frame Animation” button.
  • Simply move your items between frames to make them animated. Depending on your needs, you can also change or remove certain elements.
  • When you are satisfied with your animation, select “Animated PNG” from the drop-down box under File > Export > Export As.
  • Open the Discord Server Icon Template.
  • Upload a Video.
  • Cut Out a Section.
  • Export and Download.
  • Upload to Discord.

Their logo features a fox clutching a globe. However, as red pandas are known as Firefox, they are also our favorite mascot.

According to folklore, Italian fighter pilot Francesco Baracca used the prancing horse from the Ferrari logo to decorate the side of his aircraft during World War I. Countess Paolina of Ravenna and Enzo Ferrari is said to have first met after the latter won a race at the Savio track in 1923.

The Puma logo features a jumping Puma, commonly known as a cougar, a panther that is active day and night and can jump up to 20 feet high. Puma encapsulated the feature of its product by using this symbol.

Although most fans assume it is a bear or a wild cat, the club makes no official statement. It merely refers to it as a “wild animal.” However, the unique neck and the rounded ear are two points in favor of the “bear” idea.

Make it brief. Refrain from turning a logo into a complicated movie. It is advised to keep the duration under 10 seconds.

The cost to animate your current logo can range from $50 to more than $1,000.

Right-click the server picture and select “server settings” to submit the icon. Then, after adding your GIF, click “upload image” and press the green “save changes” button at the bottom.

An animated logo can be uploaded using the same procedure as other files. You can upload a logo by going to “Appearance > Customize” and then “Site Identity” after logging into the WordPress admin. To ensure correct animation, upload your animated logo without cropping.

  • Import your logo from Adobe Illustrator or create one in Animate.
  • Create a timeline.
  • Select and organize your keyframes and frames.
  • Include effects.
  • When your animation passes muster, export it in the format of your choice.
  • Pick a clip from the timeline in Final Cut Pro.
  • Select the effect you wish to animate by clicking the pop-up menu in the viewer’s lower left corner.
  • Set the timeline playhead to the clip’s beginning.
  • Modify the effect’s on-screen controls to determine where it should start.
  • In the viewer’s upper-right corner, click Add Keyframe.
  • Position the clip’s finish with the playhead. – Change the settings for the effect to specify the end position.
  • Click Done in the viewer’s upper right corner to finish.

If you love anime, you might like to replace the Google logo with one of your favorite anime characters. There are several methods for doing this. Utilizing a Google Chrome extension is one option. Utilizing a website that lets you update your Google logo is an additional option.

  • Begin by using a template. Select a logo animation template that matches the character of your brand.
  • Add the logo for your company. Replace the template’s placeholder logo with your own by uploading it.
  • Make your logo animation musical.
  • Download it, then include it in your videos.

Watching as many logo animation intros as possible is always a good idea. By observing others, you can discover a lot about what works and what doesn’t, as well as a ton of beneficial resources you would not have known about previously.


Consider your company’s values and how you might represent them in the logo animation.


pique interest and encourage the audience to watch more. Each frame matters because we are only talking about a few seconds.


Make your logo animation lively to draw in and maintain the viewer’s attention again. It’s crucial to keep the viewer’s eyes and brain active while entertaining them. This will leave a good impression.


Your entrance animation should not last longer than 10 seconds. The shorter the video, the better because attention spans are getting shorter in the age of the internet and constant media intake.

Gucci’s home line cushion sports the company’s symbolic bee design. Nearly all cultures’ mythologies prominently feature the bee, including those of the Mayans, Hindus, Egyptians, and Classical Greeks.

Most of us are unaware that THE TOBLERONE logo conceals a cunning secret. An elusive white bear can be seen in the branding of the Swiss chocolate bar.

The Two Horse logo featured two horses tearing a pair of Levi’s jeans apart, which was the first to appear.

The oryx, the state animal of Qatar, serves as the Qatar Airways logo.

Ram. Around 1932, Dodge’s signature leaping ram emblem appeared at the front of the company’s automobiles. Throughout the decade, the logo began to be used more frequently, and by 1940, it had unquestionably replaced the star design.

Lacoste shirts have long had a little crocodile logo as a subdued sign of excellence, even luxury.

