HRCI (Human Resource Certification Institute) Test Guide

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The HRCI (Human Resource Certification Institute) leads in HR expertise verification. It offers exams like the PHR (Professional in Human Resources). Also, the SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources) and aPHR (Associate Professional in Human Resources).

These certifications are well-regarded, helping HR experts prove their skills. They boost career growth in the HR field.

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If you’re in HR already or looking to start, learning about HRCI exams is key. Knowing how to prepare for these exams is vital. The HRCI shares everything from exam structures to what happens on exam day. This info helps guide candidates through their certification journey.

Key Takeaways

– HRCI offers HR certification exams including PHR, SPHR, and aPHR.
– These credentials show HR expertise and skills.
– HRCI provides online resources to support exam preparation.

Exam Preparation Resources

Getting ready for the HRCI (Human Resource Certification Institute) exam means knowing the test well. The HRCI website offers lots of info for hr professionals to follow. This helps them with the certification steps and improves hr competency validation and hr professional development.

Exam Structure and Development

The PHR, SPHR, and aPHR exams check an hr professional’s knowledge in HR. They’re updated regularly with help from experts, keeping up with the latest in HR.

HRBoK – Human Resource Body of Knowledge

HRBoK is key for the HRCI exams, listing what hr professionals need to know. It covers everything important for HR certification. By studying HRBoK, candidates can focus their hrci exam preparation.

Exam Day Details

HRCI tells you what to expect on your test day, whether in person or online. They also help with special needs. This makes sure everyone is ready for the test.

Understanding Score Reports

Once you finish the exam, you get a report with your scores. HRCI helps hr professionals make sense of their scores. They guide on how to improve and meet HR certification needs.

Special Accommodations

HRCI understands some hr professionals need extra help during exams. Info is available on getting more test time or using special tools. You can learn how to ask for these through the certification process.

HR professional standards
HRCI Exam Preparation CostsPrice
Application Fee for the HRCI exam$100 (non-refundable)
Exam Fee for the HRCI exam$395
Optional PHR Second Chance Test Insurance by HRCI$250
NEW HRCI PHR Cert Prep Bundle$399.00
PHR Timed Practice Exam$75.00 (Bundle Price)
PHR Untimed Practice Exam$75.00 (Bundle Price)
PHR Untimed and Timed Bundled Practice Exam$150.00
PHR Certification Preparation Class by ( Prime Member)$1,075.00
PHR Certification Preparation Class by ( Non-Prime Member)$1,165.00

HRCI (Human Resource Certification Institute) Test Preparation Options

Looking to boost your HR career? The HRCI has many exam prep choices. These range from full kits to focused study aids. They’re all designed to get you ready for your hrci certification exams.

HRCI Certification Bundles

HRCI’s bundles make it easy and affordable to study. You get a digital learning system, practice tests, and virtual prep classes. Putting them together saves you both time and cash, plus it lifts your chances to nail that test.

HRCI Cert Prep Digital Learning System

Access the HRCI Cert Prep system anytime. It’s got all the exam content you need to know, like the HRBoK. You’ll find study tools, quizzes, and more to help you get better at HR.

Practice Exams – Timed and Untimed

Practice makes perfect, right? HRCI has timed and untimed practice tests. They’re just like the real ones. They help you get comfy with the tests and see where you need to study more.

Live Instructor-Led Prep Classes

If you like learning with others, HRCI has you covered. Join online classes with teachers and fellow students. This adds a personal touch to your study plan.

Dive into HRCI’s varied prep resources. They let you study in ways that work best for you. This boosts your shot at grabbing those important HRCI certifications.

HR career advancement
Application Fee$100
Exam Fee$395
PHR Second Chance Test Insurance by HRCI (optional)$250
NEW! HRCI PHR® Cert Prep Bundle$399.00
NEW! PHR® Timed Practice Exam by HRCI$85.00, Bundle Price: $75.00
NEW! PHR® Untimed Practice Exam by HRCI$85.00, Bundle Price: $75.00
NEW! PHR® Untimed and Timed Bundled Practice Exam by HRCIBundle Price: $150.00
NEW! PHR® Certification Preparation Class by – LIVE ( Prime Member)Bundle Price: $1,075.00
NEW! PHR® Certification Preparation Class by – LIVE ( Non-Prime Member)Bundle Price: $1,165.00


The HRCI (Human Resource Certification Institute) has led in HR credentialing and learning for over 45 years. It provides respected exams such as the PHRSPHR, and aPHR. These exams validate HR professionals’ knowledge and skills, helping them advance their careers.

HRCI supports exam candidates with many resources. These include information on the exam structure and development, the Human Resource Body of Knowledge (HRBoK), and self-study options. These self-study options include practice exams and live prep classes. With these resources, HR professionals can improve their exam understanding and skills. This improves their exam passage rates.

HRCI credentials underscore an HR professional’s expertise. They validate HR knowledge and competency. This helps professionals grow in their careers. By earning HRCI certifications, professionals show their dedication. They also increase their credibility and value within their organizations.


What HR certification exams does HRCI offer?

HRCI provides exams like PHR, SPHR, and aPHR. These exams check your HR skills and knowledge.

Where can I find information about the structure and development of HRCI certification exams?

Detailed info is on HRCI’s website. They talk about the exam content and what HR professionals should know.

What should I expect on the exam day?

You should check HRCI’s site for info like where the exams are, if they’re online, and how you’ll get your scores.

What resources does HRCI offer to help me prepare for the certification exams?

HRCI has lots of tools to prepare for exams. They include self-study options, practice exams, and access to live prep classes. The prep system has content like the exams and practice tests.

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