LCQ (Leicester Cough Questionnaire) Test

LCQ Leicester Cough Questionnaire exam


The LCQ is a special test. It helps people measure how chronic cough affects their life quality. Chronic cough lasts more than 8 weeks. It’s a common issue that can really change how someone feels and behaves. The LCQ was made because there was no good way to measure the effects of chronic cough before.

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Key Takeaways

  • The LCQ is a validated and reliable measure to evaluate cough-specific quality of life in patients with chronic cough.
  • A 1.3-point increase in the LCQ total score is considered clinically meaningful for patients with chronic cough.
  • The LCQ covers physical, psychological, and social domains affected by cough-related symptoms.
  • The LCQ has been used in clinical trials and longitudinal studies to assess the burden of chronic cough.
  • The LCQ demonstrates high internal reliabilityconvergent validity, and responsiveness to changes in chronic cough.

What is the LCQ (Leicester Cough Questionnaire) Exam?

Have you heard about the LCQ? It’s a special test that helps check how coughing a lot for a long time affects people. This cough, if it lasts over 8 weeks, can really change someone’s life. It can make them feel bad physically, mentally, and in their social life. The LCQ gives doctors and patients a way to measure this effect. By using it, they can find the best ways to help manage and treat the cough.

A Validated Health-Related Quality of Life Measure

The LCQ asks people to fill in a 19-question form about their cough. It uses a 7-point scale to rate how the cough has been impacting them over the last 2 weeks. A high score means the person’s quality of life is better. This test is proven to be trustworthy, useful, and it can change as the patient’s cough improves. It’s great for understanding how chronic cough affects people over time.

Evaluating the Impact of Chronic Cough

The LCQ looks at how chronic cough changes a person’s health and life in various ways. It looks into how the cough affects the physical, mental, and social parts of life. By looking at these areas, doctors can get a full picture of the effect of chronic cough. This helps them come up with better ways to treat and help patients.

Covering Physical, Psychological, and Social Domains

The LCQ breaks down into three parts: physical, psychological, and social. This helps in checking how the cough affects different parts of daily living and health. It really captures the full damage of the cough on someone’s breathing and overall lifestyle. This way, it’s very good for assessing and handling cough problems.

LCQ exam

LCQ (Leicester Cough Questionnaire) Exam: Development and Validation

The LCQ is a famous cough assessment tool. It went through a detailed three-phase process. This was to make sure it gives accurate results about how chronic cough affects life quality.

Three-Phase Development Process

Phase 1 started by looking at lots of information. This included a team meeting and interviews with 15 people who suffer from chronic cough. The first phase ended with a 44-question version, the LCQ1.

Item Generation and Reduction

Phase 2 saw 104 people answer the LCQ1. They ranked each question’s importance. Through a detailed method, the team slimmed the questions down to 19, now LCQ2. This version was organized into physical, psychological, and social domains. This approach aimed to cover all aspects of how cough affects life and health.

Reliability and Validity Testing

Phase 3 tested how reliable and accurate the LCQ2 was. This showed the tool works well. It can tell the effect of cough on life and health. For example, the average betterment in scores was 1.3 to 2.3 points. And for key improvements, 0.8 to 0.9 points were necessary.

LCQ development and validation

The detailed process behind the LCQ made it a dependable tool. It can accurately show how cough changes life. This questionnaire is now vital for doctors and researchers. It helps them see how to manage chronic cough and do clinical trials effectively.


The LCQ (Leicester Cough Questionnaire) is a top tool for checking how chronic cough affects life quality. Its creation involved tests showing it is reliable and valid. It covers the impacts on physical, mental, and social well-being.

Researchers also looked at how well the LCQ model fit the data and if its parts made sense. They found it was good. The LCQ can tell if a patient feels their condition has improved, pointing out by how much.

A change of 1.3 points in the LCQ score is seen as significant. This sets a key point for judging if treatments for chronic cough are working. The tool’s consistency further proves its usefulness for studies and trial runs.

Being a trusted and versatile tool, the LCQ gives doctors a clear picture of a patient’s cough burden. This helps in planning better treatments and care approaches. By understanding chronic cough better, we get closer to enhancing the respiratory health of those affected.


What is the LCQ (Leicester Cough Questionnaire)?

The Leicester Cough Questionnaire (LCQ) looks at how chronic cough affects life quality. It’s a self-filled form for patients.

What is the purpose of the LCQ?

This questionnaire assesses the effects of cough on how people live. It dives into the physical, mental, and social impacts of chronic cough.

What are the key features of the LCQ?

The LCQ has 19 items that cover symptoms and how cough affects daily life. It uses a 7-point scale. High scores mean better life quality.

How was the LCQ developed and validated?

Scientists made the LCQ in three steps. They checked it by reviewing literature, talking to patients, and doing tests. This ensured it works well.

What are the benefits of using the LCQ?

By using the LCQ, doctors can understand chronic cough’s impact better. This means they can plan the right treatments. It’s reliable and accurate.

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