The emblem, a sheep hung on a ribbon, has been a sign of excellent wool since the fifteenth century, when Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy—an area famed for its woolen fabrics—founded the Order of the Golden Fleece in 1430 as a lasting present for his wife, Isabella of Portugal.

The flying seagull in the Hollister logo is a representation of sailors and dreamers.

On September 25, 1997, the day after a saber-toothed tiger’s fang and foreleg bone were discovered in a cave immediately below the First American Center in Nashville; the Predators debuted their logo, a saber-toothed tiger.

Slazenger is well known, especially among tennis enthusiasts, and sports a black panther logo.

Shinji Ishihara directed the anime which Satelight Studios made. Toshizo Nemoto composed the series, Mariko Ito created the character designs based on Kazuhiro Hara’s original sketches, Yuki Nomura handled the anime’s art direction, Shoji Hata handled the sound design, and Yasuharu Takanashi composed the soundtrack.

  • Create. Start a new project by importing your static logo or creating it from scratch in the SVG editor.
  • Animate. Choose the desired animator, set up keyframes on your timeline, and then set easing and speed.
  • Export.

Emil Kosa Jr., a matte painter who subsequently painted the Statue of Liberty seen after 1968’s Planet of the Apes, designed the original Fox emblem with its Deco-inspired facade and searchlights. The logo was redesigned using computer-generated images in 1994 and 2008.

With the launch of its athletic line in 1985, Roots adopted the beaver logo.

The lion-shaped Peugeot logo is positioned over the name of the corporation.

Greek mythology served as the inspiration for the iconic twin-tailed siren on the Starbucks logo.

  • Renderforest.
  • Adobe Spark.
  • Design Free Logo.
  • Logo Maker Plus.
  • Tube Arsenal.
  • Animaker.
  • Offeo.
  • Canva.

Sony Pictures Animation Logo

The Sony Pictures Animation logo is a white background with an angular font. Each letter bounces as it approaches the middle. The blue shades alternate with a distinctive arc. This logo has been featured in many films, including the Emoji Movie and Arthur Christmas. It can also be seen in the short films Open Season and Scared Silly.

The Sony Pictures Animation logo has evolved over the years. It began with the logo for Peter Rabbit and gradually faded into the Columbia Pictures logo. The logo for the sequel to Goosebumps, Haunted Halloween, and The Smurfs (2011) features a Smurf’s hat falling onto the letter “A” of “Animation”. The logo for Hotel Transylvania was introduced in 2012 and featured the Chinese actor Jackie Chan in the title role.

Sony Pictures Animation produces computer-generated features for Sony Pictures Entertainment. It is headquartered in Culver City, California. The studio specializes in creating a wide range of animated films for children.

Logo Animation Maker

Logo animation software includes many tools for creating a video with your logo and text. The software allows you to choose the duration and style of your logo animation. It allows you to add a background image and sync your logo to music. The animation can be as short as 10 seconds, or as long as you want it to be.

A logo animation can make your brand look more professional and memorable. You can create an animation in seconds and download it as a high-quality MP4 file. You can use this file on YouTube, social media sites, gaming channels, or anywhere else you want your logo to look more polished and professional. The files are fully customizable and of high quality.

You can also use a logo animation maker like Adobe Spark. This software has huge font collections and gives your content a unique, creative look. It allows you to download images from the web and from the Adobe cloud. Its intuitive interface makes it easier to create and edit logos than other software. It even offers technical support.

Pixar Animation Studios Logo

The Pixar animation studios logo is an iconic symbol of the studio. It appears in a variety of different formats. For example, the logo appears on video games based on the Pixar films, such as Lego The Incedibles. In one variation, the logo is rendered as an Omnidroid made from Lego bricks. In another, the logo appears as an animated Luxo Jr. in the background. As the logo zooms in, it reveals the Pixar letters.

The logo is animated with a moving camera and the same music as the films’ opening and closing titles. The music for the Pixar animation studios logo was composed by Michael Giacchino. The fanfare was featured at the 2020 Disney Investor Day. It transitioned from generic music to a panel about the Marvel Studios. The Pixar animation studios logo is also featured on 3D Blu-ray releases of Cars and A Bug’s Life.

Pixar is a motion picture studio based in Emeryville, California. It makes computer animated movies and is a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company. Its films are acclaimed for their technical and creative innovations. The studio’s objective is to create films with memorable characters and heartwarming stories.

