GED Mathematical Reasoning

Simplify the following using scientific notation:

(8.76 x 109)(6.52 x 10-3)/13.27 x 105

Using scientific notation, this problem would have two main steps. First, you would multiply the numbers in the numerator (8.76 x 6.52) and divide them by the number in the denominator (13.27). Answer is approximately 4.3. Secondly, you would divide the exponents of the numerator and denominator (9 + (-3))-5. Answer is 1 (or 101). Now multiply the two together and you get 4.3 x 101. By definition, scientific notation is a number greater than or equal to 1 and less than 10 times 10 raised to some power. Option 1 is the only one that meets that criteria.

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