Google Adwords Fundamentals Exam

Free Google AdWords Certification Practice Test 2020 | Google Ads Fundamentals Assessment

The Google Ads Certification exams are designed to check your knowledge and skills on online advertising best practices and AdWords. Taking and passing these exams are needed to be Google AdWords certified.

Below are our free Google AdWords certification practice test, together with tips on how to prepare for the exams and much more. You will also find important information regarding the passing scores and deadlines for every test.

Google AdWords Certification Practice Test #1

Google AdWords Certification Practice Test #2

Google AdWords Certification Practice Test #3

Google AdWords Certification Practice Test #4

About the Google AdWords Exam:

The Google AdWords certification exams are offered to individuals to check and assess their proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of online advertising, together with the following:

– Value proposition of online advertising

– Campaign setup and management

– Measurement

– Optimization

However, the Google Ads certification exams are more than just tests. Prior to each test, users are given modules to prepare them. These modules are bite-sized, easy to understand, and strategically divided to make the learning process easier and more efficient. 

How to become AdWords certified

You need to pass two of the AdWords certification tests to become associate AdWords certified skilled — the AdWords Fundamentals exam and one in every of the following: Google Ads Search, Google Ads Display, Google Ads Video, Shopping Ads. 

How to prepare for the exams

Before taking the AdWords exams, you ought to be acquainted with online advertising ideas and best practices. If you already have experience managing differing types of AdWords campaigns, then better.

For each test, there are study guides provided to give you an in depth review of the topics and test questions.

How to take the Google AdWords Exam?

To access the exams from your Partners account, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Partners account.
  2. Click Certifications {to see|to ascertain|to check|to envision|to testine|to visualize} your exam standing. for instance, you would possibly see a message telling you the way several exams you would like to pass to induce certified.
  3. Click See exams.
  4. Hover over the section of the test that you want to require. Click -test Details.
  5. Click Take the test to start out taking the test. Or, you’ll be able to review the test study materials connected to on this page.

Note: When you pass the associated test, it would take up to forty-eight hours for your test standing to look on the test page.

Exam passing scores and deadlines

Below is that the score that you just got to get pass every test and the way long you have got to require every. If you do not pass an associate test, you’ll be able to retake it eight days later. this implies that you will have seven days to review for the test.

Exam Passing score Time limit

– AdWords Fundamentals 80% – 120 minutes

– Search Advertising 80% – 120 minutes

– Display Advertising 80% – 120 minutes

– Mobile Advertising 80% – 90 minutes

– Video Advertising 80% – 90 minutes

– Shopping Advertising 80% – 90 minutes

Keep in mind that you will not just be able to pause the timer when you begin taking the associate test. The test timer will still be running even though your pc shuts down — therefore make sure that you will not be disturbed while taking the test.

If  by any chance you get disconnected while taking the test, you’ll be able to resume the test wherever you left off once you’re connected once more. But again, the timer won’t stop throughout this point.