Walt Disney Animation Studios Logo

If you’ve ever seen the Walt Disney Animation Studios logo animation, you’ve likely noticed the movie characters they feature. Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, and Pluto all appear on the animated shorts. They also appear in the studio’s catalog. Here’s a look at the various logos that have appeared over the years. While they’re all different, they all serve the same purpose: to bring joy to children.

The logo of the Walt Disney Animation Studios is a simple but effective animated scene that plays over the credits of Disney films. The logo is displayed on a gold background with a red circle in the center. Eventually, more pieces of paper fold out on screen, transforming the logo into a rough sketch of Mickey Mouse, which first appeared in the 1928 Disney cartoon, Steamboat Willie. The sketch then gradually animates into the actual scene from Steamboat Willie.

The Walt Disney Animation Studios logo features an image from the first sound cartoon, Steamboat Willie. The film was produced by Walt Disney and Roy O. Disney, and it is the world’s longest-running animation studio. In its history, the company has created award-winning films like Mulan, Tarzan, Zootopia, and the Lion King. The studio is based in Burbank, California.

Warner Animation Group Logo

The Warner Animation Group is a feature animation label within Warner Bros. Pictures, a film production company. It was founded on January 7, 2013, and replaces the defunct 2D traditional hand-drawn animation studio Warner Bros. Feature Animation. It is sister to the regular Warner Bros. Animation studio. The logo for the group has a variety of different variations. The LEGO Movie logo, for example, is a stacked series of Lego bricks that are pulled up by a string. The Village Roadshow Pictures logo, meanwhile, is a black base plate.

Universal Animation Studios Logo

The Universal animation studios logo has an unusual style. Instead of a traditional circle-shaped logo, it has an animated globe. It rotates around the earth, causing the globe to shine and glow. It moves around the globe until it stops beneath the logo. In addition, the globe becomes more colorful and includes a glowing orange border.

Various films have featured the logo. For example, A Wish for Wings That Work featured the logo on the cover of the film. In addition to the cartoon, the logo is also used on the DVDs and VHS release of the film. It can also be found on the print version of the film The Adventures of Brer Rabbit.

The logo has two different variants. The first one uses the Jerry Goldsmith logo, while the second version uses the Animated Series logo. The first variant is a prototype version. It can be used in personal projects, like a cool sticker to use on your messaging app. It is free to use, but you cannot use it for commercial purposes. It is the property of Universal Animation Studios.

Disney Television Animation Logo

Disney’s television logo has been seen in many different ways. From short cartoons to movies, you can find this logo in a wide variety of formats. The logo was first used as a standard definition (SD) picture until it was replaced by a high definition (HD) version in the early 2010s. Many television shows still use this logo, such as the popular Lilo and Stitch series on Disney XD USA. However, some shows have chosen to ditch the Disney logo and use the new logo instead. For example, a recent VOD print of Kim Possible features a redone version of the logo, and a more recent domestic print of Lilo & Stitch shows use the new logo in place of the previous one. Another example of a TV series not using the Disney logo is Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja on Disney XD USA.

The Disney television logo is recognizable to fans of many Disney cartoons, especially those from the late 1990s and early 2000s. The logo is similar to the Walt Disney Pictures logo, but has a slightly different scheme. In the “seventh flag” variant, “TELEVISION ANIMATION” appears instead of “PICTURES”. This version was dropped in 2011 and replaced with the Disney XD Originals logo.

Free Logo Animation

If you’re on a budget, you can make your own logo animation with free logo animation software. These apps will allow you to create a professional-looking logo for free. The software has thousands of templates for you to choose from and will allow you to use multiple visual effects. You can even upload your own fonts, photos, or graphics.

The animations will take a matter of seconds to create and will be exported in your choice of quality. You can then use them on your website, social media channels, or YouTube videos. They will make your company look more professional wherever you use them. They are also fully customizable and are made from high-quality files.

A good free logo animation software will allow you to make a professional-looking video using a variety of different tools. It’s easy to use, and you don’t need to be an expert to use it. You can upload your logo, fill in placeholders, and choose the speed and type of animation. After a few minutes, you’ll have an animated logo that you can use on social media or television advertising platforms.