G1 Rules of The Road Marathon 4


When the traffic signal light facing you is red and you intend to go straight through the intersection, what must you do?

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When the traffic light is red, you must stop, proceed only when the signal turns green and when the way is clear.

While travelling on a highway, the driver of a motor vehicle is not permitted to carry _____ in a house or boat trailer.

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You may not carry any person in any trailer (including a house or boat trailer) when it is being towed. (Page 143 of MTO Driver's Handbook)

Under which of the following conditions is it dangerous and unlawful to make a U-turn?

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All the answer options are examples of situations where it is dangerous or unlawful to make a U-turn.

The Ministry of Transportation may suspend a licence after a 9 Demerit Point interview for a fully licensed driver:

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As a fully licensed driver, you may have to go to an interview to discuss your record and give reasons why your licence should not be suspended. You may also have to complete a driver re-examination. If you fail this test, your licence can be cancelled. If you fail to attend an interview, or fail to give good reasons for keeping your licence, it may be suspended.

In a vehicle with manual transmission, when descending a steep hill, a good safe-driving practice is to:

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In a vehicle with manual transmission, try shifting into a lower gear going down long, steep hills. This will help control your speed and you won't have to brake as sharply. Downshift before starting downhill since it may not be possible once you are going downhill.

Upon approaching a yield-sign, what does the law require you to do?

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When approaching a Yield sign you must always slow down, come to a full stop if necessary, and yield right-of-way.

In order to get your vehicle out of a skid, you should:

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Straighten out your steering wheel slowly. Don't turn your steering wheel in different directions while trying to correct the skid;work on one direction at a time. If you've oversteered and the vehicle slides in the opposite direction, repeat the same procedure as before. Always steer in the direction you want to go.

Using a cellular phone while driving...

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Cellular phones can be an important safety aid for drivers, but using a cellular phone while driving takes a driver’s attention away from the task of driving and increases the risk of collision.

When the driver of another vehicle is about to overtake and pass your vehicle, you must:

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If another driver is about to overtake your vehicle, you should move to the right and let them pass.

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