Investment (Warren Buffet Questions and Answers)


Since 1970, Buffet has served as chairman and main shareholder of __________.

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Buffet has served as Berkshire Hathaway's chairman and largest stockholder since 1970.

What is Warren Buffett most known for?

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Buffett is known for his financial prowess all over the world. He has amassed vast fortunes by investing in the right firms at the appropriate moments.

Which of the following colleges turned Warren down?

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Warren Buffett was denied by Harvard Business School.

Warren Buffet's net worth was revealed in July 2019:

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Warren Buffet's net worth was revealed at 82 billion dollars in July 2019.

True or false: Warren Buffett is the richest individual in the United States as of early 2017.

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Bill Gates, the bespectacled creator of Microsoft, is the wealthiest person in the United States. Buffett is "only" the second wealthiest person, trailed by CEO Jeff Bezos.

What role did Warren have at Buffett Falk & Co.?

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Warren works as an Investment Salesman with Buffett Falk & Co.

What is Warren Buffet's opinion on Bitcoin and other crypto currencies?

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Warren believes that they will arrive at a bad result.

Buffett has a lot of money. What kind of spending habits does he have?

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"I'll order the burger but not the fries because I've already spent about $10 today." Buffett is rich billions of dollars yet spends very little of it, setting a good example for many Americans.

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