Ireland Driving Test 34

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This is a timed quiz. You will be given 60 seconds per question. Are you ready?


What traffic may drive along on a cycle lane accompanied by a continuous white line?

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Explantion: A cycle track is for the use of cyclists and motorised wheelchairs. No other vehicles may cross into or over a mandatory cycle track unless this is necessary in order to leave a side road or a property adjacent to the cycle track.

In relation to cyclists, what should a driver be aware of when driving on dark winter mornings and evenings on unlit country roads?

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Explantion: You should take extra care when driving on dark winter mornings and evenings — vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians (particularly schoolchildren) might not be so easy to see in low light conditions.

What is the maximum permissible speed of a car towing a trailer on a motorway?

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Explantion: When towing a trailer on a motorway it is illegal to exceed 80 km/h — excessive speed will make such a vehicle unstable.

What effect could incorrectly aligned headlights have?

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Explantion: A driver should ensure their headlights are properly aligned so as not to dazzle oncoming drivers and also to see properly themselves.

During what time periods can a driver be tested for drugs at a road side checkpoint?

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Explantion: The law allows for a driver to be tested at any time for drugs after a crash, if you have committed a driving offence or if a Garda forms the opinion that you have consumed an intoxicant such as alcohol or certain drugs. The time of day has no bearing on what test can take place and it is an offence to refuse to perform impairment tests.

Which statement is true about tyre pressure and driving on a motorway?

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Explantion: You should ensure that the tyre pressure of your vehicle is correct at all times. Correct tyre pressure is especially important when travelling long distances, on motorways and at speed.

When is it recommended to use coolant?

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Explantion: The purpose of coolant is to keep the engine cool during operation. Coolant is usually a mixture of water and anti-freeze — this ensures that the coolant does not freeze in very cold weather.

What should be considered when reversing out of a parking space?

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Explantion: Some car parks are designed for you to park forwards to make it easier to load shopping. In these cases take extra care as you reverse out of the parking space because pedestrians and vehicles may pass behind you.

What is the maximum permissible speed of a car towing a trailer on national primary roads?

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Explantion: When towing a trailer on a national primary road, it is illegal to exceed 80 km/h — exceeding this speed will make the vehicle unstable.

What effect does alcohol have on driver behaviour?

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Explantion: Alcohol is a major factor in collisions that lead to death and injury. Even small amounts of alcohol affect your judgement, your concentration and your ability to react to hazards. A driver should never ever drink and drive.

When turning left into a side road, what should a driver do?

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Explantion: When you are turning left, you should be aware that cyclists and pedestrians may come up on your inside. Always check to your left before you make a left turn.

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